Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

October 30, 2012


Still Working hard during his last weeks as a missionary!!  =)


So this is my last email as a missionary… I don´t feel like it can be real, I am really at a loss for words!  This is my last week in the mission field, Sunday morning very early we will get on a bus for 9 hours to get to Lima then Monday we have interviews and family night with President, Tuesday morning to the Temple, and Tuesday night… Airport!!!  I feel SO strange because when I was assistant I saw SO many GREAT missionaries end and I just said to myself, ya that will never be me, I am just going to keep on working and BAM!  Here I am… It feels so… SUREAL.  I feel excited to see you guys and all the fam, but I feel crushed to think I have to leave Peru and all these great people!!!  I took off my nametag last night after planning and taking Informs and I started talking to my nametag… (yes I am still that weird)  And I said, well buddy our days are numbered together, let’s make the most of it!!!!!!!!  We will be marrying and baptizing the Echeverria Family!!!  I can’t think of a better way to end my mission than having baptized an ENTIRE FAMILIY OF 6!!!!!!!  And also we are going to baptize the mom of two recent converts!  I feel so blessed and I am SOOO  Happy that we are going to come back in DECEMBER!!! It is going to be SOOOOOO AWESOME that you guys will get to know my converts and all the great people I love from PERU!!!!!!!!!

I just finished writing my last email to President Ardila, flip! That makes me want to cry to think of leaving The Ardila Family and not having President Ardila as my Priesthood Leader!!!  I can´t believe what is happening!!!  But I have a whole bunch of stuff to do and accomplish these last few days that I have as a missionary… I can take a break when they take my name tag off, as for now it’s ALL BUSINESS!!!  I have no idea what I want to do when I get back other than see you guys, the fam and of course ELDER MORTON!  I just want to hide and never talk to a girl ever!  GIRLS SCARE ME MORE THAN EVER!!! I don’t think I will go on a date for 5 years, I had the thought of me hugging a girl and I got SOOOOO SCARED!  Flip I think I will just stay here in Peru! 

SO I was reading this morning one of Elder Christofferson´s talks that is called Always Remember Him, and I am SO grateful for the sacrament, I get scared a little thinking that I will get thrown back into the world that is so evil and full of temptation and crap like that.   I don’t want to take any step back in the progress that I have made as a missionary, and by reading that talk I felt at peace thinking if I just do my part and remain Obedient and Faithfull I will be in the Lord´s hands and always be able to Remember him.  These really have been the BEST 2 YEARS of my life to this point, and the Best 2 years FOR MY LIFE FOR EVER AND EVER!!!!!!!  I love this gospel and my mission, I know that the Lord planned that I would serve in THIS mission at THIS moment since the foundation of the world (See Abraham 2) And I am very happy to be able to say that I have done my part in this mission and I am leaving The Peru Lima East Mission and Peru better than when I got here, just like on a campout of Boy Scouts!  Leave it better than when you came!  And I know that the Lord accepts my 2 years of service.  I have Never done anything stupid like watching movies of the world or listening to worldly music or getting in my facebook or just wasting time in my apartment! I have HONRABLY served MY LORD AND SAVIOR UNTIL THE END!  And there is NO great peace than that!  Missionaries that do dumb things like that… one, don’t have testimonies, or two have forgotten why they are here. And they should be WOKEN UP!!!  Thanks fam for always helping me remember why I am here and WHO I am serving.  I love you SO much family and I am very happy to be able to see you this next week!  Keep strong, Keep the Faith, and Keep you chin up, because CHRIST LIVES!!!  And he can heal any pain, sickness, or sin that we might have!  NEVER GET DISCOURAGED!!!  I like what Christ said, ¨Be still and know that I AM GOD¨  I know that he is my Savior and that he will come soon, what a pleasure it has been to help him prepare the world for his Second COMING!  I know that I have been able to do what is asked of me in my favorite verses in the book of Mormon, Helaman 5:6-7... I have left a good name and lived up to mine!!! Nos vemos pronto, les quiero UN MONTON!

With all the love I have!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie!

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The three Amigo's who are also companions!! =)

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The Huanuco Amarillis Zone

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