Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

September 3, 2012

22 months!?

Hey Fam y Amigos!

Wow, can you believe it that today I have officially been out on my mission for 22 months!?  How nuts is that!!!  I am honestly amazed at how fast my mission has flown by!!!  So first things first THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Haha I opened it up and saw my TOTALLY LEGIT PEYTON MANNING JERSEY! O HECK YEAH!!!!  I have worn it every day since I got it (Do you think he wore it under his suit??? Interesting thought!!  Marty said he probably is sleeping it it???)!  HAHA!  I forgot to snap a picture with it on, but I will definably send you a picture of it next Monday!!!  You guys know me TOO WELL!!!! Haha I wasn’t expecting that for the life of me!  Also, thanks for the alarm clock that shows pictures that is SO cool, all the elders in my apartment want me to give it to them when I go home, I said heck no! This is my FAMILY! HAHA!  So thanks so much!!! The BYU t-shirts are awesome!  Also the BYU pajamas I have slept in them every night!  And of course all that candy!!! YEAH I LOVE AMERICAN CHOCOLATE!!!  So family once again you totally rocked the package (thank goodness since it is his last package before he comes home and what do you get a missionary for his birthday when he only has 2 months left?? =)!!!!! 
I have to tell you that Elder Christofferson was THE BOMB!  He walked in and the Spirit was SO strong!  Man, he speaks Spanish perfectly!!! Even his wife spoke and she speaks pretty well!!!  If I told you all he talked about, I would be writing here the whole day!  But there were a WHOLE BUNCH of missionaries, too many to be able to shake his hand, so we didn’t have that opportunity, but it was still awesome!  He talked a lot about the Book of Mormon in the conversion of our investigators and in our own lives.  At one point he had all of the Seventies and Area Authorities stand up.  In all there were 7!!! And they were all on the stand with Elder Christofferson, they spoke before he did! It was SO POWERFUL to see all of them there!  Holy SMOKES!  While they were standing up he explained what they do and how they represent the Quorum of the 12 and that they are representatives of Jesus Christ!  Wow it was pretty nuts!  When he finished his talk he bore his testimony and knocked all of our socks off!!! At one point he stopped for a second and asked us to listen very closely and he said, “I KNOW THAT CHRIST LIVES AND HE IS MY SAVIOR”! Wow it was completely silent and it sent shivers down my spine.  He really is a Special Witness that Jesus Christ; he made it VERY clear through his words and feelings!  He is a very great man, he was very happy the whole time smiling and making jokes!  I decided to observe how he spoke, how he acted and about everything he did and I wrote it all down, it was really cool to see how an Apostle acts and speaks!  wow, it really was an unforgettable experience!
Well, I hope that mom and dad had great Birthdays!  And I am SO happy to hear that the Cougz came out and thumped Washington State!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YEAH!!! Dad, please record every BYU game until November and burn em on a disc or something for when I get home!  Are the cougz ranked?  Just curious....??  So I am interested to hear how dad and Ainsley did running the half marathon!  You know I will be joining you guys in your running adventures when I get back, I have really come to LOVE running during my mission! So keep up the good work!!  Liney, I am so proud of you at ALTA!  THATA GIRL! Caroline is an Alta Hawk!! I am always praying for you guys, Oh and Liney, tell Mr. Packer hi for me! 

Elder Spencer Martin McGHIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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