Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

March 8, 2012

A great day at the TEMPLE!

What’s up everyone, how are you doing!?  I hope everything is going great and sorry about the late notice about the email. (Marty got an email from the office secretary at about 11pm on Wednesday night saying that Spencer was going to have pday the next day, Thursday and that we needed to write him that night!  Ainsley was asleep already but we all jumped up and wrote Spencer an email, we are such a dedicated family =)!!) Haha!  I’m sure it was a little surprising to get the email from Elder Udall last night about the change of P-days!  So we got to go to the temple today and it was SO GREAT!  There is nothing better than going to the temple!  I had always heard in primary and before the mission that to get to a temple for a lot of people is really pretty hard, but I didn’t really think much of it (since I have lived within about 5 minutes of the temple my whole life).  But when I got to the mission field and they shipped me on out to Huanuco a good 9 hours away from Lima I realized what a blessing it is to be able to attend the temple!  And once again I was reminded of that blessing today in the Temple.  Like they say: “you don’t know what you have until its gone!”  

SO, I was just sitting there thinking and thinking things through and I just can´t believe it that two thirds of my mission has come and gone.  It is really crazy and to think I have already been in the office for 2 months is nuts.  I have just got to do everything I can to work and work and work in these last 8 months!  And I guess Ainsley is getting married in less than 2 months........................ WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Haha, that’s some crazy stuff, so next week I will take the pictures to send and all that jazz, don’t worry about it(We still haven’t gotten the picture to make his cardboard cutout for the wedding and today is March 22nd)!  And Liney, thanks for your patience, you can punch me when I get home for sending you Birthday Card and Package about 3 months late! CHISPAS!!!!!!!!!  

So this week we had our Zone Leader Conference, it was pretty awesome.  President got out some pretty good Doctrine on the Plan of Salvation and blew our minds away, haha so that was sweet!  My comp and I talked about Chapter 9 in Preach my Gospel but the best part is that afterword, President gave us Permission to play full court b-ball in the Gym!  There’s only one Chapel in Peru with a basketball court inside and it just so happens that it’s our ward building so we got to play b-ball and all the gringos were SO happy!  It felt so great to run the ball up the court be in a fast break!  Haha it was so fun!  And we played against the President and his team, he was on fast break and went to lay it up, haha I came from the blind side and swatted it into the 5th row haha!  I then ran away in hid while everyone laughed and said that I was headed to Cerro de Pasco as Junior Companion haha!!! We had a good laugh, President plays b-ball pretty well and Elder Madsen was on my team!  He is a Zone leader now in Santa Anita!  MY old area! Isn’t that great!!

 So mom, just so you know you gotta close my facebook, it’s a rule in the whole mission now! But, hey you can just put all the photos on your facebook (because putting 16 months of pictures on my facebook page won’t take but a second, he is such a nerd!!)(I did close his facebook page and it made me cry, it wasn’t a happy experience, but I lived through it !!!!! =) 

So I love you all!!  I am headed to Huanuco on Monday until Thursday and I will see Elder Norris from Panguitch, Utah!  He is a champ!  So that will be sweet!

Love ya BYE!
And no my comp won’t be with me (I just don’t get this traveling alone???  The number one rule in our family is: The Buddy System, you never go anywhere alone (Okay, I guess once they are 23 they can go some places alone but it is still a good rule to follow =)!!  So his mission president is grounded for breaking our number one family rule!!) =) ! I'M going SOLITO! WOOF!haha !
Elder McGhie!

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