Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

May 30, 2011

The week of 7 months! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!!!


What is up!!! So reporting from here in Huanuco Peru, is of course your prodigal son (friend, grandson, uncle, nephew and well everyone) SPENCER!!!  That is so weird to use my first name, I wont lie!!! Alright first of all shout out to the Letters I got last week!!! And to others from weeks past!!! Cause next Sunday, Peru is having elections, so we have to stay in the apartment for the WHOLE day… So I will be writing about 15 letters that day! I owe Seth, Collin, Shawnie, Ashley Anderson, Emily Clark, Cole Herrmann, THE ONE AND ONLY BUBBA! And a lot more people so, mom please tell these people and whoever wrote me, they will be getting a letter in about 3 weeks cause im going to write em all this coming Sunday and ill send em next Monday! But for real Letters  are the worlds greatest invention!!! And of course mom, thank you so much for the dear elders, they are always amazing, and crazy and just pure awesome!!! I wouldn’t have you dear elders or emails any other way!!!

Well alright enough of that business I have to say this week was just NUTS!!! And it is official, We met our goal of 5 baptisms this month!!! HOOOOORRRAYYY!!! But its not really us, we made our goal because of the Lord and his hand in our lives as Missionaries. I can honestly say I have never seen more miracles or the miracles of the Lord in my life like this!!! It’s CRAZY AWESOME!!!  (Hi, me again Carrie, I am having a hard time translating Spencer’s “English” that he is speaking like Spanish and then translating it into English that we can understand???It is very confusing for me, so I hope you can figure out what he is trying to say =)!! So we had 2 baptism’s this week, Hermano Nilton and Hermana Cindy, but Im just going to tell you about Saturday cause it was nuts!!! First of all it was the big soccer final or championship with Barcelona (who I love) and Manchester United (who is garbage) =) Haha and I am always talking smack with the sons of my pensionistas,  their names are Junior 18, and also Richard 23 (who is a great guy and he told me he wanted to marry Ainsley, cause we had a family home evening and I brought my pictures Haha !…only one problem, he doesn’t speak a word of English… Haha, Also, Ainsley there are like 15 missionaries that are ready and willing to marry ya here haha, but most of them are only a little over 5 ft tall !!!haha!!!) But anyways so I’m always talking smack with them about soccer cause they are real Madrid fans, (Losers, haha !) And of course I’m for Barcelona and a MESSI Fan, the best soccer player in the world! So we always are going at it and Saturday we were eating lunch and in the room next to us they were all watching the game and I could hear every word!!! It was awful!!! We finally got out of there and we walked to the house of our appointment after lunch and of COURSE, he was watching the game!!! AHHH!!! He invited us to watch with him till half time, but I RESISTED!!!  We had him turn off the tv… it was rough! And I know my main man Bubba was watching the game at the exact same time, so weird to think of that!

So Saturday was full of temptation to watch the game and everyone was talking about it, but I managed to block it out! Then it was time to go to baptisms.  So we went to find Hermana Cindy… of course she was NO where to be found! AAAAHHHHHHH!!! It was awful.  We ran around our whole area searching and calling and all that and we couldn’t find here anywhere.  By this time we were a half hour late for the baptisms!!! All we could do was pray, and as always, the Lord Blesses those who obey and He helps his missionary’s.  Cause finally we just had to go to the church to have the baptism and 2 of the new converts, Kevin and Jesus went on a search to find Hermana Cindy, they returned like 20 mintues later and said she was no were!!! I honestly was so discouraged and about to cry, but then they all burst out laughing and yelled hey Cindy come in!!! And she walked through the doors!!! SIGH OF RELIEF!!! It was just nuts, but we got the baptisms done, Thankfully!! After the Baptisms, we had to help the other elders here with their wedding and Baptismal service. (This is Carrie again, I guess in Peru no one gets married, must be a Peruvian cultural thing so the couple has to get married before they can get baptized…….so they get married and then after that service they get baptized??? ) They asked me if I would give a talk in the baptismal service, which isn’t too big a deal, other than the fact thatthere were like 40 people there and only like 7 of them were members!!! AAAHHHH!!! And most of them have never seen a Gringo in their lives! haha  It was pretty funny, they were all taking pictures and trying to do it secretly but it was pretty obvious when like 7 people are half standing up taking pictures and whispering, it was just nuts!!!Haha!  

But to say the least the mission is the BOMB!!! It’s very hard at times, but then I just have moments of peace, like the time during the Sacrament every Sunday, just like 10 minutes of pure peace and reflection.  And I can sit there in peace knowing that my family is clear in the United States but at the same time, taking the Sacrament.  It’s powerful to say the least.  The Church is true, read the Book of Mormon, it’s the key to happiness and EVERYTHING!!! Thanks for all the letters and prayers, I can feel of everyone’s support and it really helps me a lot!!!
Until next Monday,
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie!

Marty, Spencers dad when he was in the MTC
going to Argentina on his mission!! 

My favorite picture of Spencer so far :)
How could you not love that face :)!!

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May 23, 2011

Miracles and the Runs... Welcome to the Mission!!!

Warning!!!!! ....this is from me, Carrie and I am preparing you with this warning because Spencer’s first paragraph below probably has more information about his digestive system, than you would ever want to know ....so read on with caution !!

¡¡¡ Hola familia y todos mis amigos maravillosos ¡¡¡
Well this has been one of the craziest weeks of my life!!! Craziest… meaning, it was
hard and rewarding at the same time!! TO
say the least, this week is  best described
as a Roller Coaster Ride. But before I give
ya the details, I would like to start with a question....  Have you ever taken a Gallon of Milk that is full, taken off the lid, turned it upside down (over a sink, hopefully) and listened to the noise it makes?  Well If you have you can think of that and then imagine that sound and me on the TOILET, ALL WEEK!!! I have had the
worst case of the Runs known to mankind this week…  I don’t know how I didn’t have an accident, it was some type of  a miracle or something.  Thursday we left the house of Hermana Genoveva after dinner and about 5 minutes later I was half sprinting to her house to run to her bathroom!! Oh I love PERU!!!  But anyways, sorry if that got a little graphic for ya, haha! I felt it was necessary, and mom you don’t have to send that part to like my Grandmothers or aunts, but I figured the returned missionaries especially from South America would appreciate it, and of course my buddies... haha!!!

So, anyway we finished the week with 3 BAPTISMS!! The theme of the week is MIRACLES.  We had miracles on a daily basis, they almost became normal! Haha just kiddin, but seriously this week was just completely nuts!!!  Hermanos Juan, Javier (they are 14 and 15 yr old brothers, oh and in case you didn’t know this is Carrie talking in the parenthesis, also does anyone remember Spencer talking about an investigator named Jesus in his last emails??) and Jesus all were baptized this week!!! And it was just nuts finding them for lessons, interviews and all that jazz!!! So it started last Monday, we had an appointment scheduled with Juan and Javier to see how they were doing and to see if they still wanted to be baptized.  We went to their house but of course they weren’t there.  Then we went to their aunts house, who is a member and their cousin’s house who are members as well, and they weren’t there… I was so bummed because they wanted to be baptized like 2 weeks ago and now we cant even find them to talk to! But we kept the faith and endured, so like 20 minutes later we went by their house again, but there wasn’t anyone there! As we were walking down the street we turned the corner and we saw this little pack of hoodlums walking down the street about 100 yards away, I said that they looked like Juan and Javier, so we started walking faster and it started looking more and more like them. So we walked a little faster and faster and faster and as we got closer to them, I knew it was them, but they saw us and started to run away (they ran away when the saw the missionaries?  Maybe they don’t like you, Spencer)! Haha, I wasnt having any of that, so we started to chase them down! Haha!!  I was like HEY, HEY!!! and then, HEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYY!!, Calling their names and then we caught up with them and we "GUIDED" them to their house to talk to us!!Hahahahaha!!! It ended up being just a fantastic lesson, FULL of the Spirit and they both said they wanted to be baptized and that they had already told their mom that they were going to get baptized no matter what she said, cause they now knew it was true!!! How great is that! Then we had some other crazy ups downs with Hermano Jesus who also is 15 years old. But I’ll tell ya those stories in 17 months (that statement makes me as a MOM, just a little bit nervous??) haha!!  But another great opportunity was that I got to Confirm Hermano Juan a member of the church. The Bishop gave me permission, and we had to do it later in another ward cause he couldn’t come in the morning to our ward, he had a mandatory meeting at his school. But he almost didn’t come to get confirmed, we were on a wild goose chase to find him again, cause if you don’t get confirmed your baptism isn’t complete and you aren’t an official member of the Church. AHHH!! It was so nuts,we couldn’t find him and so I told my comp, we gotta pray!!! So right there in the street we just walked over to the corner and just prayed we could find him and confirm him.. and of course the Lord Provided us the way, we found him, went to the church, and I got to confirm him a member! Apparently he forgot he had to be confirmed!! Jeez!!!(Just me again, this email was sort of confusing to me?? I am not sure why it was the hardest week ever and I don’t understand why he wouldn’t tell us what happened with the Jesus guy (just a bit concerned about that one??)  Also why were those boys running from him if they wanted to get baptized???, I am feeling a bit confused but I just had a happy thought, I think I will send Spencer some DESITIN in his next package !!!  …….just kidding, well maybe its a good idea, for real???)

Well guys, I gotta go, I was trying to send the pics of the 2 guys, but this computer wont read my camera!!!  Well, love you and this really was such a tuff week, but I could really feel Christ guiding me every step of the way.  And also satan working sosososososo hard to discourage me!!! OOHH the mission, crazy,crazy stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Son, or Brother, or Pal,
Elder McGHIE!!  LOVE YOU!!!!! 

May 16, 2011

My new Chilean Son, Elder Encina

Como Estamos!!! Well enough with that and on to the good stuff!!! Well there was a slight change of plans, Elder Gaspar left!!! He is in the same zone, but just went to another area...But dont fret, I have another kid!!! He is a Chileno kid!!!  His name is Elder Encina, from Santiago, but yeah i asked him if his house was in the Santiago North mission boundaries to see if he might know J Brown or Alex, but no, he lives in another mission!  So i was slightly worried when i heard my kid was going to be from Chile.  To say the least Chileans dont have a good reputation or name, in Peru haha!! But Elder Encina is really awesome, he looks just like Shrek but in Chilean form, and he is pretty funny!  I was scared because there is another Chilean in my district and he is pretty annoying, every other sentence is about how much better Chile is than Peru and Chile this Chile that!!! Can’t lie I’m not the biggest fan of Chile… AT ALLLLL!!! Sorry, Jordy and Alex… and whoever else likes Chile.  But Elder Encina has changed my opinion somewhat……...  But it’s all good, Elder Encina is pretty awesome and he is helping me a lot with my Spanish, like to pronounce the words the best i can and all that, its a work in progress, i can pretty much talk about anything that has to do with the church and sports but yeah its a work in progress (Sigh) haha!! 

So this week was fairly interesting, Elder Encina arrived Wednesday night so Tuesday and Wednesday I was with Elder Gaspar and we had some interesting experiences that I would like to share…. Aka:  GRINGO MOMENTS BABY!!! So first of all we are teaching this guy named Virginio, and he told me he will attend any church where he can just cry out and sing praises to the Lord… I just kinda thought, great we got a Crazy guy on our hands… and to say the least I was right haha! I explained to Virginio that we would like to start with a prayer, but that when we pray in group, one person, prays and we all listen and we pray together like that and in the end if we all agree with what was said, we say, “amen”.  And to say the least, he didn’t care what I said.  So Elder Gaspar started to pray and so did Hermano Virginio.  He started out quietly and then he got louder and louder and louder and before i knew it, he was like on the floor almost yelling, ¡¡¡OHHHH SEÑOR MY SALVADOR; SALVA ME!!!!!! And a lot of other things I just kinda looked at Elder Gaspar like ummmmmm??  WHAT is going on, it was all i could do to keep myself from bursting out laughing. But i held the laughter in.  SO to finish the lesson he said the closing prayer and I said, how bout we all kneel down this time, so that he didnt have to go all crazy, so we all knelt down, and he stood up!!! Haha I just shook my head and he started to pray and after about 5 minutes he fell to his knees in prayer and just kept praying his little Peruano Heart out!!! Haha but he didnt attend church Sunday and i dont think he is very interested, so we might not see much of dear old Virginio, haha!

Another interesting moment was we were walking through the market after a no-show lesson and I was talking with this old guy in the market and then I asked him when we could come by and teach him, he was thinking and said, how bout now? Umm…I thought to myself, You bet you bottom dollar brother, lets go!!!  SO this old guy invites us over and there wasn’t anyone else home and about 3 minutes into the lesson he says, excuse me one second, im going to go and buy us some soda and he just leaves us all alone in the house, he just straight up bails?? Haha!  We could have robbed the joint, its amazing the trust here in Peru ahah, but then he CAME back we proceeded to talk and then he pulls out this Bible and it looked like it weighed about 50 pounds.  He said that he bought from the Catholic church.  He said he paid 1 sole every day, all of last year to buy it, but that he never reads it and wants to learn??? Haha! and this Bible was like the biggest thing I’ve ever seen haha, I mean seriously, it was GINORMOUS !!! So we taught him and we go back for the next lesson tomorrow and we will see if he is really interested or not!

Well EVERYONE, thanks so much for all the support, I hope you got all the pictures, i sent two emails home loaded with pictures so if you didn’t then mom you can log on and snag em!!!
Thanks so much!!! LOVE YOU SOOSOSOSOS MUCH! Till next Monday!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie!!!
Ps- Im waiting for my package! Haha I need some deodorant,  old spice- pure sport, like 3 of em and a laminated copy of my mission call and D&C section 4, typed up by MOM!!!

Elder McGhie and Elder Encina



Spencer LOVES his MOM, thats ME!! :)

Happy Mothers Day to their Pentionsita,
She is really great and they love her and her cooking :)!!

Elder Gaspar and Elder Mcghie
Elder Gaspar and Spencer :)!



May 9, 2011

I'm a (missionary) Father!!! haha!! Dont Judge me!!!

Well Howdy there Fam and Amigos!!!

Seems like just yesterday we talked or something?  Oh wait because we did!!! That was so awesome i can’t even describe it! It was sososososososo Great to actually hear your voices and to talk!!! I was just the happiest little camper in the whole wide world!!!  And I only cried like 4 times during the phone call, look at us, we are improving! Haha!! Well i should start off the email by saying that we got a phone call from the zone leaders last night saying we had early changes, and my comp Elder Arnao was going to Lima and leaving tomorrow morning!!! So off he went this morning and here I am, with Elder Gaspar, ¡¡¡MI HIJO!!!(that means “My Son”!!) Haha! Hooray im a dad!.... Well in mission terms, so its looks like I’ll be training Elder Gaspar from Colorado, here in Good old Huanuco (note from Carrie again, sorry, but it took me a while to figure out what they were talking about with them being dads and sons and saying things like “my kid”, I thought they were talking about a young teenager who was staying with them or something?  I am sure you all are way more with it than I am and know that it means that Spencer will be this Elders trainer, but I thought, just incase someone out there isn’t quite up on the missionary lingo and was confused, I would clarify that !!Bye)!!! Looks like 6 more weeks for this guy at least in Huanuco! Haha that means, one fourth of my mission in Huanuco alone! Haha, thats nuts, im pretty happy with it, i wont lie. It isnt 100 percent sure or finalized but it looks like its pretty much a for sure that I’ll be here!!! Its like 95 percent sure.  So that’s pretty awesome news! I can´t lie i was fairly happy to see my comp, Elder Arnao go...... dont judge me!! I love the kid, but its that type of love, that ya love em from a distance haha!! Almost like talking to someone with bad breath, sure ill talk to ya but from about 5 feet away.  So yep there’s the big news, I, Elder McGhie am a dad and my kid is the Best!!! He’s a champ, all he wants to do is work hard, baptize, and obey!!! We are just going to work to death!!! Im pretty sure this is an answer to my prayers.  And if im here in Huanuco for 6 more weeks i gotta start running or something, cause im just a fatty(* note of explaination from me Carrie again (sorry!)……he thinks he is getting fat because he ran into someone he hadn’t seen for a while and they said, “getting a little bit fat, Elder McGhie”?  So now he is paranoid) ! And in six weeks ill be a flippin tank walking around here. Haha!!

So i figure ill share some of the frustrating news from last week.  We had 2 teenagers, Javier and Juan, brothers, their uncles and aunts are all members and cousins, they gave us the referral, so Saturday was supposed to be their baptism, they had received the answer to their prayers and were really excited for their baptism.  Then Friday came along and we went to get them for their baptismal interviews, and they were both gone, which was really strange of them to bail on an appointment.  Turns out that one of them had gone with their mom for the day and the other had a soccer game.  I gotta explain about their mom….. so they all were a happy family, Their dad, mom and the 2 boys, but she had an affair with some guy and then just bailed on the family and started a new one!!! Yeah, pretty messed up, and their dad works far away and is only home weekends so the boys are pretty much on their own (they are 14 and 15 yrs old).  When their mom caught word that they were going to be baptized she came and picked Juan up to go and  spend some time together (LIES!!! WOOF!),when all she just did was trash the church and bag on the church and put a bunch of doubts in his head and told him a bunch of lies! Juan is the younger one and she just destroyed the little guy!!! We found this all out Saturday when we went to get them for their interviews cause they bailed on us Friday, so we got there to pick him up and the other kid was gone! Javier! They said he wouldnt get back till 7 that night and his baptism was at 5!!! Then we talked with Juan and his dad, and their dad was so ticked off at their mom! He isnt a member and doesn’t wanna listen, but he wants his kids to be in the church to grow up right or something, so we just had to bag the baptism cause of their mean mother!!!  I mean seriously, if i ever meet that lady, I’ll give her something to think about
(He really won’t be rude to her, I promise!!)!!  And also they didnt attend church Sunday cause they were with their mom all day for mother’s day! AAAHHHHHH!!! So she probably just made it even worse! We have a lesson tonight with them, and i hope we can fix this mess and they can get baptized this Saturday! Please pray for them and me and my companion! I’m a bit scared cause my new comp doesnt speak Spanish and I have to train him and teach him Spanish!!! I gotta do it all! Pray for my Spanish and that I can do this! I cant lie, I’m kinda scared!!! But with all your prayers and the help of the Lord I know I can do it! Thanks to everyone!!!!!!!!! I love yall, sososososososo much!!! Talk to ya next Monday!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie!!!
p.s. Sorry mom, no photos today, I have so many to send but I had to help Elder Gaspar figure out how to send his letter to President Leyva and I’m all out of time!!! Don’t worry I’ll make sure to send a bunch next week!!! With much love, from your slightly chubby son... hahahahaha Elder McGhie!!!!! (Isn’t he just the cutest missionary? Don’t answer that question………..I just wanted to tell everyone how cute I think he is, being his mom, who had to haul him up the stairs to his room about once a week and hold the door closed until he could figure out how to calm himself down (he was only like 5 and still so cute too!), I CAN SAY THAT!!! J!!!)(Spencer would not be happy I just said that about hauling him to his room but it is true, and look how amazing he is today J!!!)

HEY EVERYONE, GOOD IDEA FOR YOU……. RIGHT NOW OR WHEN YOU HAVE TIME (BUT VERY SOON), LETS ALL WRITE SPENCER A LETTER!!!  BRILLIANT IDEA ON MY PART J!!!  REMEMBER YOU CAN JUST SEND HIM AN EMAIL AND SEND IT TO ME…… csmcghie@signs.com and I will forward it to him (if emails come from any address other than mine they go in the trash file, I don’t know how but they did that in his mission?), or you can write him a “dear elder” letter at http://www.dearelder.com/, just write to Elder Spencer McGhie and pick the Peru Lima East Mission or you can just write him a letter, put it in an envelope with this address on it:

Elder Spencer McGhie
Peru Lima East Mission
Calle Los Agrologos 368
Urbanizacion Las Acacias de Monterrico
La Molina, Lima 12

And take it to the post office and mail it or someone told me a 2 page hand written letter would make it to Spencer with just one regular stamp * Note is has to be a 98cent stamp to make it to Spencer!!!.  J!!  Sorry to be a pain but I gotta keep Spencer happy and getting letters from all of you make him VERY HAPPY!!!! So let’s all write in our planners to write to Elder McGhie J!!!  Thank you all, you are all wonderful J!!!! Love, Carrie, the pushy mom of Spencer J!!!!!!  THANKS!!! WE LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!!!

May 3, 2011



Pictures of the GRAND EVENTS ARE SHOWN BELOW!!!  It was quite a celebration :)!!!haha!!!

                       SPENCERS PERU CELEBRATION :)
           I cant figure out why this picture turnd on its side when I added it?  So confused?? :)!!



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May 2, 2011

The Hair Part is back baby!!! And this time it aint messin around!!!

Well here we are another Monday, and this guy almost has 6 months in his mission, what the heck!!!  So pretty much i got your package and it was the greatest thing this world has ever seen!!! I was as giddy as a little school boy! The package was just fantastic.  I loved my pillow case from Teresa, it is Awesome!  I laughed out loud when i read her letter about Maddie picking out the pink bunny fabric for me!  I do have to say that its really, really AWESOME!!! My comp looked at me like i was nuts haha, he asked me, “why do you have a pink pillow case with bunnies and such things”, I just smiled and laughed and said, “Why? Well why not!” It really is great haha, and the candies were honestly just like eating a piece of Heaven, i took my first bite of a snickers candy bar and i honestly knelt down and just thanked Heavenly Father for that package, my snickers and that I’m from the United States! Dont judge me, that is how much that snickers bar meant to me!!! Of course i gave one of the Snickers to Elder Corbridge and my other Pal Elder Porter, my Gringo Buddies.  And dont worry of course i shared my other candies with my comp and the others, but the snickers and the cookies and cream Hersey’s bars are sacred, i lie not!!! So that was so amazing and it was so nuts to look at a newspaper.  It was actually like, my house and the United States actually exist and aren’t some far off dream land!!! It was just too great!!! I cant lie!!!

And well also I didnt know that we got to do those pre-phone calls either! So when they told me in the morning i got to call home for 5 minutes and schedule the time exactly when im calling, i just about fell on the floor! I got really, really nervous for some reason and immediately went to the bathroom and parted my hair.  For some strange reason it was like an instant reflex, and since then i have to part my hair again, its the only way!!! The hair part lives and is thriving baby!!! And this time its definitely here to stay well at least till November of 2012! hahahahaha. 

But anyway before all of you judge me too much i will continue on, so dad, wow that was like the most amazing thing in the entire world to talk to you on the phone!!! You answered the phone exactly how you always do... Heeeello this is Marty... and i just burst out DAD!!! It was pretty much the coolest thing ever to just talk to ya!!! Cant lie I was kinda nervous before the phone call and to call on Mother’s day, like mom, i didn’t want to like fall back and miss the family all over again, i was a little bit worried but after just talking for 5 minutes, i cant be more excited to call you guys!!! Its going to be the best thing ever! So yes im calling from here at 3 pm which is 2 pm there, i will call so you can see the number and then call me back!!! Wow I’m so stoked!!!

So life is just great, I’m in a trio right now!? Yeah thats right, i have 2 companions, but my other companion is from the States!!! He is from Pueblo, Colorado and we will be in a trio till the next transfers on the 11th of May.  His name is Elder Gaspar, and he is a visa waiter, his Spanish, well its doing alright, it’s cool to realize that hey, i actually speak some pretty good Spanish!!! But im not content i wanna speak really, really, really awesome Spanish so i will continue on studying!  So we had a baptism, ill send pics, we have 2 more baptisms for the 7th of May,  2 teenagers, Juan and Javier, brothers of 15 and 14 years old.  They are awesome and stoked to be missionaries too in 5 years.  So pray for them if ya will!!! This letter is short cause i wanna send pictures home, Mom tell Kyle I got his dear elder and his package, he is just the MAN!!! I love that kid so much!!! I want his and Daytons MTC addresses to send them letters in the MTC, please!!! But really tell Kyle, thanks so much, it meant the world to me!!! HE IS THE MAN! And tell him fo sho we are living together after the mish at college and WORLD CUP 2014 is totally ON!!! K, I love you all and I wanna send some pics, so thanks so much and i will talk to you SUNDAY at 2 pm, your TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!
With all the love I can muster,
Elder Spencer Marty McGHIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 My baptism, the little girl in white is named Leslie, the cousin of one of my converts, Kevin, and he baptized her, it was the best! We dont really teach little kids ever, but she always attends church even by herself and her dad is member but inactive, so we taught here, but she never got her permission, then Thursday night we finally found her dad and she got permission and was baptized!!! She is so cute! She reminds me of Caroline, how she talks and she always is practicing volleyball! it was awesome!!! My new other comp is the little Latino looking elder right next to me!!!

  Kyle sent me this shirt! Cant thank him enough!!! I just read about Bubba! Thats sososoooso AWESOME! ECUADOR! Tell him congrats! And i love him and he will be the best missionary! And maybe you guys could send big Dayton a tie from our family and some cookies, just a good thought, cause he has to learn Japanese and that well, is really tough! haha, and i really wanna know how Tyson is doing in Canada!!! THANKS MOMACITA, I LOVE YOU!!! Hey and mom, if you could do some great facebook stalking and tell me who won SBO’s this year that  would be awesome!

 Me and my package from home, just as happy as i can be!!! (this is Carrie, I promise those are only the covers of the Sports Illustrated Magazines. Not the whole magazine and I padded the box with old newspapers, I guess that is what he was reading?)  Oh and i sent Ainsley the personal letter that she asked for, today so be on the look out!  Im still having those desires to sometimes drop kick Elder Arnao!!  Oh and its like 90 percent chance I leave Huánuco this transfer, NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!