Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

September 24, 2012


Hey Family y Amigos!

Sorry time is really short so I won’t be able to write you very much, nor send you many pics, I have a bunch to say and to send but alas there isn’t very much time to be able to do it so I am just going to get started!!!  I hope that all is going well for you guys out there in good old Sandy Utah!   I have a lot of mixed emotions, because this week I am starting my very last transfer in my mission... I don’t know how to feel, I feel excited to be able to see you guys but VERY strange and sad to think my time is so short to be able to help our Lord bring back his lost sheep.  Although, looking back on all I have done in these 22 almost 23 months I feel VERY GREAT AND AT PEACE with the service I have brought and given to our Lord.   When I started the mission I always said, I have to give it all to the Lord, the time will go by too fast and I DONT want to end with regrets!  And I can honestly testify that I have GIVEN all of ELDER McGHIE!  I have never taken a day off, I have never done stupid things to embarrass the Lord nor our family name, I have never said, oh today I am tired so I am not going to work, through sickness, grief, sadness, or frustration, I have been able to keep on going to serve the Lord... AND OH HOW GREAT IS MY PEACE AND JOY KNOWING THAT!!!  I hope all my friends on missions will do the same and have this great feeling of peace that I have...  But it is not a feeling of SATISFACTION yet!  I still have WORK TO DO!!!!

Thinking about my last transfer I can do 1 of 2 things... I can slack off, get ¨trunky¨ and say, well I gave 22 and a half months, that’s good enough, or I can strap up the backpack and work even more than I have in these last 22 months, just really, leave it all out on the table!!!!!!  I have chosen the second OPTION!!!  I have always wanted to baptize 10 or more in one month, we have 5 up till now and 4 people are ready to enter the Baptismal Font!  There are about 3 or 4 people that just need their answer and they will be joining us in the baptismal service!!!!!!  OH I WANT SO BAD TO HELP THESE PEOPLE!  Our goal is 7, but our goal as companions, is 11, and we are so close to reaching 11!!!  Please pray for us to be able to do it!!! 

So I wanted to share some good news with you guys, The stake president came up to Elder Smith and I and said, are there transfers this week?  I told him yes, and he immediately called President Ardila to ask him not to change us and well he called us into his office and told us, Elders I just talked to President Ardila and you both are STAYING!!! YESS!!! I am going to be able to end my mission here in HUANUCO with Elder Smith!!! The stake president was SO happy, because we have a bunch of projects and goals that we are doing as a stake and now we get to stay! I got to begin and to finish my mission with Elder Smith as my companion!!  I LOVE PRESIDENT LUNA AND ARDILA!!! I LOVE MY MISSION!!! 
SO love ya fam, keep it real and keep it safe!!!!!!

Elder McGHIE!!!

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