Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

March 24, 2012


YEAH SON!!! PEYTON MANNING TO THE BRONCOS!!! ¡¡¡TENGA LO SUYO NFL!!! (translated: Take that NFL)  HAHAHAHA!!! That’s the best news I have heard since Froto destroyed the Ring in Mount Doom!!! 
Super Bowl 2012: Broncos vs 49ers!!!

And the best part is I won’t care who wins because they are both my favorite!  It’s like a grape and strawberry snow cone, they are both my favorite but sometimes I want strawberry more the grape, but it’s still a SNOWCONE! (BRIAN REGAN) HAHAHA! After suffering through the longs days of Jake Plummer and Kyle Orton redemption has come at last! HAHAHA!  
Ok, sorry about that explosion haha I was just a little bit excited about the big news... So how are you all doing?  I am doing very well, I am actually really really tired!  But happy as always, this week has maybe been the craziest most hectic week in my life apart from transfers.  We are having our multi-zone conferences, and they have gone really well, but it is a lot of work and on top of that President has had a lot of interviews and we have had a good amount of transfers of transfers this week, and those are just crazy cause we have to call all the elder buy their bus ticket organize it all, hay caramba!  But it’s all good! I am really enjoying the time here in the office.  It’s a great chance to learn and grow.  

So we had our baptism last week of Hermana Fiorela, she is in YSA and there are like 25 in our ward and they have done a good job of inviting her and getting to know her and her boy friend from Whales flew in to visit her and see her baptism!? Haha yeah he is from Whales!?  He doesn´t speak a lick of spanish, but he was really happy that his girlfriend got baptized, but oh well - not my beef!  But we are going to teach him this week, but like I said he doesn’t speak spanish, so we are going to have to teach him in English! HAHA Elder Dodge and Elder Udall are going to help me, but we are going to have to practice, because I have no idea how to speak about the church in English!  Or the First Vision! YIKES!  So that should be interesting!  And we have another baptism tomorrow morning.  Her name is Patty, she is from Chiclayo and working here for one of the members, she is her maid I guess, and about a month and a half ago we ate lunch in the members house and we contacted Hna Patty, at first she said ummm.... NO!  haha but then we had a family night a week later and she joined us and well the Lord did his part as always and she is getting baptized tomorrow. We have been extremely blessed here in the office.  In my area we are baptizing weekly and in total there are 4 baptisms from the office this week!  For the first time the office is baptizing!  Nobody believes us because we are here in La Molina and last year there were only 6 baptisms for the Ward!  But the Lord is really blessing us and my companion is really great!  So I am very grateful for the success we are having and we got to keep it up!  

So to inform you of this week, Tuesday we have Conference here in Lima and then I will be traveling to La Merced for a conference Thursday.  And returning Friday, but I will get to be with Elder Brown, because his zone is going to the conference in La Merced also! YAY!  So that will be awesome!  OH and I won’t be writing you till next Monday because of GENERAL CONFERENCE!  YEAH!!!

So that will be pretty great.  Well I gotta go, I love you and miss the letters from Liney! I hope she is hanging in there and my computer won’t read my camera card so I will send my pics of this week, La Merced and for the wedding next Monday! BYE!
Elder McGhie

I stole this picture from a  Return missionarys facebook page, I will try to find his name so, I DONT HAVE TO FEEL LIKE A BAD PERSON FOR STEALING IT!! BUT ISNT IT THE BEST PICTURE!

March 17, 2012


How are you all doing today?  I hope all is well in one of if not the best time of the year MARCH MADNESS!!!  I’m very glad to hear that BYU didn´t choke the play in game, that would have been brutal!  Bummer about the Marquette game, at least we gave em a run for their money... kinda haha!  But don’t worry next year, the Man the Myth and the LEGENDwill be back to destroy all your brackets next year (We always have a small little “Marty McGhie” family bracket each year and the only thing you get if you win is the adoration of the family because you beat Marty (if Marty wins he doesn’t get anything but irritation for always being the winner!!) (I always loose every year, last place but Caroline even won the whole thing the year that Spencer left, that would be 2010!!)!!!  And of course, I will have BYU at least in the Final 4, if not taking it all like every year!  It’s something I like to call Faith!  But anyways I hope you recorded the game dad and you are burning a disk of the sporting events I have missed, because you know I will be locked in my room catching up on all that good stuff for a solid 2 days! (Not unless I am sitting next to him =)  Don’t worry fam, I’m not trunky, just Curious (Curious?)!haha
So I got back from Huanuco this morning, man I miss Huanuco, it’s such a great place!  Oh and I was walking in the street (in the street ???) and guess who I found! The Hermana Genoveva!!!  My first Pensionista!  She invited me to lunch and I got to go!  It was really great to see them again.  A lot has changed since I was last there, 2 of her kids got married and the other is on a mission, but she is still the best!  
After the multi-zone conference, I got to stay a little while and do some splits with the Elders assigned to Huanuco and we had such a cool experience that I want to tell you about it!  So we went a little ways out of the town to the side of the mountain to do some contacting.  In Huancuo the poor people live up in the mountain, so we were hiking up the side of the mountain and we found a little old lady carrying a big stack of fire wood up the mountain, so we talked to her and asked her if she wanted some help, she said yes and we soon found out there was a lot more than 1 stack of firewood, there were about 4 giants stacks full of firewood!!  She had been slowly carrying them up the mountain, one at a time and leaving them at certain points on the mountain and then going back and carrying up the other one with her brother in law.  So we grabbed some of the firewood and up we went.  Haha, and of course her house was at the VERY top of the mountain... haha!  I was dying(I’m pretty sure the little old lady was in better shape than me, and could definitely take me in a street fight)!!  So we got to here little house with a tin roof and walls made out of mud bricks and inside we found her husband who has 2 broken legs and was in a wheel chair.  The moment we got there he started to cry and he told us that he had been praying so that the lord would send him his servants to help him.  We sat down and invited every single one of them to be baptized after a little bit of teaching!  They all said that they wanted to be baptized on receiving an answer from God.  It was really and incredible experience.  I was literally led to a man searching for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, just by offering a hand of service.  I realized the power and truthfulness of D& C 18 :10, that the worth of EVERY SOUL is great in the sight of God.  I am so grateful and humbled to be able to be an instrument in the Lord´s hands at this time in my life!  
I love you all, and I hope that Caroline stops giving me the silent treatment, cause Monday her package will be on the way to UTAH!  Tell her sorry and that I love her!  Love you to fam!
Elder Spencer Marty!  McGhie
Ps. Mom, I took a pic with Hermana Genoveva (just a short sermon on how grateful I am for Hermana Genoveva) She was his pentionista for the first 6 months (the hardest months) that he was out in the mission field, so that means he ate at her home, 3 times a day, every day for 6 months!!  She took care of him and made him feel like he was a part of her family!!  I will be Eternally grateful for that wonderful woman, who took care of Spencer, when I couldn’t be there to take care of him!! Tender Mercies =)!!!!) but I don’t have my camera with me, don’t worry I am not traveling this week (thank goodness he won’t be traveling ALONE!  I know, I need more faith!!! =) and we don’t travel together because one of us has to be working in our area (I asked him why they would ever travel without their companion!  I think I have asked him that question in every email, since he was made an assistant, I am sure he is getting tired of answering that question every week =)!  
I will send a bunch of pics next Saturday!(he better cause I need my pictures or I cant survive =)!!)                      BYE! LOVE YOU!

March 8, 2012

A great day at the TEMPLE!

What’s up everyone, how are you doing!?  I hope everything is going great and sorry about the late notice about the email. (Marty got an email from the office secretary at about 11pm on Wednesday night saying that Spencer was going to have pday the next day, Thursday and that we needed to write him that night!  Ainsley was asleep already but we all jumped up and wrote Spencer an email, we are such a dedicated family =)!!) Haha!  I’m sure it was a little surprising to get the email from Elder Udall last night about the change of P-days!  So we got to go to the temple today and it was SO GREAT!  There is nothing better than going to the temple!  I had always heard in primary and before the mission that to get to a temple for a lot of people is really pretty hard, but I didn’t really think much of it (since I have lived within about 5 minutes of the temple my whole life).  But when I got to the mission field and they shipped me on out to Huanuco a good 9 hours away from Lima I realized what a blessing it is to be able to attend the temple!  And once again I was reminded of that blessing today in the Temple.  Like they say: “you don’t know what you have until its gone!”  

SO, I was just sitting there thinking and thinking things through and I just can´t believe it that two thirds of my mission has come and gone.  It is really crazy and to think I have already been in the office for 2 months is nuts.  I have just got to do everything I can to work and work and work in these last 8 months!  And I guess Ainsley is getting married in less than 2 months........................ WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Haha, that’s some crazy stuff, so next week I will take the pictures to send and all that jazz, don’t worry about it(We still haven’t gotten the picture to make his cardboard cutout for the wedding and today is March 22nd)!  And Liney, thanks for your patience, you can punch me when I get home for sending you Birthday Card and Package about 3 months late! CHISPAS!!!!!!!!!  

So this week we had our Zone Leader Conference, it was pretty awesome.  President got out some pretty good Doctrine on the Plan of Salvation and blew our minds away, haha so that was sweet!  My comp and I talked about Chapter 9 in Preach my Gospel but the best part is that afterword, President gave us Permission to play full court b-ball in the Gym!  There’s only one Chapel in Peru with a basketball court inside and it just so happens that it’s our ward building so we got to play b-ball and all the gringos were SO happy!  It felt so great to run the ball up the court be in a fast break!  Haha it was so fun!  And we played against the President and his team, he was on fast break and went to lay it up, haha I came from the blind side and swatted it into the 5th row haha!  I then ran away in hid while everyone laughed and said that I was headed to Cerro de Pasco as Junior Companion haha!!! We had a good laugh, President plays b-ball pretty well and Elder Madsen was on my team!  He is a Zone leader now in Santa Anita!  MY old area! Isn’t that great!!

 So mom, just so you know you gotta close my facebook, it’s a rule in the whole mission now! But, hey you can just put all the photos on your facebook (because putting 16 months of pictures on my facebook page won’t take but a second, he is such a nerd!!)(I did close his facebook page and it made me cry, it wasn’t a happy experience, but I lived through it !!!!! =) 

So I love you all!!  I am headed to Huanuco on Monday until Thursday and I will see Elder Norris from Panguitch, Utah!  He is a champ!  So that will be sweet!

Love ya BYE!
And no my comp won’t be with me (I just don’t get this traveling alone???  The number one rule in our family is: The Buddy System, you never go anywhere alone (Okay, I guess once they are 23 they can go some places alone but it is still a good rule to follow =)!!  So his mission president is grounded for breaking our number one family rule!!) =) ! I'M going SOLITO! WOOF!haha !
Elder McGhie!

March 3, 2012

As for me and my House WE WILL SERVE THE LORD!

Isnt this the greatest picture!!  I love it so much
that I decided to put it first before the email =)!!


Holy Shnikes what a week it has been!  Last week was transfers and it was SO NUTS!  With all the new missionaries entering the old one going home and buying all the bus tickets, food, and giving training sessions, let’s just say it was a little tiring!  But I can’t complain I really liked it a lot!  It was crazy but awesome!  And this month is just going to be SO CRAZY!  Tuesday we have the Zone Leader Counsel this week and then we have the Multi Zone conferences for the whole month all throughout the mission!  We have 5 all together and so this month will be crazy but I know it will absolutely fly by!  I honestly cannot believe how fast February passed by and now its March 3rd and I have been officially out on my mission for 16 months!  It’s that the weirdest thing ever!  I can´t believe it at all!  Time has gone by SO fast and it’s just going by faster and faster! 

With all the stuff that happened this week, we haven´t had much time to preach the Gospel but yesterday we got to go out and it just felt SO GREAT  to preach the gospel!  I am SO grateful for the time I have to be a missionary but I’m sorta freakin out at how fast time is going by.  This week my first companion in the mission field, finished his mission, his 2 years are over, Elder Rojo!!  I couldn’t believe it and he couldn´t either!  It’s like it was yesterday that I was there in Huanuco Paucarbamba not speaking a word of Spanish just as lost as can be, haha  but I am really grateful for those first few transfers I had, they weren´t all that easy, but I learned lessons in those first 6 months that I could have never learned anywhere else.  The 2 biggest lessons I have learned on my mission by far are number    #1-Trust in the Lord with all thy heart and lean not to thine own understanding   and #2- Come what may and LOVE IT!  I love the Lord and this Gospel so much, and thanks to all of you and the Lord, I am here right now serving the Lord.  I still remember that night when I was about 12 years old, I decided that I had to know for myself if this church was the same church that Christ organized when he lived on the earth and was it restored to the earth by God, through Joseph Smith.  So, I read the promise in Moroni: 10:4, then I knelt down and prayed my guts out, and at first I didn´t feel anything!  But I kept praying and searching until I received a warm feeling in my heart, the Holy Ghost telling me that it was all TRUE!  From that moment on I knew it was all true.

WARNING………….The email from this point on………is a bit over the top with Too Much Missionary Enthusiasm and without a firm grip on REALITY!!! =)
I don’t have any clue what the Lord has in store for me, if I get home from my mission and a week later I get a letter from the Prophet saying I need to serve 2 more years or 4 more years IM GOING BABY,(?) because the Lord knows what we need, we just need to follow him without fear! 
So heads up Mom(NOT THIS MOM), if I get home and they call me to go and open up the China mission, (HELLO???..........Earth to Spencer???...... China???........... REALLY?? He had a hard time learning to speak Spanish!!!..... China????  (I am rolling my eyes as I write this!!) I will be the first one on that airplane buddy!!!! Haha!!  Like Elder Holland said, we have to show that:  IN THIS Family WE SERVE MISSIONS!!! 
And like Joshua says in the New Testament, As for me and My House WE WILL SERVE THE LORD!  AMEN BROTHER!!!
Well until next week!  CHAU!
Elder McGhie!
Ps. (I love you Spencer but you are really  weird!!! J AMEN BROTHER!!!!! J)

 The same baptism from the above picture with his family
and I think his bishop plus Elder Avalos,
 Elder Moralez and Elder Dodge!!=)

 This is a picture of Elder Rojos (Spencers
first companion in the mission field) and The mission
President, his wife and daughters before he went home!!