Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

March 3, 2012

As for me and my House WE WILL SERVE THE LORD!

Isnt this the greatest picture!!  I love it so much
that I decided to put it first before the email =)!!


Holy Shnikes what a week it has been!  Last week was transfers and it was SO NUTS!  With all the new missionaries entering the old one going home and buying all the bus tickets, food, and giving training sessions, let’s just say it was a little tiring!  But I can’t complain I really liked it a lot!  It was crazy but awesome!  And this month is just going to be SO CRAZY!  Tuesday we have the Zone Leader Counsel this week and then we have the Multi Zone conferences for the whole month all throughout the mission!  We have 5 all together and so this month will be crazy but I know it will absolutely fly by!  I honestly cannot believe how fast February passed by and now its March 3rd and I have been officially out on my mission for 16 months!  It’s that the weirdest thing ever!  I can´t believe it at all!  Time has gone by SO fast and it’s just going by faster and faster! 

With all the stuff that happened this week, we haven´t had much time to preach the Gospel but yesterday we got to go out and it just felt SO GREAT  to preach the gospel!  I am SO grateful for the time I have to be a missionary but I’m sorta freakin out at how fast time is going by.  This week my first companion in the mission field, finished his mission, his 2 years are over, Elder Rojo!!  I couldn’t believe it and he couldn´t either!  It’s like it was yesterday that I was there in Huanuco Paucarbamba not speaking a word of Spanish just as lost as can be, haha  but I am really grateful for those first few transfers I had, they weren´t all that easy, but I learned lessons in those first 6 months that I could have never learned anywhere else.  The 2 biggest lessons I have learned on my mission by far are number    #1-Trust in the Lord with all thy heart and lean not to thine own understanding   and #2- Come what may and LOVE IT!  I love the Lord and this Gospel so much, and thanks to all of you and the Lord, I am here right now serving the Lord.  I still remember that night when I was about 12 years old, I decided that I had to know for myself if this church was the same church that Christ organized when he lived on the earth and was it restored to the earth by God, through Joseph Smith.  So, I read the promise in Moroni: 10:4, then I knelt down and prayed my guts out, and at first I didn´t feel anything!  But I kept praying and searching until I received a warm feeling in my heart, the Holy Ghost telling me that it was all TRUE!  From that moment on I knew it was all true.

WARNING………….The email from this point on………is a bit over the top with Too Much Missionary Enthusiasm and without a firm grip on REALITY!!! =)
I don’t have any clue what the Lord has in store for me, if I get home from my mission and a week later I get a letter from the Prophet saying I need to serve 2 more years or 4 more years IM GOING BABY,(?) because the Lord knows what we need, we just need to follow him without fear! 
So heads up Mom(NOT THIS MOM), if I get home and they call me to go and open up the China mission, (HELLO???..........Earth to Spencer???...... China???........... REALLY?? He had a hard time learning to speak Spanish!!!..... China????  (I am rolling my eyes as I write this!!) I will be the first one on that airplane buddy!!!! Haha!!  Like Elder Holland said, we have to show that:  IN THIS Family WE SERVE MISSIONS!!! 
And like Joshua says in the New Testament, As for me and My House WE WILL SERVE THE LORD!  AMEN BROTHER!!!
Well until next week!  CHAU!
Elder McGhie!
Ps. (I love you Spencer but you are really  weird!!! J AMEN BROTHER!!!!! J)

 The same baptism from the above picture with his family
and I think his bishop plus Elder Avalos,
 Elder Moralez and Elder Dodge!!=)

 This is a picture of Elder Rojos (Spencers
first companion in the mission field) and The mission
President, his wife and daughters before he went home!!

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