Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

May 16, 2011

My new Chilean Son, Elder Encina

Como Estamos!!! Well enough with that and on to the good stuff!!! Well there was a slight change of plans, Elder Gaspar left!!! He is in the same zone, but just went to another area...But dont fret, I have another kid!!! He is a Chileno kid!!!  His name is Elder Encina, from Santiago, but yeah i asked him if his house was in the Santiago North mission boundaries to see if he might know J Brown or Alex, but no, he lives in another mission!  So i was slightly worried when i heard my kid was going to be from Chile.  To say the least Chileans dont have a good reputation or name, in Peru haha!! But Elder Encina is really awesome, he looks just like Shrek but in Chilean form, and he is pretty funny!  I was scared because there is another Chilean in my district and he is pretty annoying, every other sentence is about how much better Chile is than Peru and Chile this Chile that!!! Can’t lie I’m not the biggest fan of Chile… AT ALLLLL!!! Sorry, Jordy and Alex… and whoever else likes Chile.  But Elder Encina has changed my opinion somewhat……...  But it’s all good, Elder Encina is pretty awesome and he is helping me a lot with my Spanish, like to pronounce the words the best i can and all that, its a work in progress, i can pretty much talk about anything that has to do with the church and sports but yeah its a work in progress (Sigh) haha!! 

So this week was fairly interesting, Elder Encina arrived Wednesday night so Tuesday and Wednesday I was with Elder Gaspar and we had some interesting experiences that I would like to share…. Aka:  GRINGO MOMENTS BABY!!! So first of all we are teaching this guy named Virginio, and he told me he will attend any church where he can just cry out and sing praises to the Lord… I just kinda thought, great we got a Crazy guy on our hands… and to say the least I was right haha! I explained to Virginio that we would like to start with a prayer, but that when we pray in group, one person, prays and we all listen and we pray together like that and in the end if we all agree with what was said, we say, “amen”.  And to say the least, he didn’t care what I said.  So Elder Gaspar started to pray and so did Hermano Virginio.  He started out quietly and then he got louder and louder and louder and before i knew it, he was like on the floor almost yelling, ¡¡¡OHHHH SEÑOR MY SALVADOR; SALVA ME!!!!!! And a lot of other things I just kinda looked at Elder Gaspar like ummmmmm??  WHAT is going on, it was all i could do to keep myself from bursting out laughing. But i held the laughter in.  SO to finish the lesson he said the closing prayer and I said, how bout we all kneel down this time, so that he didnt have to go all crazy, so we all knelt down, and he stood up!!! Haha I just shook my head and he started to pray and after about 5 minutes he fell to his knees in prayer and just kept praying his little Peruano Heart out!!! Haha but he didnt attend church Sunday and i dont think he is very interested, so we might not see much of dear old Virginio, haha!

Another interesting moment was we were walking through the market after a no-show lesson and I was talking with this old guy in the market and then I asked him when we could come by and teach him, he was thinking and said, how bout now? Umm…I thought to myself, You bet you bottom dollar brother, lets go!!!  SO this old guy invites us over and there wasn’t anyone else home and about 3 minutes into the lesson he says, excuse me one second, im going to go and buy us some soda and he just leaves us all alone in the house, he just straight up bails?? Haha!  We could have robbed the joint, its amazing the trust here in Peru ahah, but then he CAME back we proceeded to talk and then he pulls out this Bible and it looked like it weighed about 50 pounds.  He said that he bought from the Catholic church.  He said he paid 1 sole every day, all of last year to buy it, but that he never reads it and wants to learn??? Haha! and this Bible was like the biggest thing I’ve ever seen haha, I mean seriously, it was GINORMOUS !!! So we taught him and we go back for the next lesson tomorrow and we will see if he is really interested or not!

Well EVERYONE, thanks so much for all the support, I hope you got all the pictures, i sent two emails home loaded with pictures so if you didn’t then mom you can log on and snag em!!!
Thanks so much!!! LOVE YOU SOOSOSOSOS MUCH! Till next Monday!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie!!!
Ps- Im waiting for my package! Haha I need some deodorant,  old spice- pure sport, like 3 of em and a laminated copy of my mission call and D&C section 4, typed up by MOM!!!

Elder McGhie and Elder Encina



Spencer LOVES his MOM, thats ME!! :)

Happy Mothers Day to their Pentionsita,
She is really great and they love her and her cooking :)!!

Elder Gaspar and Elder Mcghie
Elder Gaspar and Spencer :)!

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