Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

October 15, 2012



I just about fell off my top bunk bed this morning when I realized that after this p-day I only have 2 more left… ummm … HELLO REALITY CHECK TO ELDER McGHIE!?  I don’t really know what to say… But there is only one thing to do... KEEP ON CHUGGIN!!  I can´t lie family, I am feeling the heavy legs as I climb up the mountain to talk to the people in Huanuco, I am pretty tired but, I know I can do it!!! Like mom always sings... Put one foot in front of the other and soon you´ll be walking out the door!  Haha I don’t mean that in a trunky way but I don’t know how many times I have sung that song on my mission to keep on going!  Thanks so much dad for the conference talks, they are what I need to study right now! 
Thanks for all your encouragement and that you guys always write me, I can NEVER THANK YOU GUYS ENOUGH!  So that is why today I am sending a personal letter to all of you, mom, dad, Ainsley and Liney because it’s the last handwritten mission letter that I will be sending you so yes its going to get SPRITIUAL!!! HAHA!

So this week we had a great baptism, the little sister of a recent convert, the teenager that I baptized in the river named Heidy who goes to seminary EVERY DAY at 5:30AM!  We baptized her little sister Laura, they both remind me of Caroline!!! It was like I was teaching and baptizing my very own little sister, only Peruvian style!!! But don’t worry Liney, they can’t and won’t ever replace you!!!  Haha
So dad, I am SO proud of you in your marathon, BIG PROPS!!!  And mom, I hope you have gotten to finish watching conference!  It was amazing!!!!!  Mom, don’t worry if you can’t lose any weight!  I COULD CARE LESS, I JUST WANT TO HUG MY MAMITABONITA IN 3 WEEKS!!!  Like the prophet said, Every woman needs to hear that she is Beautiful!!!  And mom, honestly YOU ARE SOSOSOSOSO BEAUTIFUL!  AND I LOVE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!!
SO dad I was thinking can´t I just use my Echoes for our Machu Picchu trip?  I don’t think I need other hiking boots, these are by far the BEST and most sturdy shoes I have ever worn... oh and my Brown Echoes are about to die, so I won’t be bringing those home... Not to be selfish or a girl, but I think I am going to need new white shirts, shoes, slacks and all that (see my pic from today!!  I love you all SO very much and I won’t lie, I am very excited to be with you all again, I love Peru and my mission, don’t get me wrong, but it will be great to be together again!
Love you,



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