Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

May 9, 2011

I'm a (missionary) Father!!! haha!! Dont Judge me!!!

Well Howdy there Fam and Amigos!!!

Seems like just yesterday we talked or something?  Oh wait because we did!!! That was so awesome i can’t even describe it! It was sososososososo Great to actually hear your voices and to talk!!! I was just the happiest little camper in the whole wide world!!!  And I only cried like 4 times during the phone call, look at us, we are improving! Haha!! Well i should start off the email by saying that we got a phone call from the zone leaders last night saying we had early changes, and my comp Elder Arnao was going to Lima and leaving tomorrow morning!!! So off he went this morning and here I am, with Elder Gaspar, ¡¡¡MI HIJO!!!(that means “My Son”!!) Haha! Hooray im a dad!.... Well in mission terms, so its looks like I’ll be training Elder Gaspar from Colorado, here in Good old Huanuco (note from Carrie again, sorry, but it took me a while to figure out what they were talking about with them being dads and sons and saying things like “my kid”, I thought they were talking about a young teenager who was staying with them or something?  I am sure you all are way more with it than I am and know that it means that Spencer will be this Elders trainer, but I thought, just incase someone out there isn’t quite up on the missionary lingo and was confused, I would clarify that !!Bye)!!! Looks like 6 more weeks for this guy at least in Huanuco! Haha that means, one fourth of my mission in Huanuco alone! Haha, thats nuts, im pretty happy with it, i wont lie. It isnt 100 percent sure or finalized but it looks like its pretty much a for sure that I’ll be here!!! Its like 95 percent sure.  So that’s pretty awesome news! I can´t lie i was fairly happy to see my comp, Elder Arnao go...... dont judge me!! I love the kid, but its that type of love, that ya love em from a distance haha!! Almost like talking to someone with bad breath, sure ill talk to ya but from about 5 feet away.  So yep there’s the big news, I, Elder McGhie am a dad and my kid is the Best!!! He’s a champ, all he wants to do is work hard, baptize, and obey!!! We are just going to work to death!!! Im pretty sure this is an answer to my prayers.  And if im here in Huanuco for 6 more weeks i gotta start running or something, cause im just a fatty(* note of explaination from me Carrie again (sorry!)……he thinks he is getting fat because he ran into someone he hadn’t seen for a while and they said, “getting a little bit fat, Elder McGhie”?  So now he is paranoid) ! And in six weeks ill be a flippin tank walking around here. Haha!!

So i figure ill share some of the frustrating news from last week.  We had 2 teenagers, Javier and Juan, brothers, their uncles and aunts are all members and cousins, they gave us the referral, so Saturday was supposed to be their baptism, they had received the answer to their prayers and were really excited for their baptism.  Then Friday came along and we went to get them for their baptismal interviews, and they were both gone, which was really strange of them to bail on an appointment.  Turns out that one of them had gone with their mom for the day and the other had a soccer game.  I gotta explain about their mom….. so they all were a happy family, Their dad, mom and the 2 boys, but she had an affair with some guy and then just bailed on the family and started a new one!!! Yeah, pretty messed up, and their dad works far away and is only home weekends so the boys are pretty much on their own (they are 14 and 15 yrs old).  When their mom caught word that they were going to be baptized she came and picked Juan up to go and  spend some time together (LIES!!! WOOF!),when all she just did was trash the church and bag on the church and put a bunch of doubts in his head and told him a bunch of lies! Juan is the younger one and she just destroyed the little guy!!! We found this all out Saturday when we went to get them for their interviews cause they bailed on us Friday, so we got there to pick him up and the other kid was gone! Javier! They said he wouldnt get back till 7 that night and his baptism was at 5!!! Then we talked with Juan and his dad, and their dad was so ticked off at their mom! He isnt a member and doesn’t wanna listen, but he wants his kids to be in the church to grow up right or something, so we just had to bag the baptism cause of their mean mother!!!  I mean seriously, if i ever meet that lady, I’ll give her something to think about
(He really won’t be rude to her, I promise!!)!!  And also they didnt attend church Sunday cause they were with their mom all day for mother’s day! AAAHHHHHH!!! So she probably just made it even worse! We have a lesson tonight with them, and i hope we can fix this mess and they can get baptized this Saturday! Please pray for them and me and my companion! I’m a bit scared cause my new comp doesnt speak Spanish and I have to train him and teach him Spanish!!! I gotta do it all! Pray for my Spanish and that I can do this! I cant lie, I’m kinda scared!!! But with all your prayers and the help of the Lord I know I can do it! Thanks to everyone!!!!!!!!! I love yall, sososososososo much!!! Talk to ya next Monday!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie!!!
p.s. Sorry mom, no photos today, I have so many to send but I had to help Elder Gaspar figure out how to send his letter to President Leyva and I’m all out of time!!! Don’t worry I’ll make sure to send a bunch next week!!! With much love, from your slightly chubby son... hahahahaha Elder McGhie!!!!! (Isn’t he just the cutest missionary? Don’t answer that question………..I just wanted to tell everyone how cute I think he is, being his mom, who had to haul him up the stairs to his room about once a week and hold the door closed until he could figure out how to calm himself down (he was only like 5 and still so cute too!), I CAN SAY THAT!!! J!!!)(Spencer would not be happy I just said that about hauling him to his room but it is true, and look how amazing he is today J!!!)

HEY EVERYONE, GOOD IDEA FOR YOU……. RIGHT NOW OR WHEN YOU HAVE TIME (BUT VERY SOON), LETS ALL WRITE SPENCER A LETTER!!!  BRILLIANT IDEA ON MY PART J!!!  REMEMBER YOU CAN JUST SEND HIM AN EMAIL AND SEND IT TO ME…… csmcghie@signs.com and I will forward it to him (if emails come from any address other than mine they go in the trash file, I don’t know how but they did that in his mission?), or you can write him a “dear elder” letter at http://www.dearelder.com/, just write to Elder Spencer McGhie and pick the Peru Lima East Mission or you can just write him a letter, put it in an envelope with this address on it:

Elder Spencer McGhie
Peru Lima East Mission
Calle Los Agrologos 368
Urbanizacion Las Acacias de Monterrico
La Molina, Lima 12

And take it to the post office and mail it or someone told me a 2 page hand written letter would make it to Spencer with just one regular stamp * Note is has to be a 98cent stamp to make it to Spencer!!!.  J!!  Sorry to be a pain but I gotta keep Spencer happy and getting letters from all of you make him VERY HAPPY!!!! So let’s all write in our planners to write to Elder McGhie J!!!  Thank you all, you are all wonderful J!!!! Love, Carrie, the pushy mom of Spencer J!!!!!!  THANKS!!! WE LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!!!

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