Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

March 17, 2012


How are you all doing today?  I hope all is well in one of if not the best time of the year MARCH MADNESS!!!  I’m very glad to hear that BYU didn´t choke the play in game, that would have been brutal!  Bummer about the Marquette game, at least we gave em a run for their money... kinda haha!  But don’t worry next year, the Man the Myth and the LEGENDwill be back to destroy all your brackets next year (We always have a small little “Marty McGhie” family bracket each year and the only thing you get if you win is the adoration of the family because you beat Marty (if Marty wins he doesn’t get anything but irritation for always being the winner!!) (I always loose every year, last place but Caroline even won the whole thing the year that Spencer left, that would be 2010!!)!!!  And of course, I will have BYU at least in the Final 4, if not taking it all like every year!  It’s something I like to call Faith!  But anyways I hope you recorded the game dad and you are burning a disk of the sporting events I have missed, because you know I will be locked in my room catching up on all that good stuff for a solid 2 days! (Not unless I am sitting next to him =)  Don’t worry fam, I’m not trunky, just Curious (Curious?)!haha
So I got back from Huanuco this morning, man I miss Huanuco, it’s such a great place!  Oh and I was walking in the street (in the street ???) and guess who I found! The Hermana Genoveva!!!  My first Pensionista!  She invited me to lunch and I got to go!  It was really great to see them again.  A lot has changed since I was last there, 2 of her kids got married and the other is on a mission, but she is still the best!  
After the multi-zone conference, I got to stay a little while and do some splits with the Elders assigned to Huanuco and we had such a cool experience that I want to tell you about it!  So we went a little ways out of the town to the side of the mountain to do some contacting.  In Huancuo the poor people live up in the mountain, so we were hiking up the side of the mountain and we found a little old lady carrying a big stack of fire wood up the mountain, so we talked to her and asked her if she wanted some help, she said yes and we soon found out there was a lot more than 1 stack of firewood, there were about 4 giants stacks full of firewood!!  She had been slowly carrying them up the mountain, one at a time and leaving them at certain points on the mountain and then going back and carrying up the other one with her brother in law.  So we grabbed some of the firewood and up we went.  Haha, and of course her house was at the VERY top of the mountain... haha!  I was dying(I’m pretty sure the little old lady was in better shape than me, and could definitely take me in a street fight)!!  So we got to here little house with a tin roof and walls made out of mud bricks and inside we found her husband who has 2 broken legs and was in a wheel chair.  The moment we got there he started to cry and he told us that he had been praying so that the lord would send him his servants to help him.  We sat down and invited every single one of them to be baptized after a little bit of teaching!  They all said that they wanted to be baptized on receiving an answer from God.  It was really and incredible experience.  I was literally led to a man searching for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, just by offering a hand of service.  I realized the power and truthfulness of D& C 18 :10, that the worth of EVERY SOUL is great in the sight of God.  I am so grateful and humbled to be able to be an instrument in the Lord´s hands at this time in my life!  
I love you all, and I hope that Caroline stops giving me the silent treatment, cause Monday her package will be on the way to UTAH!  Tell her sorry and that I love her!  Love you to fam!
Elder Spencer Marty!  McGhie
Ps. Mom, I took a pic with Hermana Genoveva (just a short sermon on how grateful I am for Hermana Genoveva) She was his pentionista for the first 6 months (the hardest months) that he was out in the mission field, so that means he ate at her home, 3 times a day, every day for 6 months!!  She took care of him and made him feel like he was a part of her family!!  I will be Eternally grateful for that wonderful woman, who took care of Spencer, when I couldn’t be there to take care of him!! Tender Mercies =)!!!!) but I don’t have my camera with me, don’t worry I am not traveling this week (thank goodness he won’t be traveling ALONE!  I know, I need more faith!!! =) and we don’t travel together because one of us has to be working in our area (I asked him why they would ever travel without their companion!  I think I have asked him that question in every email, since he was made an assistant, I am sure he is getting tired of answering that question every week =)!  
I will send a bunch of pics next Saturday!(he better cause I need my pictures or I cant survive =)!!)                      BYE! LOVE YOU!

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