Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

February 15, 2011

Happy Valentines Day HaHa!!!

Well another Pday is here! How we all doing? So yes this week its official i am on the board for baptisms!!! YEAH! We had 2 baptisms this week and i got to Baptize em both! i really cant describe the feeling i had it really was amazing! We baptized a hermana named Mary she is 17 years old, her mom is a member but inactive, so it was really great! she works in the market in our area, she and her mom have a sewing shop, and it really is a blessing because now this is the 3rd article of clothing i have ripped that they are reparing for me... haha yeah i even surprise myself at my Spastic Abilities... but i figured i saved her soul so the least she can do is sew some pants and a shirt for me... haha yeah i know im a horrible person! Dont worry fam they werent bad rips just like a little rip i got snagged on a fence one time, the other i ripped the but of my slacks getting into a little moto taxi... i tell ya i am a real spaz! But all is fixed and well so dont go sending me more clothes, i got plenty! O and our other baptism was of a 13 year old boy named Javier.  He is awesome and really wants to serve a mission! He didnt have a tie so i gave him one of mine! I would send pictures home, but after the baptism i was fiddling with my camera to try and fix the resolution so it is on the highest quality, and I cant believe it I DELETED ALL MY PICTURES! It was all i could to do to keep myself from cursing.  I honestly was depressed! But i was talking to another missionary and telling him what  happened and turns out they might not actually be deleted, he said it happens to missionaries all the time, they accidently reset the camera, he is working on it right now so i dont know he says its easy to get em back! I pray! So i dont know how he is going to do it, maybe using some dark magic or something, doesnt matter to me as long as i get my pictures back! So weird its valentines day haha but i sent liney a letter home! Have you gotten my package yet? It should be arriving this week! SO i of course have some more Gringo moments  for ya today... this one is pretty classic! So as we were in an appointment with Mary the girl we baptized, we were preparing her for the baptism date, she asked what she needed to bring.  What i meant to say was bring yourself, your family, a change of clothes, and most importantly your smile for the pictures! Hahah but the word for smile is sonrisa, not songrisa... haha a Songrisa is a type of beer! So what i really said was bring yourself, your family a change of clothes and most importantly THE BEER!!! Haha they all just looked  at me like what the heck? And my companion was just dying of laughter haha yeah I was confused to say the least, they explained to me what I did... haha yeah so that was pretty interesting. So at the end of the lesson they were asking how was our p day and what did we do.  I told them we played volleyball and so i was like, OH YEAH, WE PLAYED VOLLEYBALL !!!! And i started to do the overexaggerated poses of bump, set and spike haha when i was doing the poses of course it had rained, i kinda slipped and of course i pulled my groin muscle, DON’T SAY IT MOM, I KNOW IT ALWAYS HAPPENS !  AHHH MY LIFE HAHAHA! So there are your laughs for the week, hopefully laughing with me and not at me, but either way i guess it works haha.  SO hopefully next week i will have my pictures back and be able to send you the photos of my baptisms! Oh and i have a wedding this week and baptism of Hermano Rocemberge! We have been waiting for his the mother of his spouse to come in for the wedding but it shoudl  be tomorrow! I hope! SO pray for her to come so we can have the wedding and the baptism! Other than that my investigators are Junior, a 20 year old who is really interested! His date of baptism is for next saturday, Also looks like Erica is back on the list, she came back to church, she is 13 knows the church is true, she just has a fear of actually committing to the church so pray for her! Those are our only 2 investigators that are really progressing so pray for them!
And Rocemberge! So life is good, all the Latinos love the fact i can talk soccer with all of them! They dont believe me that i know the teams and all that, until we start talking smack! ITs pretty fun to say the least, but no one respects my boy Lionel Messi here! They all like Christiano Ranaldo who is garbage! But dont worry, tell collin and bubba im always backing up our boy MESSI! Haha im loving life, looks like changes are this week and im with my comp for 6 more weeks...yay... haha i dunno it just feels  like we do the bare minimal of the work, there is so much more we could be doing! Im just frustrated cause i want to utilize every possible aspect we have to help our investigators but he just doesnt have a passion or fire for the work!
I feel like im being trained wrong, but its ok  i can do it! He is just kinda counting down the days till he goes home, but he doesnt even have a year yet! So that is my task now, but im trying my best!
Love ya all, sosososososososo much family and by sayin family I an talkin to all of ya my friends too haha!! But my comp and I were walkin and  we heard a song playing really loud in the street and it was one of mine and Lineys songs! This club couldnt even handle me right now! I froze in the street and all these memories came flooding back, dance parties in lola, us eating wendys haha !! good times haha!! Remember everyone that  im always praying for ya! LOVE YOU ALL haha!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie!


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