Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

February 28, 2011

What is happening all the way over there in Utah??

Feb. 28, 2011
Hola Famila and Friends! What is happening all the way over there in Utah! So I took a quick glance at my emails and saw the one forwarded from Dayton about his mission call! I really was going to write this week and ask que pasa with BIG D! I cant flippin believe it! JAPAN!!! That is so amazing! He will do so much good for those people and he is going to just love it! Send him my congrats and love! Tell him i miss him to, my brochaco! I was so happy to read that! What a stud and a half!!! He better send me his mtc address and everything so i can write him! Ok I dont have time to read the email from bubba but tell him i love him and im sorry i havent written him but i will! Tell him i love him and to keep his head up and charging forward!

Ok, on to the email.  SO this week has been rather interesting to say the least.  It started out, we had splits this week for a day, and i couldnt believe it i got to go on splits with Elder Corbridge! HE is another gringo in my district, he has one more change than me and we are going through the same stuff with companions, language, changes, so we have really become great pals.  So yeah i got to go on changes with him for a whole day! IT was so sososososo AWSOME! HE is from Pleasant Grove, just graduated in 2010 as well so we have a lot in common, and we both just want to work and serve with all we have! So pretty much it was the best! It was an awesome day and it was cool because for the first time, we could just both go out there and work, work, and work! And the first time, we were like the leaders of the conversation, leaders of the lesson, actually doing the legit stuff, it was so fun! It was like a day of what i can have my mission be like if i keep pressing forward, and work through these hard times, I’ll be rewarded and then one day I’ll get to be senior comp, make the decisions and we can work, work and work some more!!! So that was awesome, we were contacting like crazy, teaching lessons, practically running around my area just PREACHIN THE GOSPEL! 
Oh what an amazing feeling it was! I know i was supposed to be on splits with him that day, because it just kinda reenergized us to start  kinda picking our comps up and going to work! It gets hard, i get worn out, but it is good, and good lessons.  My comp really has kicked it up about 10 notches; we are doing a lot better! He really is a great elder just kinda lost his purpose for a while, but we have found some excitement and we are doing really well actually! We had another baptism this week.  A teenage boy age 17, named Kevin Wisawski Herrara.... yeah you heard me like Mike Wasowski from Monsters Inc! I had to do all i could to hold in my laugh when i heard his name! And yep I nailed the name, and the baptism prayer... im practically a seasoned veteran now... haha or NOT.  But that brings the count to 5 baptisms, meaning i have passed Steven Shelley hahahahah tell him I’m sorry but I guess I’m just a better person? haha so anyways of course i have a great Gringo Moment for yall.  So its Thursday night, we finish our
lesson and its 9 o’clock, and time to return to our room.  It starts raining, it had been a crazy weird, hard day, but all was well, so we got in our room flipped on the lights and the lights were like freaking out and flashing, because our switch is up on the roof and not covered by anything.  So the rain was messing it up.  So me and my comp went to go upstairs to fix it.  We have 2 doors in our room, one in the front by the street and one to the back by our Patio.  So we walk out and my comp goes first and for some reason i dont know, reflex or because im a moron, i Shut the DOOR! UGH! Haha yeah i locked us out of our room! All of our books and keys were inside haha so here we are outside, without light, and its pouring rain! Luckily there is a side door to our little building/patio thing and the owner of the house forgot to lock it.  SO we were able to get out.  I felt like such and idiot. SO we went to go sleep at the zone leaders house just a couple blocks away, but they were running late (shocker) haha and we were waiting and waiting until it was almost 9:30 and we have to be inside by 9:30 so while we were waiting i bought ice cream and sat and ate it cause i was depressed because of my stupidity haha and cookies... after i ate them i definitely felt better, like in harry potter, chocolate can solve any problem! Even dementors! So we returned to our room, and we had one choice... break the window! Haha yep so we busted the window with a rock haah luckily for me the little frame only costs 2 soles! So no biggie!! I talked to the owner of the house and she could care less haha!.  So we have our window and one of the frames is cardboard, haha i made one out of a box and with my knife! Just like my shipping days at Ferrari Color working with boxes! Good
times. So there’s you a tale, yes i know im a moroon but its ok, i have learned a lot of lessons this week. One great one in 1 Corinthians 13, versus 1-3, it pretty much says, you can give anything to the lord, 2 years, your life, service, money, everything, but if you do it without Charity, if your heart is not right, then you will have no reward.  People can serve missions without giving all their heart to the Lord it is sad, because they will have to pay and answer to that someday, but me i want to give it all. I want to serve the lord with All my Heart, Might, Mind, and Strength, like it says in D&C 4, so the Lord can take little old weak me, and shape me and mold me into a man, a real Priesthood Holder.  I had to make some changes, some hard personal decisions to do this, make sure my mind really is only focused on the mission work.  Its been hard, but o great will be my reward knowing i gave it my all. Every time i have a challenge a temptation or anything i have two choices, to respond how Christ would or to not.  My quest is to always responds how Christ would.  Andthats what happens when we truly give our hearts to the lord.  Because, if we have not Charity, we are NOTHING.  So i hope that made sense, you know me im a rambler, but hey that’s me! Well guys im checking out for now, but know i love you all and i hope all is well!
Elder McGhie

Oh, I found my pictures so all is well! LOVE YA ALL! And Liney! I love ya little sis! Take care of Ainsley, sounds like her boyfriend has some issues, I cant believe he doesnt like The Lord of the Rings Movies or Harry Potter! AHHH NO WAY JOSE! That’s your job Liney, to change his way of thinking cause that’s  just WRONG,  booyah!! (Liney, Mom can help you since she is one of the biggest fans ever of both of them haha!!!!) Love yall! PEace! 
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie!!!

No new pictures :(!!!  But, until I get the pictures,  here are some
old pictures of Spencer  :)!!

Yes, Spencer wore this to
an actual BYU football game!
He basically dressed like this for
every BYU football game, only I think it
got worse as he got older.......same blue
hair wig through all the yrs!!:)

Halloween 2010, Spencer dressed
up like his dad and his dad
dressed up like spencer :)!

This picture just makes me laugh
and laugh, funny kids :)!!

Spencer being a cowboy!
He is so cute :)!!

February 21, 2011


Hola Fam and Friends! How yall doing this fine day? Well its me again just out here in Peru preaching the Gospel! So all is well here, this week has been nuts! We had changes and all that so that was crazy, they re organized Huanuco, there are now 2 zones here and my zone is Zona Amarillis, we have Cerro de Pasco as part of our zone now to! So maybe we will get to go up there for a pday and we can play golf on the world’s highest golf course! I want to so bad! But if not, dad we will have to play when you guys come to get me! Sounds good to me! So yes finally we had the Baptism and Marriage of Rocemberge! It was really awesome! That day was pretty nuts with the wedding and the baptism the same day, plus i had a Gringo Bathroom problem all day that day!
Welcome to Peru right! Dad i almost became a ¨Real¨ South American Elder this week but i made it to the John just in time, so still waiting for that great experience which i have discovered  is pretty much a for sure experience i am bound to go through haha! So also we had another baptism of a Teenage boy named Christian, yeah i didnt know him either haha, turns out he lives in our area, but attends a different ward.  So yeah with the changes the missionaries that were teaching him all got changed, so my comp pretty much just argued his way with the new elders to have him as our baptism for numbers.  It was kinda lame, cause he isnt going to attend our ward so i thought the other missionaires in the ward he goes to should baptize him, but welcome to the life of a junior brand new gringo comp right? I feel like the penguins on Madagascar sometimes, Just smile and wave boys, just smile and wave... haha just waiting for my time! But thats the lesson i have to learn as well called Patience... not enjoying that one to much, but im working on it! My English is getting pretty bad, i wont lie so bear with me! So Sunday was absolutely nuts! We have these
3 little girls that assist every week and are about 10, turns out they arent members so they want to be baptized so we are teaching them.
The problem is they absolutely love me! Like during church they forced me to sit with them, because they kept stealing my dang backpack till i would.  And my comp sat with me for like 10 minutes then moved 2 rows back to sit with other investigators which definitely isnt allowed, but welcome to my life! I couldnt move cause they would start screaming if i tried to leave, and to think they are like 10 or 11.  So while i was going through that trying to keep them quiet during the sacrament while they asked me questions like... So are you parents Gringos too?
I was tempted to answer No actually one is Black and the other is an Indian i mean what kinda of a question is that, honestly Of course they are gringos haha but yeah then 3 minutes before sacrament meeting the 1st counselor asked if i could give  a 10 minutes talk.  So for you guys that doesnt seem much because you can get up there and have the liberty of speaking freely! I have to do it in Spanish! So im in sacrament meeting with 3 little girls jumping all over me stealing my stuff and screaming, trying to prepare a talk, then along comes the little son of Our Baptism Hrn Rocemberge who is 2 and a half and a demon child! So he comes over and starts ripping my book of mormon out of my hands while im trying to prepare my talk in Spanish with 3 little demon children screaming, Elder MAGGIE. ELDER MAGGIE! Do you like the united states? Is it pretty there? where are you from? Do you have a family? I mean honestly, my life haha, so then little Mattius, the kid of hermano Rocemberge, rips a page of my book of mormon, for the 2 nd time and Hermano Rocemberg comes over all worried and is like o no i will buy you a new one! So then im trying to explain to him its really alright and not to buy me a new one.  He finally agreed that he wasnt going to buy me a new book of mormon and then it was time to give my talk! Haha it all worked out, i spoke about Christ, shared some scriptures, told some stories,  got some laughs, so it was all good.  But yeah it was nuts! This week was kinda hard, my comp has ZERO desire to contact people, but if we dont contact we arent fulfilling our missionary duty and we wont have appointments, so finally sunday night i had enough and i just started contacting every person, he would walk past someone, then i would just start contacting them, he has no choice, he has to stay with me, so if he doesnt want to contact i dont really care he can stand there all day. Woof, but yeah im working on it! I shared the scripture in D&C 61: 3,  about contacting, but nothing has changed, but o well thats life! So lifes is good, my spanish is improving, dont worry dad im really trying my best to practice my words so my accent is legit! I dont know what it is but i have like this burning desire to be able to speak spanish so perfect! Maybe its just a McGhie trait, it kills me sometimes when i hear other gringos just butcher words! Haha what can i say, like father like son i guess? So thanks family and friends! Love all ya!
Till next week! TTFN Ta ta for now!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie
p.s. I got most my pics back so i will send my memory card to the office tomorrow for Charlotte to pick up  and i sent home a letter for all of the fam today so look for it in a couple weeks! LOVE YOU GUYS THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU DO!
Love you again and agian and agian!

p.s.  Mom, tell Seth I will write him back next week, and tell big daddy k, Kyle congrats for me on his detroit spanish speaking and to ball it up! So awesome, we will all be speaking spanish when we return! When does he report to the mtc, thanks mom send him my love please -  and Seth and Bubba and Collin and Brandon and Will and Jake and all my boys cause I have run out of time so I cant write all their names but I love em all too!!! Love ya!




February 15, 2011

Happy Valentines Day HaHa!!!

Well another Pday is here! How we all doing? So yes this week its official i am on the board for baptisms!!! YEAH! We had 2 baptisms this week and i got to Baptize em both! i really cant describe the feeling i had it really was amazing! We baptized a hermana named Mary she is 17 years old, her mom is a member but inactive, so it was really great! she works in the market in our area, she and her mom have a sewing shop, and it really is a blessing because now this is the 3rd article of clothing i have ripped that they are reparing for me... haha yeah i even surprise myself at my Spastic Abilities... but i figured i saved her soul so the least she can do is sew some pants and a shirt for me... haha yeah i know im a horrible person! Dont worry fam they werent bad rips just like a little rip i got snagged on a fence one time, the other i ripped the but of my slacks getting into a little moto taxi... i tell ya i am a real spaz! But all is fixed and well so dont go sending me more clothes, i got plenty! O and our other baptism was of a 13 year old boy named Javier.  He is awesome and really wants to serve a mission! He didnt have a tie so i gave him one of mine! I would send pictures home, but after the baptism i was fiddling with my camera to try and fix the resolution so it is on the highest quality, and I cant believe it I DELETED ALL MY PICTURES! It was all i could to do to keep myself from cursing.  I honestly was depressed! But i was talking to another missionary and telling him what  happened and turns out they might not actually be deleted, he said it happens to missionaries all the time, they accidently reset the camera, he is working on it right now so i dont know he says its easy to get em back! I pray! So i dont know how he is going to do it, maybe using some dark magic or something, doesnt matter to me as long as i get my pictures back! So weird its valentines day haha but i sent liney a letter home! Have you gotten my package yet? It should be arriving this week! SO i of course have some more Gringo moments  for ya today... this one is pretty classic! So as we were in an appointment with Mary the girl we baptized, we were preparing her for the baptism date, she asked what she needed to bring.  What i meant to say was bring yourself, your family, a change of clothes, and most importantly your smile for the pictures! Hahah but the word for smile is sonrisa, not songrisa... haha a Songrisa is a type of beer! So what i really said was bring yourself, your family a change of clothes and most importantly THE BEER!!! Haha they all just looked  at me like what the heck? And my companion was just dying of laughter haha yeah I was confused to say the least, they explained to me what I did... haha yeah so that was pretty interesting. So at the end of the lesson they were asking how was our p day and what did we do.  I told them we played volleyball and so i was like, OH YEAH, WE PLAYED VOLLEYBALL !!!! And i started to do the overexaggerated poses of bump, set and spike haha when i was doing the poses of course it had rained, i kinda slipped and of course i pulled my groin muscle, DON’T SAY IT MOM, I KNOW IT ALWAYS HAPPENS !  AHHH MY LIFE HAHAHA! So there are your laughs for the week, hopefully laughing with me and not at me, but either way i guess it works haha.  SO hopefully next week i will have my pictures back and be able to send you the photos of my baptisms! Oh and i have a wedding this week and baptism of Hermano Rocemberge! We have been waiting for his the mother of his spouse to come in for the wedding but it shoudl  be tomorrow! I hope! SO pray for her to come so we can have the wedding and the baptism! Other than that my investigators are Junior, a 20 year old who is really interested! His date of baptism is for next saturday, Also looks like Erica is back on the list, she came back to church, she is 13 knows the church is true, she just has a fear of actually committing to the church so pray for her! Those are our only 2 investigators that are really progressing so pray for them!
And Rocemberge! So life is good, all the Latinos love the fact i can talk soccer with all of them! They dont believe me that i know the teams and all that, until we start talking smack! ITs pretty fun to say the least, but no one respects my boy Lionel Messi here! They all like Christiano Ranaldo who is garbage! But dont worry, tell collin and bubba im always backing up our boy MESSI! Haha im loving life, looks like changes are this week and im with my comp for 6 more weeks...yay... haha i dunno it just feels  like we do the bare minimal of the work, there is so much more we could be doing! Im just frustrated cause i want to utilize every possible aspect we have to help our investigators but he just doesnt have a passion or fire for the work!
I feel like im being trained wrong, but its ok  i can do it! He is just kinda counting down the days till he goes home, but he doesnt even have a year yet! So that is my task now, but im trying my best!
Love ya all, sosososososososo much family and by sayin family I an talkin to all of ya my friends too haha!! But my comp and I were walkin and  we heard a song playing really loud in the street and it was one of mine and Lineys songs! This club couldnt even handle me right now! I froze in the street and all these memories came flooding back, dance parties in lola, us eating wendys haha !! good times haha!! Remember everyone that  im always praying for ya! LOVE YOU ALL haha!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie!


February 7, 2011

Another Day another Dollar!

Hey hey fam and friends! Whats happenin out there good old sandy utah!?Well enough with that and onto the email haha, so here i am in some shifty internet cafe and this guy is playing some hard core Eminem rap music next to me that happens to be swearing every other word haha so if this email comes across like a gangster its because im typing to the music haha thug life baby! Alright time for another excellent set of Gringo moments! First of all we were supposed to have our first baptism this week! Haha key word supposed to, welcome to the misson right... But this one was a little different, so its Hermano Rocemberg he has a kid and a wife who is a member, or we thought it was his wife... yeah so after he had passed his interview with the STAKE PRESIDENT and everything, he is friends with the stake president and the stake president was going to do the baptism, so it all looked perfect.  We went to his house the next morning and were filling out the Baptism info, roster thing, like dates of birth,  full names and all that.  So then we got to the question, where were you married, he just got this confused look on his face and was like huh? Remember we had already taught the law of chastity, and he passed his baptismal interview with the stake president and our Stake Pres is really awesome, well i mean he is no President Smith, obviously! But he is pretty good, but no one can take President Smith, and im pretty sure no one would pass a baptismal interview with President Smith without being married! I just laughed and i couldnt believe it haha.   But its all good so now we have a wedding and a baptism this week! Haha oh Peru never ceases to amaze me! But yeah this week was pretty good, my companion is doing better but we still have some work to do for sure.  I only have one week left in this transfer, crazy, i have next transfer to be a new missionary and after that i can actually do stuff and i wont be with my trainer.  There is a chance we are together for next transfer its about 50 50, ill be fine either way so dont worry i can do it! Whatever the lord gives me to do i can do it cause all is possible with the lord! Sorry this is a short email, but I am uploading some pictures before my mom flies to Peru to get them from me..............you dont fool around with my mom and her pictures haha! Well thanks for all the prayers and love, I really appreciate it and couldnt do it without yall! Paz y Amor haha
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie!
Showing his scriptures to the World???
Spencers favorite thing to do in pictures is to have his mouth open???