Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

October 23, 2012


Dear Family y Amigos!!!

So I feel a little strange thinking that this is my second to last letter as a missionary, and that the letters you write me this week for next Monday are the last letters that I will read from you guys!!!  HOW WEIRD!!!  But I feel excellent about the service I have given the Lord these past 23 and a half months and I will keep on working just as hard if not even harder!!!  About 4 months ago I made a goal, when I was with Elder Hernandez in Huancayo that I wanted to Baptize 30 people in my last 4 months... Well I have been able to baptize 24 and I have 2 weeks left!  We have the family Echeverria that is going to get married this week and their older daughter will be baptized and we have about 4 other investigators progressing for November 3rd.  I still have work to do and I want to meet my goal!!! I will feel SO happy if I can reach my goal of 30.  But I know it isn´t thanks to me, its thanks to the Lord and The Holy Ghost.  I am so grateful that I have had the chance to work here in Huanuco for such a long time!!!  All in all with my time in Paucarbamba it will be 9 months in this great city!!!  I AM HUANUQUEÑO!!!(I am guessing he is saying he is Huanucoan?  Okay, maybe he means he is now from Huanuco???  I don’t know, Spanish is hard, I stare at the Spanish words thinking I can figure out what they are saying and well let’s just say  that I don’t have the gift of tongues, that is for sure!! =) 

I feel that King Benjamin can explain a little better how I feel, look up Mosiah 2:15-16... I can honestly say that I stand clean before the Lord for the service that I have rendered in my time as a missionary here in Peru!!! Now all the missionaries’ that might read this letter, I challenge you to do the same and you will see the difference in your lives!!! The only thing I can tell you is BE OBEDIENT WITH EXACTNESS and you will be a changed man!!!  Get you flippin butts (sorry he gets that from me (not the flippin part) but the other part, so I need to be a better example??? )out of bed before 6:30AM!!! There isn´t anything that bothers me more, except for disconfirmations (I think that is when people decide not to get baptized ??), than elders that don’t get out of bed!!!  We have been getting up at 5:50am every day (I think he has lost his mind – 5:50am???  I don’t think it is light outside at that time, I need sunshine to help me want to get up………..I have been trying to become a morning person for about 4 yrs now and I haven’t had much success, maybe Spencer can help his mom……..get her ”flippin butt”out of bed but not at 5:50am……..maybe 7:30am or 8 am is good??? But no soccer for me thanks! =)) and playing soccer every morning!  ITS TOO GREAT!!!  HAHA… I am sure that you can´t believe that I am getting up that early and loving it!  Yes this is the same Spencer that couldn’t get up at 9 am to get to church on time! THE MISSION CHANGES LIVES!!! I LOVE MY MISSION!!!

So fam I have a few questions really quickly!!!  First, what is going on with Mitt Romney!!! I NEED DETAILS!  Everyone talks about it down here and I have no idea what is happening with him!! Oh and Ainsley, call the missionaries and BAPTIZE THAT FAMILY, WHOSE BASEMENT YOU LIVE IN, CARAMBAS!!!  I almost fainted when I read that you have investigators in church and haven’t told the missionaries.. COME ON MAN!!!  Russ should have baptized the family 3 weeks ago!  Oh and just one more thing...


Too bad about BYU, it hurts to read they were SO CLOSE TO WINNING... Oh well Idaho is toast the 10th of NOVEMBER (I hope that it is a home game cause he isn’t leaving again that soon!!)!!! HAHA!


Elder McGHIE (not sure why he writes McGhie like that, oh well if it makes him happy???  I just hope he can speak English when he gets home because he writes all his sentences backwards and I have to figure out how to fix them so they make sense and I have caught myself saying some things in the wrong order lately, it must be contagious!!!! =)

Here is what Spencer wrote about the pictures:

OKEE DOKEE!  SO here are some pics of our 3 baptisms this week! I LOVE BAPTISMS!!!!!!!   Their parents are getting married this week and are going to be baptized, and thier older sister as well!!! VIVA!!! Also here is a pic of all the elders in our apartment! WE ARE 7!!! It is so nuts, but a lot of fun, haha its like i went back to the mtc or something!!!  Oh and the last pic of elder smith foolin around with my camera, i thought it was funny... and i forgot to explain the last pic on teh other email, thats my comp on saturday, he was DEATHLY ill, so i bothered him and i lent him ANTONIO (Caroline sent Spencer Antonio, a blow up cow that she bought him in Amsterdam?)to help him feel better! HAHA! 

He is just a little bit strange!! =)

Here's Spencer comments about the pictures below:

Here are pictures of Elder Morrow and I (from South Carolina) one of my best buds in the whole mission, we have shared apartmentes since I got to Huanuco...  The first pic is when we were in splits and we went to his area with his comp Elder Duran (from Chile) and it just started to POUR!!!  Haha it was nuts and we were on TOP of the flippin mountain! HAHA!  Oh and here we are using the Chile Jerseys of his comp... CHEVERE!  Mom you should be friends with his mom, she is great!

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