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February 28, 2011

What is happening all the way over there in Utah??

Feb. 28, 2011
Hola Famila and Friends! What is happening all the way over there in Utah! So I took a quick glance at my emails and saw the one forwarded from Dayton about his mission call! I really was going to write this week and ask que pasa with BIG D! I cant flippin believe it! JAPAN!!! That is so amazing! He will do so much good for those people and he is going to just love it! Send him my congrats and love! Tell him i miss him to, my brochaco! I was so happy to read that! What a stud and a half!!! He better send me his mtc address and everything so i can write him! Ok I dont have time to read the email from bubba but tell him i love him and im sorry i havent written him but i will! Tell him i love him and to keep his head up and charging forward!

Ok, on to the email.  SO this week has been rather interesting to say the least.  It started out, we had splits this week for a day, and i couldnt believe it i got to go on splits with Elder Corbridge! HE is another gringo in my district, he has one more change than me and we are going through the same stuff with companions, language, changes, so we have really become great pals.  So yeah i got to go on changes with him for a whole day! IT was so sososososo AWSOME! HE is from Pleasant Grove, just graduated in 2010 as well so we have a lot in common, and we both just want to work and serve with all we have! So pretty much it was the best! It was an awesome day and it was cool because for the first time, we could just both go out there and work, work, and work! And the first time, we were like the leaders of the conversation, leaders of the lesson, actually doing the legit stuff, it was so fun! It was like a day of what i can have my mission be like if i keep pressing forward, and work through these hard times, I’ll be rewarded and then one day I’ll get to be senior comp, make the decisions and we can work, work and work some more!!! So that was awesome, we were contacting like crazy, teaching lessons, practically running around my area just PREACHIN THE GOSPEL! 
Oh what an amazing feeling it was! I know i was supposed to be on splits with him that day, because it just kinda reenergized us to start  kinda picking our comps up and going to work! It gets hard, i get worn out, but it is good, and good lessons.  My comp really has kicked it up about 10 notches; we are doing a lot better! He really is a great elder just kinda lost his purpose for a while, but we have found some excitement and we are doing really well actually! We had another baptism this week.  A teenage boy age 17, named Kevin Wisawski Herrara.... yeah you heard me like Mike Wasowski from Monsters Inc! I had to do all i could to hold in my laugh when i heard his name! And yep I nailed the name, and the baptism prayer... im practically a seasoned veteran now... haha or NOT.  But that brings the count to 5 baptisms, meaning i have passed Steven Shelley hahahahah tell him I’m sorry but I guess I’m just a better person? haha so anyways of course i have a great Gringo Moment for yall.  So its Thursday night, we finish our
lesson and its 9 o’clock, and time to return to our room.  It starts raining, it had been a crazy weird, hard day, but all was well, so we got in our room flipped on the lights and the lights were like freaking out and flashing, because our switch is up on the roof and not covered by anything.  So the rain was messing it up.  So me and my comp went to go upstairs to fix it.  We have 2 doors in our room, one in the front by the street and one to the back by our Patio.  So we walk out and my comp goes first and for some reason i dont know, reflex or because im a moron, i Shut the DOOR! UGH! Haha yeah i locked us out of our room! All of our books and keys were inside haha so here we are outside, without light, and its pouring rain! Luckily there is a side door to our little building/patio thing and the owner of the house forgot to lock it.  SO we were able to get out.  I felt like such and idiot. SO we went to go sleep at the zone leaders house just a couple blocks away, but they were running late (shocker) haha and we were waiting and waiting until it was almost 9:30 and we have to be inside by 9:30 so while we were waiting i bought ice cream and sat and ate it cause i was depressed because of my stupidity haha and cookies... after i ate them i definitely felt better, like in harry potter, chocolate can solve any problem! Even dementors! So we returned to our room, and we had one choice... break the window! Haha yep so we busted the window with a rock haah luckily for me the little frame only costs 2 soles! So no biggie!! I talked to the owner of the house and she could care less haha!.  So we have our window and one of the frames is cardboard, haha i made one out of a box and with my knife! Just like my shipping days at Ferrari Color working with boxes! Good
times. So there’s you a tale, yes i know im a moroon but its ok, i have learned a lot of lessons this week. One great one in 1 Corinthians 13, versus 1-3, it pretty much says, you can give anything to the lord, 2 years, your life, service, money, everything, but if you do it without Charity, if your heart is not right, then you will have no reward.  People can serve missions without giving all their heart to the Lord it is sad, because they will have to pay and answer to that someday, but me i want to give it all. I want to serve the lord with All my Heart, Might, Mind, and Strength, like it says in D&C 4, so the Lord can take little old weak me, and shape me and mold me into a man, a real Priesthood Holder.  I had to make some changes, some hard personal decisions to do this, make sure my mind really is only focused on the mission work.  Its been hard, but o great will be my reward knowing i gave it my all. Every time i have a challenge a temptation or anything i have two choices, to respond how Christ would or to not.  My quest is to always responds how Christ would.  Andthats what happens when we truly give our hearts to the lord.  Because, if we have not Charity, we are NOTHING.  So i hope that made sense, you know me im a rambler, but hey that’s me! Well guys im checking out for now, but know i love you all and i hope all is well!
Elder McGhie

Oh, I found my pictures so all is well! LOVE YA ALL! And Liney! I love ya little sis! Take care of Ainsley, sounds like her boyfriend has some issues, I cant believe he doesnt like The Lord of the Rings Movies or Harry Potter! AHHH NO WAY JOSE! That’s your job Liney, to change his way of thinking cause that’s  just WRONG,  booyah!! (Liney, Mom can help you since she is one of the biggest fans ever of both of them haha!!!!) Love yall! PEace! 
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie!!!

No new pictures :(!!!  But, until I get the pictures,  here are some
old pictures of Spencer  :)!!

Yes, Spencer wore this to
an actual BYU football game!
He basically dressed like this for
every BYU football game, only I think it
got worse as he got older.......same blue
hair wig through all the yrs!!:)

Halloween 2010, Spencer dressed
up like his dad and his dad
dressed up like spencer :)!

This picture just makes me laugh
and laugh, funny kids :)!!

Spencer being a cowboy!
He is so cute :)!!

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