Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

November 13, 2012

I didnt know that he would have such a hard time adjusting!!

Hi, just Carrie again!!  I dont mean to sound ungrateful because I am so very grateful that Spencer is home from his mission but I had no idea it would be so hard on him to adjust from being a missionary to living as a return missionary!!  It is so hard to see him struggle and find him crying and not be able to do anything to make it better..............kind of like when they are on their missions, you just pray for them and then pray some more!!  I dont know if other moms have had their missionaries struggle after returning home but  I just wanted to say that I had no idea that Spencer would have such a struggle adjusting back to living the life of a non-full time missionary!!  Wow................we are still learning here at the McGhie house!! But we are also very blessed too!!! =)

Carrie =)



TO GO ON EACH SIDE.........=)

November 7, 2012


I supposed the best way to explain the experience of Spencer coming down the escalator and seeing him for the first time in 2 years is by showing you pictures..........I ran up to him on the escalator, I couldnt wait and I just kept saying, You are real, You are really, real!! =) I will write more later but I wanted to post a few pictures!! =)

More pictures coming after I use photoshop to take off my double chin......!! =)

Spencer with his Mission Presiden and his wife President Ardila and Spencer with the
group of missionaries who left the same day as Spencer

October 30, 2012


Still Working hard during his last weeks as a missionary!!  =)


So this is my last email as a missionary… I don´t feel like it can be real, I am really at a loss for words!  This is my last week in the mission field, Sunday morning very early we will get on a bus for 9 hours to get to Lima then Monday we have interviews and family night with President, Tuesday morning to the Temple, and Tuesday night… Airport!!!  I feel SO strange because when I was assistant I saw SO many GREAT missionaries end and I just said to myself, ya that will never be me, I am just going to keep on working and BAM!  Here I am… It feels so… SUREAL.  I feel excited to see you guys and all the fam, but I feel crushed to think I have to leave Peru and all these great people!!!  I took off my nametag last night after planning and taking Informs and I started talking to my nametag… (yes I am still that weird)  And I said, well buddy our days are numbered together, let’s make the most of it!!!!!!!!  We will be marrying and baptizing the Echeverria Family!!!  I can’t think of a better way to end my mission than having baptized an ENTIRE FAMILIY OF 6!!!!!!!  And also we are going to baptize the mom of two recent converts!  I feel so blessed and I am SOOO  Happy that we are going to come back in DECEMBER!!! It is going to be SOOOOOO AWESOME that you guys will get to know my converts and all the great people I love from PERU!!!!!!!!!

I just finished writing my last email to President Ardila, flip! That makes me want to cry to think of leaving The Ardila Family and not having President Ardila as my Priesthood Leader!!!  I can´t believe what is happening!!!  But I have a whole bunch of stuff to do and accomplish these last few days that I have as a missionary… I can take a break when they take my name tag off, as for now it’s ALL BUSINESS!!!  I have no idea what I want to do when I get back other than see you guys, the fam and of course ELDER MORTON!  I just want to hide and never talk to a girl ever!  GIRLS SCARE ME MORE THAN EVER!!! I don’t think I will go on a date for 5 years, I had the thought of me hugging a girl and I got SOOOOO SCARED!  Flip I think I will just stay here in Peru! 

SO I was reading this morning one of Elder Christofferson´s talks that is called Always Remember Him, and I am SO grateful for the sacrament, I get scared a little thinking that I will get thrown back into the world that is so evil and full of temptation and crap like that.   I don’t want to take any step back in the progress that I have made as a missionary, and by reading that talk I felt at peace thinking if I just do my part and remain Obedient and Faithfull I will be in the Lord´s hands and always be able to Remember him.  These really have been the BEST 2 YEARS of my life to this point, and the Best 2 years FOR MY LIFE FOR EVER AND EVER!!!!!!!  I love this gospel and my mission, I know that the Lord planned that I would serve in THIS mission at THIS moment since the foundation of the world (See Abraham 2) And I am very happy to be able to say that I have done my part in this mission and I am leaving The Peru Lima East Mission and Peru better than when I got here, just like on a campout of Boy Scouts!  Leave it better than when you came!  And I know that the Lord accepts my 2 years of service.  I have Never done anything stupid like watching movies of the world or listening to worldly music or getting in my facebook or just wasting time in my apartment! I have HONRABLY served MY LORD AND SAVIOR UNTIL THE END!  And there is NO great peace than that!  Missionaries that do dumb things like that… one, don’t have testimonies, or two have forgotten why they are here. And they should be WOKEN UP!!!  Thanks fam for always helping me remember why I am here and WHO I am serving.  I love you SO much family and I am very happy to be able to see you this next week!  Keep strong, Keep the Faith, and Keep you chin up, because CHRIST LIVES!!!  And he can heal any pain, sickness, or sin that we might have!  NEVER GET DISCOURAGED!!!  I like what Christ said, ¨Be still and know that I AM GOD¨  I know that he is my Savior and that he will come soon, what a pleasure it has been to help him prepare the world for his Second COMING!  I know that I have been able to do what is asked of me in my favorite verses in the book of Mormon, Helaman 5:6-7... I have left a good name and lived up to mine!!! Nos vemos pronto, les quiero UN MONTON!

With all the love I have!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie!

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The three Amigo's who are also companions!! =)

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The Huanuco Amarillis Zone

October 27, 2012

I wanted to repost an email that Spencer sent to us when he had been a missionary for a little over 6 months and was in a brand new area with a new companion!


Hi, this is Carrie again, I just wanted to repost an experience that Spencer had when he had been on his mission a little over 6 months.  I had a few people tell me that they the story really inspired them, so I thought I would share it once again, in case someone didnt get to read it!! =)  Since Spencer comes home in 12 days, I remember this email very well as I felt so connected to him by the Spirit when I read the end part where he said: Mom I had an amazing experience the other day in my prayer before I went to sleep, I started praying and I just got this distinctive feeling that you were either praying for me or talking to me or in my room just chatting it up with me (I still go in Spencers room at times and just talk to him, like he can hear me.......I know he cant hear me for real but at these times, I have felt very close and connected to him, like the Spirit is connecting us together!) It was incredible! And then Ainsleys experience, that I was praying for her and she felt me praying for her, how amazing is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Spencers sister Ainsley was out running one day, with much on her mind and she had a feeling so strongly that Spencer was praying for her at that very moment!)

Now onto Spencers experience! =) -------------------------------------------------->>>>>>>

Well now onto my weekly report... To say the least I had one of my biggest Gringo moments of my life this week! So strap on and prepare for this one!  So at the beginning of every month we go to the bank to draw out our money.  And we always just do it in Soles, but for some reason we had to get it out in dollars and then trade it for soles.... yeah, you already know what’s coming!  So me and my new Chilean companion (Peruanos  dont like Chileans)  leave the bank with a butt load of money to pay the pension and the room and laundry and all that stuff... So we go down a street where there are like 50 shops to exchange dollars.  SO we find the shop with the best trade in and we enter.  I had a crapload of money so we enter and we see the exchange rate, they do it all on their calculator and all is well.  We are trading the money in and all that stuff.  When they changed the money I started to count it all for like the 3rd time just in case, and they got annoyed and then took the money and started counting it out loud to me and made me feel stupid so I was like ya, ya it’s alright.  We leave and get back to the room and my comp starts counting his money again.   I was in the bathroom and he starts hooping and hollering, Hey!!! Hey!!! They robbed me 20 soles! And in Peru 20 soles is a pretty good amount of money.  I though he was just being a psycho Chilean who like to accuse the Peruanos for robbing them of everything... haha! So I don’t say anything but he just kept freaking out so, we counted his money and he WAS short 20 soles, so then I start to get a little worried and I count my money and those tools jacked me 50 soles!!! GARBAGE! I was flippin ticked, 50 soles is a bunch of money, I mean the church only gives us like 85 soles for the whole month to live on so you do the math!!! So we got in a taxi and I was like,…WE ARE GETTING OUR MONEY BACK!!! But before we left we said a prayer and it calmed me down, and I got to thinking, what would Jesus do in this situation...  My comp wanted to storm in there and just start rippin heads off, but I got an idea of how Christ would get his money back... So we get to the little sketchy shop and all the little money changers are in there and all got way excited thinking we were there to trade more money so they could rob us more... Boy,  were they wrong! I entered and just said, “Sorry Hermanos, we forgot to invite you to join us in church this Sunday at 9 in the morning!”  Then I whipped out a bunch of Hand out cards with the picture of Jesus in his red robe and said, also we have some gifts for you... laminated pictures of Jesus Christ!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!! I then started to explain a little about our missions, how we are here to serve Christ and it’s all service and they don’t pay us and the money is so that we can pay our pension and eat!!! I then said,”Now brothers you owe me 50 soles and my companion 20”... And you know what………… they all just immediately whipped out the money threw it on the table and just stared at the floor!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!  How about them apples!!!! They wouldn’t even look me in the eye! I finished up the invite to church told them that it would help them a lot and change their lives! I handed them the Handouts of Christ and we bailed!!! OOOOHHH HECK YEAH BABY!!! I felt like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid or Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry... Come on Boy, Make my DAY!!! HAHA!!  IT might sound way lame but it was totally Legit! Haha…. take that world!!! SO……. that was a big moment this week!!!! As of a week and a half ago we didn’t have 1 investigator and guess how many we had at church yesterday.... 5!!! WHAT!!! MIRACLES FROM THE HAND OF THE LORD! 3 of them have baptismal dates for the 23rd and we have a lesson with the others tonight and we are going to challenge them to see if they want to get baptized!!! MIRACLES; nothing more, nothing less! I love the mission, it’s really, really hard sometimes but I am learning lessons in these 2 years that would take 20 years to learn!

I have to say that your emails family, last week saved me!!! They were answers to my Prayers! Ainsley email of how we should give thanks for our challenges was just what I needed to hear, also Lineys email what so powerful, it put me to tears!!! Fam and Friends I love you all sososososo much, enjoy this 4th of July and don’t forget to sing, “I’m Proud To Be An American, really loud before the 4th is over!!!!!  You are always in my thoughts and prayers!!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie.... 

Elder McGhie with his new companion Elder Pozo

October 23, 2012


Dear Family y Amigos!!!

So I feel a little strange thinking that this is my second to last letter as a missionary, and that the letters you write me this week for next Monday are the last letters that I will read from you guys!!!  HOW WEIRD!!!  But I feel excellent about the service I have given the Lord these past 23 and a half months and I will keep on working just as hard if not even harder!!!  About 4 months ago I made a goal, when I was with Elder Hernandez in Huancayo that I wanted to Baptize 30 people in my last 4 months... Well I have been able to baptize 24 and I have 2 weeks left!  We have the family Echeverria that is going to get married this week and their older daughter will be baptized and we have about 4 other investigators progressing for November 3rd.  I still have work to do and I want to meet my goal!!! I will feel SO happy if I can reach my goal of 30.  But I know it isn´t thanks to me, its thanks to the Lord and The Holy Ghost.  I am so grateful that I have had the chance to work here in Huanuco for such a long time!!!  All in all with my time in Paucarbamba it will be 9 months in this great city!!!  I AM HUANUQUEÑO!!!(I am guessing he is saying he is Huanucoan?  Okay, maybe he means he is now from Huanuco???  I don’t know, Spanish is hard, I stare at the Spanish words thinking I can figure out what they are saying and well let’s just say  that I don’t have the gift of tongues, that is for sure!! =) 

I feel that King Benjamin can explain a little better how I feel, look up Mosiah 2:15-16... I can honestly say that I stand clean before the Lord for the service that I have rendered in my time as a missionary here in Peru!!! Now all the missionaries’ that might read this letter, I challenge you to do the same and you will see the difference in your lives!!! The only thing I can tell you is BE OBEDIENT WITH EXACTNESS and you will be a changed man!!!  Get you flippin butts (sorry he gets that from me (not the flippin part) but the other part, so I need to be a better example??? )out of bed before 6:30AM!!! There isn´t anything that bothers me more, except for disconfirmations (I think that is when people decide not to get baptized ??), than elders that don’t get out of bed!!!  We have been getting up at 5:50am every day (I think he has lost his mind – 5:50am???  I don’t think it is light outside at that time, I need sunshine to help me want to get up………..I have been trying to become a morning person for about 4 yrs now and I haven’t had much success, maybe Spencer can help his mom……..get her ”flippin butt”out of bed but not at 5:50am……..maybe 7:30am or 8 am is good??? But no soccer for me thanks! =)) and playing soccer every morning!  ITS TOO GREAT!!!  HAHA… I am sure that you can´t believe that I am getting up that early and loving it!  Yes this is the same Spencer that couldn’t get up at 9 am to get to church on time! THE MISSION CHANGES LIVES!!! I LOVE MY MISSION!!!

So fam I have a few questions really quickly!!!  First, what is going on with Mitt Romney!!! I NEED DETAILS!  Everyone talks about it down here and I have no idea what is happening with him!! Oh and Ainsley, call the missionaries and BAPTIZE THAT FAMILY, WHOSE BASEMENT YOU LIVE IN, CARAMBAS!!!  I almost fainted when I read that you have investigators in church and haven’t told the missionaries.. COME ON MAN!!!  Russ should have baptized the family 3 weeks ago!  Oh and just one more thing...


Too bad about BYU, it hurts to read they were SO CLOSE TO WINNING... Oh well Idaho is toast the 10th of NOVEMBER (I hope that it is a home game cause he isn’t leaving again that soon!!)!!! HAHA!


Elder McGHIE (not sure why he writes McGhie like that, oh well if it makes him happy???  I just hope he can speak English when he gets home because he writes all his sentences backwards and I have to figure out how to fix them so they make sense and I have caught myself saying some things in the wrong order lately, it must be contagious!!!! =)

Here is what Spencer wrote about the pictures:

OKEE DOKEE!  SO here are some pics of our 3 baptisms this week! I LOVE BAPTISMS!!!!!!!   Their parents are getting married this week and are going to be baptized, and thier older sister as well!!! VIVA!!! Also here is a pic of all the elders in our apartment! WE ARE 7!!! It is so nuts, but a lot of fun, haha its like i went back to the mtc or something!!!  Oh and the last pic of elder smith foolin around with my camera, i thought it was funny... and i forgot to explain the last pic on teh other email, thats my comp on saturday, he was DEATHLY ill, so i bothered him and i lent him ANTONIO (Caroline sent Spencer Antonio, a blow up cow that she bought him in Amsterdam?)to help him feel better! HAHA! 

He is just a little bit strange!! =)

Here's Spencer comments about the pictures below:

Here are pictures of Elder Morrow and I (from South Carolina) one of my best buds in the whole mission, we have shared apartmentes since I got to Huanuco...  The first pic is when we were in splits and we went to his area with his comp Elder Duran (from Chile) and it just started to POUR!!!  Haha it was nuts and we were on TOP of the flippin mountain! HAHA!  Oh and here we are using the Chile Jerseys of his comp... CHEVERE!  Mom you should be friends with his mom, she is great!

October 15, 2012



I just about fell off my top bunk bed this morning when I realized that after this p-day I only have 2 more left… ummm … HELLO REALITY CHECK TO ELDER McGHIE!?  I don’t really know what to say… But there is only one thing to do... KEEP ON CHUGGIN!!  I can´t lie family, I am feeling the heavy legs as I climb up the mountain to talk to the people in Huanuco, I am pretty tired but, I know I can do it!!! Like mom always sings... Put one foot in front of the other and soon you´ll be walking out the door!  Haha I don’t mean that in a trunky way but I don’t know how many times I have sung that song on my mission to keep on going!  Thanks so much dad for the conference talks, they are what I need to study right now! 
Thanks for all your encouragement and that you guys always write me, I can NEVER THANK YOU GUYS ENOUGH!  So that is why today I am sending a personal letter to all of you, mom, dad, Ainsley and Liney because it’s the last handwritten mission letter that I will be sending you so yes its going to get SPRITIUAL!!! HAHA!

So this week we had a great baptism, the little sister of a recent convert, the teenager that I baptized in the river named Heidy who goes to seminary EVERY DAY at 5:30AM!  We baptized her little sister Laura, they both remind me of Caroline!!! It was like I was teaching and baptizing my very own little sister, only Peruvian style!!! But don’t worry Liney, they can’t and won’t ever replace you!!!  Haha
So dad, I am SO proud of you in your marathon, BIG PROPS!!!  And mom, I hope you have gotten to finish watching conference!  It was amazing!!!!!  Mom, don’t worry if you can’t lose any weight!  I COULD CARE LESS, I JUST WANT TO HUG MY MAMITABONITA IN 3 WEEKS!!!  Like the prophet said, Every woman needs to hear that she is Beautiful!!!  And mom, honestly YOU ARE SOSOSOSOSO BEAUTIFUL!  AND I LOVE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!!
SO dad I was thinking can´t I just use my Echoes for our Machu Picchu trip?  I don’t think I need other hiking boots, these are by far the BEST and most sturdy shoes I have ever worn... oh and my Brown Echoes are about to die, so I won’t be bringing those home... Not to be selfish or a girl, but I think I am going to need new white shirts, shoes, slacks and all that (see my pic from today!!  I love you all SO very much and I won’t lie, I am very excited to be with you all again, I love Peru and my mission, don’t get me wrong, but it will be great to be together again!
Love you,



October 8, 2012

Conference is the BOMB!


SO I hope everyone has enjoyed the conference!  It was SO AMAZING!  I wanted to congratulate Dad on running a FULL MARATHON!!! THAT A BOY DAD!  Full marathon in under 4 and a half hours!!!!!  PROPS TO DAD AND RESPECT!!!!!!!!   QUE LOGRO!!!!  I have really come to love running in the mission, in the mornings we always go for a good run and I have already set goals to run a few half marathons and this time next year we have to run a marathon dad!!! SO AWESOME!!!!!  Shout out to Liney for driving on the freeway!!!!!!  OH YEAH!!! And sorry Liney, I don’t think you will be driving home for the airport... just saying haha!!!  Mom, I hope you are keeping up the good work in your training sessions and that you are accomplishing what you want to do!  And that Ainsley can get her time off in Culinary School so she will not be entirely stressed out when I get back!  Oh and shout out to RUSS TOO!!!

So I wanted to tell you that I now have a new companion!  Elder Morales from Arequipa!  Don´t worry I am still with Elder Smith, President sent us a new lider de zona to train him and when we both leave he will be able to stay here and keep working hard!!!  So we are pretty happy about that because I trained Elder Contreras and he trained Elder Morales!!! So I am with the trainee of my trainee! COOL EH?  He has 9 months and is already a zone leader!  (LIVING UP TO THE FAMILY NAME!!!)  So we are working really hard here!  We didn’t reach our goal of 10, the ward goal was 7, but we had our personal goal of 10, but this month the ward goal is going to be 10 and I KNOW WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!  SO I wanted to talk a little bit about general conference and how great it really was!!! I went into conference with 4 questions to answer!  Number 1- How I can honestly do the will of the Lord so that I might inherit the HIGHEST Kingdom in the Kingdom Celestial... Number 2- How can I set high goals and follow through with them until the end... Number 3- What does it really mean to be Honest and virtuous, and how can I do that... Number 4- What does my Heavenly Father expect and desire of me in my last month as a Missionary to really complete my mission and feel that great peace even more as if end my service as a missionary... As you can guess I was able to find many, many answers!  But I want your opinions, so I have homework for you guys, I will assign all of you a question and I want your answers this Monday!!! So dad you are in charge of the first question, Ainsley the second, Liney the 3rd and mom the 4th!!!!  I am expecting some great answers eh!? 

Dad can I ask you a favor, I wasn’t able to hear some of the talks all the way through, while running around helping investigators and helping our the Stake President count attendance and all that jazz and of course we didn’t have power for half of the Sunday morning session and in the afternoon session it just all turned off... so I ask you when they come out on internet to email me a few talks right away to study them... Elder Bednar in the Sunday afternoon also Elder Nash(he spoke to us when I was in the Peru MTC, is ex-president of our area) also ELDER HOLLANDS TALK(THE BOMB) And Elder Uctdorf´s talk from priesthood and whatever other talk you find interesting!!

Shout out to this GREAT COUNTRY OF PERU!!! 3 TEMPLES SON!!! (TAKE THAT JORDY!!!) haha Oh and how cool that missionaries can serve when they have 18 and the girls 19!!!  I WOULD HAVE LOVE TO SERVE AT 18! But I love my mission just the way it is!!!  I was sure that mom was crying in Elder Nelsons talk Sunday morning and the mo tab sang my FAVORITE HIMN to start it all off... HOW FIRM A FOUNDATION!!! OH HECK YEAH!!! All in all it was a great conference.  As my mission is coming to an end and I have to do my post mission goals about work, studies, searching for a wife and all that I have been able to reflect a lot in the conference and all that is ahead of me... The journey is JUST STARTING, and when the Lord asks me in the judgment day, Spencer, do you love me? I want to be able to respond WITHOUT A DOUBT; YES LORD I LOVE YOU, HERE IS WHAT I HAVE DONE TO SHOW YOU MY LOVE!!! Thanks for everything!


Elder McGHIE



October 2, 2012


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It’s your favorite son/missionary in the whole wide world... ELDER McGHIE!!!!!!!  I am honestly in shock right now, I am in Lima with Elder Smith and all the other Zone leaders at the monthly zone leader conference!!  This is my13th Zone Leader Conference in the mission and I can’t really believe that time has gone by SO fast!!!  I went through 5 or 6 of these conferences as them as Assistant but that still counts!!!  So when it’s your last zone leader conference you have to stand up at the end and well share your testimony... FLIP!!!!!!!!  So, Elder Biliter started and was strong and didn´t cry!  Then my old comp Elder Avalos shared his testimony and cried, so I started tearing all up and then it was my turn!!!  I had the CRAZIEST feeling of the Spirit and nerves and a reality check that time is running down!!!!  FLIP!!!  I was choked up the entire time I was sharing my testimony! The rest of the guys shared their testimony, my comp Elder Smith, and PAPIX  Elder Madsen, and flip he started balling, so I started up again.  I then gained my composure and we just HAD to finish the conference singing, “COME COME YE SAINTS”....  I was strong until the last verse and well the WATER FALL started up again! 

Holy SMOKES  I was dying of reality check!  I mean I wasn’t even affected when I was thinking 50 days of 45 and then today i got smacked up side the head with a HUGE wake up call because that was my last CONFERENCE!  President Ardila was crying and Sister Ardila was balling, and some of the other zone leaders, man it was an emotional day but a great day!
We then got to go to the temple and just do some good old meditating!!!  Nothing better than going to the Temple!!!  I was overcome by a great feeling of peace while sharing my testimony, and throughout the whole conference, because I have really served my mission well!!!!!!!!!  I told the elders that I felt the spirit so strong and that they should work their tails off so they can have that great feeling!   I have always remembered what dad said, that there is NO greater feeling than getting on the plane knowing you gave it all to the Lord!
Love ya!
Elder McGHIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
saludos de MADSEN! (I think this might me that Elder Madsen says hello?)

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September 24, 2012


Hey Family y Amigos!

Sorry time is really short so I won’t be able to write you very much, nor send you many pics, I have a bunch to say and to send but alas there isn’t very much time to be able to do it so I am just going to get started!!!  I hope that all is going well for you guys out there in good old Sandy Utah!   I have a lot of mixed emotions, because this week I am starting my very last transfer in my mission... I don’t know how to feel, I feel excited to be able to see you guys but VERY strange and sad to think my time is so short to be able to help our Lord bring back his lost sheep.  Although, looking back on all I have done in these 22 almost 23 months I feel VERY GREAT AND AT PEACE with the service I have brought and given to our Lord.   When I started the mission I always said, I have to give it all to the Lord, the time will go by too fast and I DONT want to end with regrets!  And I can honestly testify that I have GIVEN all of ELDER McGHIE!  I have never taken a day off, I have never done stupid things to embarrass the Lord nor our family name, I have never said, oh today I am tired so I am not going to work, through sickness, grief, sadness, or frustration, I have been able to keep on going to serve the Lord... AND OH HOW GREAT IS MY PEACE AND JOY KNOWING THAT!!!  I hope all my friends on missions will do the same and have this great feeling of peace that I have...  But it is not a feeling of SATISFACTION yet!  I still have WORK TO DO!!!!

Thinking about my last transfer I can do 1 of 2 things... I can slack off, get ¨trunky¨ and say, well I gave 22 and a half months, that’s good enough, or I can strap up the backpack and work even more than I have in these last 22 months, just really, leave it all out on the table!!!!!!  I have chosen the second OPTION!!!  I have always wanted to baptize 10 or more in one month, we have 5 up till now and 4 people are ready to enter the Baptismal Font!  There are about 3 or 4 people that just need their answer and they will be joining us in the baptismal service!!!!!!  OH I WANT SO BAD TO HELP THESE PEOPLE!  Our goal is 7, but our goal as companions, is 11, and we are so close to reaching 11!!!  Please pray for us to be able to do it!!! 

So I wanted to share some good news with you guys, The stake president came up to Elder Smith and I and said, are there transfers this week?  I told him yes, and he immediately called President Ardila to ask him not to change us and well he called us into his office and told us, Elders I just talked to President Ardila and you both are STAYING!!! YESS!!! I am going to be able to end my mission here in HUANUCO with Elder Smith!!! The stake president was SO happy, because we have a bunch of projects and goals that we are doing as a stake and now we get to stay! I got to begin and to finish my mission with Elder Smith as my companion!!  I LOVE PRESIDENT LUNA AND ARDILA!!! I LOVE MY MISSION!!! 
SO love ya fam, keep it real and keep it safe!!!!!!

Elder McGHIE!!!

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September 17, 2012


Hi everyone, it is just Carrie again!!  I am posting Spencer’s email exactly how he sent it to us!! No editing!! =) I guess his new way of saying;
Bye, Love Elder Spencer Marty McGhie is…………….WOOOF!!!  Below is his whole email, that is all we got on Monday???!!  He is such a goofhead!! =)  But I love him anyway!! =)

Oh and just in case you wanted to know: Spencer’s Homecoming Talk will be on November 11th at 11am!  I know it is 11/11 at 11 which is sort of funny =)! So,  Mark your calendars if you can come!!!
Bye for now
Carrie or I guess I could just write:
WOOOF!!  =)

         MAN I AM TOTALLY TICKED RIGHT NOW BUT SO GRATEFUL THAT I WASN´T IN RICE ECCLES STADIUM OR I WOULD HAVE GOTTEN KNOCKED OUT OR SOMEONE ELSE!  FLIP, i am totally TO´ED right now...   I was in my room Saturday night at 9 30pm thinking that BYU and UTAH were in the middle of the game and oh how i wanted to be there, but after reading that ROYAL GARBAGE i am very happy to be in Peru where no one has a clue of what or who is BYU nor the GREATNESS of American FOOTBALL!!!  RAYOS DEL SOL!!! THAT TOTALLY BITES!!!  OH and Ainsley is going to kill me!  HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY BIG SIS!!!!!!!!  Its safe to safe i totally spaced that one while writing the fam! DANG IT! SOSO SORRY AINS!!!!!!!!!!!

        SO i will now try to regain my composure and write you guys something worthwhile!!!  SO we had a great baptism Saturday of a guy with 22 years and he is totally stoked to go on the mission, so i dont have any time... oops…  WHAT HAPPENED TO MY TIME? WOOOF!

September 10, 2012

The title is coming, I forgot to copy and paste it and it is in Spanish so I cant remember it?? Sorry, Spencers Mom=O !!

I am still working on all the pictures..............they will be on here soon, I hope!!! =O!!!

       Mi corazón esta llenísimo de gozo hoy día después de leer un poco de lo que pasó esta semana y muy muy animado porque…  ELDER SMITH IS MY FLIPPIN COMPANION!!!!!! YEAH!!! SO Monday night they called and said, hey Elder McGhie your comp has transfers… (my heart JUMPED for joy)   and I asked him, who is coming… .and they said ELDER SMITH!!! YEP that’s right my first companion in the MTC is my companion now!!!!!  Haha what a great blessing!  We are SUPER happy and working RE-CONTRA hard!!!  WE had 2 baptisms on Saturday and it looks like we will have 3 this week!  And then we will have 3 more the next week and 3 the next and meet our goal of 11 baptisms in my area!!! VIVA!!!!!  I am so happy right now and excited to work!  I hope we can end our missions together here in Huanuco that would be such a great way to go out!!! Just imagine I entered with Elder Smith and going out with Elder Smith!  It would be SO cool!!! SO we can only hope and pray for the will of the father and trust in him!
                SO I am also OVERJOYED to hear the BYU once again kicked but and UTAH LOST TO UTAH STATE!!! TENGA LO SUYO!!!!!!!!!!   TAKE THAT PAC 12 Haha!!!!!!!! I am SO calling Elder Madsen today!  And of course BYU Utah this week! SON!!!  So I totally wore my Peyton Manning jersey last night after planning session hoping to hear of a broncos victory!!! THATA BOY PEYTON!!!  Also this week arrived you dear elders about elder bendnar´s talk, thanks dad!!!  OH and I got a card from none other than ELDER DE JONG FROM JAPAN!!! HECK YEAH!  I was so happy to hear from him!  Tell him hi and about a month ago I got a letter From ELDER PAVIA!!! SO I need to write some serious letters to all my buddies, especially ELDER RIGBY who it appears to me is on his way to france!!! CUIDADO WITH HAIRY ARMPITS!!!  SO I am totally loving my mission and life is SO darn good right now.  I am so happy to hear that LINEY is at Alta and loving it, and that Mr. Pakcer is giving her a hard time!  I am going to send him a letter and liney can give it to him!  Tell liney I loved that history class, and my last year I was T.A. for pack daddy with the legend JAKE CORRY!!! HAHAH such good times!!!  And when they have test reviews Liney has to represent the family name and make the basket in the little hoop!
I am kind of blabbering on and on, because I am just so happy and excited about life right now!  Yesterday we have a meeting with the stake presidency here in Huancuco about how to strengthen the missionary work here, President Luna, the Stake Pres. is SO AMAZING!  He reminds me of Presidente Smith!  Man I love my mission, thanks for the cards and all you have done and do for me!  KEEP IT REAL

ps I attached mom´s bday recording and 1 from today!!!!

September 3, 2012

22 months!?

Hey Fam y Amigos!

Wow, can you believe it that today I have officially been out on my mission for 22 months!?  How nuts is that!!!  I am honestly amazed at how fast my mission has flown by!!!  So first things first THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Haha I opened it up and saw my TOTALLY LEGIT PEYTON MANNING JERSEY! O HECK YEAH!!!!  I have worn it every day since I got it (Do you think he wore it under his suit??? Interesting thought!!  Marty said he probably is sleeping it it???)!  HAHA!  I forgot to snap a picture with it on, but I will definably send you a picture of it next Monday!!!  You guys know me TOO WELL!!!! Haha I wasn’t expecting that for the life of me!  Also, thanks for the alarm clock that shows pictures that is SO cool, all the elders in my apartment want me to give it to them when I go home, I said heck no! This is my FAMILY! HAHA!  So thanks so much!!! The BYU t-shirts are awesome!  Also the BYU pajamas I have slept in them every night!  And of course all that candy!!! YEAH I LOVE AMERICAN CHOCOLATE!!!  So family once again you totally rocked the package (thank goodness since it is his last package before he comes home and what do you get a missionary for his birthday when he only has 2 months left?? =)!!!!! 
I have to tell you that Elder Christofferson was THE BOMB!  He walked in and the Spirit was SO strong!  Man, he speaks Spanish perfectly!!! Even his wife spoke and she speaks pretty well!!!  If I told you all he talked about, I would be writing here the whole day!  But there were a WHOLE BUNCH of missionaries, too many to be able to shake his hand, so we didn’t have that opportunity, but it was still awesome!  He talked a lot about the Book of Mormon in the conversion of our investigators and in our own lives.  At one point he had all of the Seventies and Area Authorities stand up.  In all there were 7!!! And they were all on the stand with Elder Christofferson, they spoke before he did! It was SO POWERFUL to see all of them there!  Holy SMOKES!  While they were standing up he explained what they do and how they represent the Quorum of the 12 and that they are representatives of Jesus Christ!  Wow it was pretty nuts!  When he finished his talk he bore his testimony and knocked all of our socks off!!! At one point he stopped for a second and asked us to listen very closely and he said, “I KNOW THAT CHRIST LIVES AND HE IS MY SAVIOR”! Wow it was completely silent and it sent shivers down my spine.  He really is a Special Witness that Jesus Christ; he made it VERY clear through his words and feelings!  He is a very great man, he was very happy the whole time smiling and making jokes!  I decided to observe how he spoke, how he acted and about everything he did and I wrote it all down, it was really cool to see how an Apostle acts and speaks!  wow, it really was an unforgettable experience!
Well, I hope that mom and dad had great Birthdays!  And I am SO happy to hear that the Cougz came out and thumped Washington State!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YEAH!!! Dad, please record every BYU game until November and burn em on a disc or something for when I get home!  Are the cougz ranked?  Just curious....??  So I am interested to hear how dad and Ainsley did running the half marathon!  You know I will be joining you guys in your running adventures when I get back, I have really come to LOVE running during my mission! So keep up the good work!!  Liney, I am so proud of you at ALTA!  THATA GIRL! Caroline is an Alta Hawk!! I am always praying for you guys, Oh and Liney, tell Mr. Packer hi for me! 

Elder Spencer Martin McGHIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 29, 2012

OH DEAR.... ITS ME AGAIN, Spencers Mom and I am now 2 emails behind again!!!! =O

Hi there!! I just cant believe that I am 2 emails behind on this blog AGAIN!! Plus, I still haven't gotten all the pictures posted on here with the right emails!!  I guess I had better get my act together since there are only 71 days until my cute missionary comes home............I cant even believe it!!  It is so surreal to think that Spencer will actually be here in Utah at home with us!!  Oh my.............I really hope I don't hyperventilate and pass out at the airport!! =) 

I will try to get this blog all caught up very soon.........I just cant seem to get my act together but I will try harder, I promise!!!! ???

Well, I had better get to work.........but just one more thing.......did I mention that there are only 71 days left until Spencer comes home????  I AM TOTALLY COUNTING EACH DAY!! But I think it makes the time go slower............oh well, it is fun anyway!! =)

I hope all is well with all of you out there!! =)
Carrie.........the missionary mom of Elder McGhie!!! =)

August 27, 2012

“Another shrimp on the babay!?”

Howdy Fam y Amigos!!!!
How’s life treatin ya this fine day!!!  I sent 2 voice recordings home for mom and dad for their BIRTHDAYS!!!!!!!!!   I cant believe that time is flying by SO fast!  And I almost peed my pants when I realized this morning that THIS THURSDAY IS BYU HOME OPENER!!!!!!!!  RAYOS DEL SOL!!!!  PROVECHO AMIGOS PROVECHO!!!!  Family dont fret because before this season of football ends THIS GUY will be saying HELLO ONCE AGAIN TO LAVELL EDWARDS STADIUM!!!!  Okay, enough of that, sorry I wont get all trunky on you!  SO onto the good stuff...
       4 weeks in a row baptizing!!! YEAH!  La hermana Rosio was baptized this Saturday and Sunday was confirmed, she is 22 and SUPER excited to go on a mission!  She is going to start to do splits with the sister missionaries in our zone.  So that was a great experience, also i think i told you of the little old man we found in the mountain on my birthday and wants to get baptized really bad!  SO this week we have been teaching him a whole bunch and he doesnt really understand anything in Spanish!  A little but no very much, so this week we were a little frustrated because he couldnt quiet capture the thought that God is one person and Christ another and the Holy Ghost is a spirit. Also he wasnt understanding how to pray because he speaks that native language of Quechua (Cechwa) a lot more than Spanish.  SO in Ward Counsel meeting the bishop assigned a sister in our ward to go with us and teach Cebilino!  And he was SO happy!  He just lit up when the sister started talking in Quechua!  And he finally learned how to pray and now is progressing!  It was so awesome!  I didnt understand ANYTHING AT ALL!!! HAHA, I felt like I was in my first month of the mission listening!  Haha, but it was a good experience!  And he is really excited to get baptized the 8th!  Also we need some prayers for a teenager named Ruben so he has the courage to get baptized this week!  Please pray for us!!! 
       I am SO excited to go to Lima and see ELDER CHIRSTOPHERSON this week! YEAH SON!  It is going to be absolutely AWESOME!  You had better bet that  I am going to ask a question!  I have to take advantage!  IT is my first time meeting an Apostle.  SO when you are Hittin up Lavell Edwards this week, dont forget that Friday I will be with an Apostle!!! YEAH!  But dont worry I will be praying for the Cougz this week and as always against that team up north... HAHAHAHAHA! 
      I wanted to wish dad and mom a VERY happy birthday and Caroline a LOT OF LUCK in her first day at ALTA!!! OH WHAT MEMORIES!  Good old Alta, I cant believe my little baby sister is a Sophomore!!! CONGRATS!!!  Oh and Ainsley I hope you are doing very well in the bakery shop and that all is well and thanks Russ for the letter!  SO, keep it real, have a FANTASTIC week and I sent the recordings, so ENJOY!

Elder  Spencer Marty McGhie!

PS Tell the EX-Elder Killpack HI for me!!!!

August 20, 2012

“I AM 21!!! WHAT THE OLD!?”

How are things going in Sandy Utah?  Life is great here in HUANUCO PERU!  Oh what a great week it really was!  First off we have been planning a HUGE activity in our ward, like the Luau in the Preach my Gospel DVDs and it was SUCH a success!  We received more than 80 REFERENCES!!!!!!!!!  Holy cow, it was a whole gym FULL of investigators, we acted and did a little show as missionaries, it was pretty cool.  I will have to send you the video in a package, because the sketch was pretty dang funny!  Although it’s in Spanish... I guess dad can translate for ya!  So yesterday was really a FANTASTIC Birthday!  I had the chance to talk in Sacrament Meeting, and the stake president was there.  He pulled me aside after the meeting and started singing happy birthday, haha it was pretty funny, I have no idea how he found out, I am pretty sure President Ardila told him, because he invited us to his house tonight to have a family night and to celebrate my birthday!  He asked if it was alright, I just thought, well... he is the stake president even if I didnt want to go, I wouldn’t say no! Haha, so that was pretty cool, we will see how it goes tonight.  But the BEST birthday present I got had to be our Baptism of LEONCIA!!!  Oh she is THE BOMB!  Its this little old lady, and every Sunday we go to pick her up and we bring her in a taxi, because she can´t walk very well, but she was SO excited to get baptized.  The Relief Society Presidency helped her get into her baptismal clothing and I had to carry her into the baptismal font, she is so funny, it was such a cool experience!  I carried her into the font, baptized her and carried her out.  She is the sweetest little old lady!  So that was a great Birthday Present!!!  All in all I had such a great birthday, we visited a teen who went to the giant activity, and came to church Sunday and he accepted to be baptized on dad´s Birthday!!! HAY ESTA!!!!  And then we found a older man WAY up there in the mountains, who cant hear worth squat, my comp sat on one side of him and I on the other and he is SO excited to get baptized the First of September!   We told him that we were there to baptize him and his whole face just LIT up with joy and looked up to the skies and said, Thank you Lord!  It really touched my heart.  He said his neighbors have told him that the church is false, but he told us that he knows that all opposition comes from satan and that there isnt anything that will stop him from getting baptized!  CAN YOU SAY BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!! 
So I really love my mission SO much, I feel super weird, because my birthday was like the last mile stone, before ending my mission, I only have 2 and a half months left to keep on working for the Lord and I will GIVE IT MY ALL!!!!  I want to ask you a favor, that you can think of questions that I can ask Elder Christofferson for the 30th, so I can have them on Monday and that Friday ask him!  President Ardila asked us to think of questions, because there will be a question and answer time, and it will be all the missionaries in Lima and the zone leaders from our missions, so we gotta REPRESENT PERU LIMA EAST! 
I know you are all wondering, if my birthday package got here, but it hasn’t arrived yet, but dont worry!  It was still such a WONDERFUL Birthday!!!  I mean I had a baptism, we found 2 miracles, and I got to partake in the Sacrament!  Those were such great gifts, and I know they come from the Lord and your constant prayers for me!  I love you SO much fam, and dont worry next week I will have special recordings for dad and mom´s birthdays and when I go to Lima I am sending a package home with letters and gifts!  Because flipping Serpost is in a strike or something!  WOOF, so if you want to send letters, do it for dear elder or even better for

From you 21 year old son, ELDER McGHIE!

Ps, send a late birthday wish to my main man Elder Morton who is tearin it up in Cochabamba , Boliva

Spencers Birthday package got to him about 2 weeks late!!  We sent him a Peyton Manning Bronco Jersey and he freaked out and he says he wears it every chance he gets!!  He probably sleeps in it!! =)   Here are some pictures of Spencer and his beloved Jersey!! =)

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