Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

October 24, 2010


I haven't written about Spencer's farewell yet but I will write about it soon, well at least before he comes home, jk :)!!!!!!!!!Spencer's talk in Sacrament Meeting was really good and I wish that I had taped it but the only recorder I could find that we had was the "Fisher Price" tape recorder that has a red microphone that you can hold out and talk into It.  I am sure that Spencer would have freaked out if he saw me sitting in the audience holding the white, bright blue, bright yellow and bright red tape recorder with the red microphone in my hand recording it.........I should have done it cause  it would be a great memory and then I would have a copy of his talk....cause it was really amazing and I can say that because I am his mom =)!!!

We had a great number of people come to our house afterwards, I think half of the Alta High Schools Senior Class and even more kids that had graduated came to Spencer's farewell.  It didn't help that the week before his farewell he and his friend Keaton were guest speakers for all the  Seminary classes at Alta one day and of course they just happened to mention when their farewells were!!  Oh and it rained like crazy and the wind blew and we were having it in the back yard!!  We had it all decorated cute with the colors of the Peruvian Flag and we had cute red flowers on the tables.........I will have to put some pictures on here of how cute it was before it rained and the wind blew so even though we had canopy's over the tables..........everyone and everything got wet..........of course!!  OH AND IT WAS REALLY QUITE COLD TOO!!! Oh well, it was fun anyway!!

So more info coming later but here are some pictures :)!!!

Cute friends, Spencer has the nicest friends :)!!

Cute guys who are now all on missions!!!

Its a party!!

Lots of Spencers cute friends are in these pictures, you will have to look
closely to see if you are in them or if you know anyone in them :)!!

Eating in the rain and the wind, if the wind had
 gone away it would have been way better!!

and this is how it looked :)!!

Everyone loves to stand around in the rain,
especially in their church clothes :)!!

After everyone left, it did look really cute before the rain,
 we had green and red netting that was going to run down the
 center of the tables but it just blew away :(  !!  Oh and cute jars filled
with candy but we couldnt put them out!!! Oh well :)!!!

The day before, the weather was beautiful :)!!

The Day Before, the pretty flowers that no one noticed in the windy rain :)!!

The day before, the sun was shining and it was really nice :)!!

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