Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

October 8, 2012

Conference is the BOMB!


SO I hope everyone has enjoyed the conference!  It was SO AMAZING!  I wanted to congratulate Dad on running a FULL MARATHON!!! THAT A BOY DAD!  Full marathon in under 4 and a half hours!!!!!  PROPS TO DAD AND RESPECT!!!!!!!!   QUE LOGRO!!!!  I have really come to love running in the mission, in the mornings we always go for a good run and I have already set goals to run a few half marathons and this time next year we have to run a marathon dad!!! SO AWESOME!!!!!  Shout out to Liney for driving on the freeway!!!!!!  OH YEAH!!! And sorry Liney, I don’t think you will be driving home for the airport... just saying haha!!!  Mom, I hope you are keeping up the good work in your training sessions and that you are accomplishing what you want to do!  And that Ainsley can get her time off in Culinary School so she will not be entirely stressed out when I get back!  Oh and shout out to RUSS TOO!!!

So I wanted to tell you that I now have a new companion!  Elder Morales from Arequipa!  Don´t worry I am still with Elder Smith, President sent us a new lider de zona to train him and when we both leave he will be able to stay here and keep working hard!!!  So we are pretty happy about that because I trained Elder Contreras and he trained Elder Morales!!! So I am with the trainee of my trainee! COOL EH?  He has 9 months and is already a zone leader!  (LIVING UP TO THE FAMILY NAME!!!)  So we are working really hard here!  We didn’t reach our goal of 10, the ward goal was 7, but we had our personal goal of 10, but this month the ward goal is going to be 10 and I KNOW WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!  SO I wanted to talk a little bit about general conference and how great it really was!!! I went into conference with 4 questions to answer!  Number 1- How I can honestly do the will of the Lord so that I might inherit the HIGHEST Kingdom in the Kingdom Celestial... Number 2- How can I set high goals and follow through with them until the end... Number 3- What does it really mean to be Honest and virtuous, and how can I do that... Number 4- What does my Heavenly Father expect and desire of me in my last month as a Missionary to really complete my mission and feel that great peace even more as if end my service as a missionary... As you can guess I was able to find many, many answers!  But I want your opinions, so I have homework for you guys, I will assign all of you a question and I want your answers this Monday!!! So dad you are in charge of the first question, Ainsley the second, Liney the 3rd and mom the 4th!!!!  I am expecting some great answers eh!? 

Dad can I ask you a favor, I wasn’t able to hear some of the talks all the way through, while running around helping investigators and helping our the Stake President count attendance and all that jazz and of course we didn’t have power for half of the Sunday morning session and in the afternoon session it just all turned off... so I ask you when they come out on internet to email me a few talks right away to study them... Elder Bednar in the Sunday afternoon also Elder Nash(he spoke to us when I was in the Peru MTC, is ex-president of our area) also ELDER HOLLANDS TALK(THE BOMB) And Elder Uctdorf´s talk from priesthood and whatever other talk you find interesting!!

Shout out to this GREAT COUNTRY OF PERU!!! 3 TEMPLES SON!!! (TAKE THAT JORDY!!!) haha Oh and how cool that missionaries can serve when they have 18 and the girls 19!!!  I WOULD HAVE LOVE TO SERVE AT 18! But I love my mission just the way it is!!!  I was sure that mom was crying in Elder Nelsons talk Sunday morning and the mo tab sang my FAVORITE HIMN to start it all off... HOW FIRM A FOUNDATION!!! OH HECK YEAH!!! All in all it was a great conference.  As my mission is coming to an end and I have to do my post mission goals about work, studies, searching for a wife and all that I have been able to reflect a lot in the conference and all that is ahead of me... The journey is JUST STARTING, and when the Lord asks me in the judgment day, Spencer, do you love me? I want to be able to respond WITHOUT A DOUBT; YES LORD I LOVE YOU, HERE IS WHAT I HAVE DONE TO SHOW YOU MY LOVE!!! Thanks for everything!


Elder McGHIE



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