Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

September 17, 2012


Hi everyone, it is just Carrie again!!  I am posting Spencer’s email exactly how he sent it to us!! No editing!! =) I guess his new way of saying;
Bye, Love Elder Spencer Marty McGhie is…………….WOOOF!!!  Below is his whole email, that is all we got on Monday???!!  He is such a goofhead!! =)  But I love him anyway!! =)

Oh and just in case you wanted to know: Spencer’s Homecoming Talk will be on November 11th at 11am!  I know it is 11/11 at 11 which is sort of funny =)! So,  Mark your calendars if you can come!!!
Bye for now
Carrie or I guess I could just write:
WOOOF!!  =)

         MAN I AM TOTALLY TICKED RIGHT NOW BUT SO GRATEFUL THAT I WASN´T IN RICE ECCLES STADIUM OR I WOULD HAVE GOTTEN KNOCKED OUT OR SOMEONE ELSE!  FLIP, i am totally TO´ED right now...   I was in my room Saturday night at 9 30pm thinking that BYU and UTAH were in the middle of the game and oh how i wanted to be there, but after reading that ROYAL GARBAGE i am very happy to be in Peru where no one has a clue of what or who is BYU nor the GREATNESS of American FOOTBALL!!!  RAYOS DEL SOL!!! THAT TOTALLY BITES!!!  OH and Ainsley is going to kill me!  HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY BIG SIS!!!!!!!!  Its safe to safe i totally spaced that one while writing the fam! DANG IT! SOSO SORRY AINS!!!!!!!!!!!

        SO i will now try to regain my composure and write you guys something worthwhile!!!  SO we had a great baptism Saturday of a guy with 22 years and he is totally stoked to go on the mission, so i dont have any time... oops…  WHAT HAPPENED TO MY TIME? WOOOF!

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