Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

February 7, 2011

Another Day another Dollar!

Hey hey fam and friends! Whats happenin out there good old sandy utah!?Well enough with that and onto the email haha, so here i am in some shifty internet cafe and this guy is playing some hard core Eminem rap music next to me that happens to be swearing every other word haha so if this email comes across like a gangster its because im typing to the music haha thug life baby! Alright time for another excellent set of Gringo moments! First of all we were supposed to have our first baptism this week! Haha key word supposed to, welcome to the misson right... But this one was a little different, so its Hermano Rocemberg he has a kid and a wife who is a member, or we thought it was his wife... yeah so after he had passed his interview with the STAKE PRESIDENT and everything, he is friends with the stake president and the stake president was going to do the baptism, so it all looked perfect.  We went to his house the next morning and were filling out the Baptism info, roster thing, like dates of birth,  full names and all that.  So then we got to the question, where were you married, he just got this confused look on his face and was like huh? Remember we had already taught the law of chastity, and he passed his baptismal interview with the stake president and our Stake Pres is really awesome, well i mean he is no President Smith, obviously! But he is pretty good, but no one can take President Smith, and im pretty sure no one would pass a baptismal interview with President Smith without being married! I just laughed and i couldnt believe it haha.   But its all good so now we have a wedding and a baptism this week! Haha oh Peru never ceases to amaze me! But yeah this week was pretty good, my companion is doing better but we still have some work to do for sure.  I only have one week left in this transfer, crazy, i have next transfer to be a new missionary and after that i can actually do stuff and i wont be with my trainer.  There is a chance we are together for next transfer its about 50 50, ill be fine either way so dont worry i can do it! Whatever the lord gives me to do i can do it cause all is possible with the lord! Sorry this is a short email, but I am uploading some pictures before my mom flies to Peru to get them from me..............you dont fool around with my mom and her pictures haha! Well thanks for all the prayers and love, I really appreciate it and couldnt do it without yall! Paz y Amor haha
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie!
Showing his scriptures to the World???
Spencers favorite thing to do in pictures is to have his mouth open???

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