Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

February 21, 2011


Hola Fam and Friends! How yall doing this fine day? Well its me again just out here in Peru preaching the Gospel! So all is well here, this week has been nuts! We had changes and all that so that was crazy, they re organized Huanuco, there are now 2 zones here and my zone is Zona Amarillis, we have Cerro de Pasco as part of our zone now to! So maybe we will get to go up there for a pday and we can play golf on the world’s highest golf course! I want to so bad! But if not, dad we will have to play when you guys come to get me! Sounds good to me! So yes finally we had the Baptism and Marriage of Rocemberge! It was really awesome! That day was pretty nuts with the wedding and the baptism the same day, plus i had a Gringo Bathroom problem all day that day!
Welcome to Peru right! Dad i almost became a ¨Real¨ South American Elder this week but i made it to the John just in time, so still waiting for that great experience which i have discovered  is pretty much a for sure experience i am bound to go through haha! So also we had another baptism of a Teenage boy named Christian, yeah i didnt know him either haha, turns out he lives in our area, but attends a different ward.  So yeah with the changes the missionaries that were teaching him all got changed, so my comp pretty much just argued his way with the new elders to have him as our baptism for numbers.  It was kinda lame, cause he isnt going to attend our ward so i thought the other missionaires in the ward he goes to should baptize him, but welcome to the life of a junior brand new gringo comp right? I feel like the penguins on Madagascar sometimes, Just smile and wave boys, just smile and wave... haha just waiting for my time! But thats the lesson i have to learn as well called Patience... not enjoying that one to much, but im working on it! My English is getting pretty bad, i wont lie so bear with me! So Sunday was absolutely nuts! We have these
3 little girls that assist every week and are about 10, turns out they arent members so they want to be baptized so we are teaching them.
The problem is they absolutely love me! Like during church they forced me to sit with them, because they kept stealing my dang backpack till i would.  And my comp sat with me for like 10 minutes then moved 2 rows back to sit with other investigators which definitely isnt allowed, but welcome to my life! I couldnt move cause they would start screaming if i tried to leave, and to think they are like 10 or 11.  So while i was going through that trying to keep them quiet during the sacrament while they asked me questions like... So are you parents Gringos too?
I was tempted to answer No actually one is Black and the other is an Indian i mean what kinda of a question is that, honestly Of course they are gringos haha but yeah then 3 minutes before sacrament meeting the 1st counselor asked if i could give  a 10 minutes talk.  So for you guys that doesnt seem much because you can get up there and have the liberty of speaking freely! I have to do it in Spanish! So im in sacrament meeting with 3 little girls jumping all over me stealing my stuff and screaming, trying to prepare a talk, then along comes the little son of Our Baptism Hrn Rocemberge who is 2 and a half and a demon child! So he comes over and starts ripping my book of mormon out of my hands while im trying to prepare my talk in Spanish with 3 little demon children screaming, Elder MAGGIE. ELDER MAGGIE! Do you like the united states? Is it pretty there? where are you from? Do you have a family? I mean honestly, my life haha, so then little Mattius, the kid of hermano Rocemberge, rips a page of my book of mormon, for the 2 nd time and Hermano Rocemberg comes over all worried and is like o no i will buy you a new one! So then im trying to explain to him its really alright and not to buy me a new one.  He finally agreed that he wasnt going to buy me a new book of mormon and then it was time to give my talk! Haha it all worked out, i spoke about Christ, shared some scriptures, told some stories,  got some laughs, so it was all good.  But yeah it was nuts! This week was kinda hard, my comp has ZERO desire to contact people, but if we dont contact we arent fulfilling our missionary duty and we wont have appointments, so finally sunday night i had enough and i just started contacting every person, he would walk past someone, then i would just start contacting them, he has no choice, he has to stay with me, so if he doesnt want to contact i dont really care he can stand there all day. Woof, but yeah im working on it! I shared the scripture in D&C 61: 3,  about contacting, but nothing has changed, but o well thats life! So lifes is good, my spanish is improving, dont worry dad im really trying my best to practice my words so my accent is legit! I dont know what it is but i have like this burning desire to be able to speak spanish so perfect! Maybe its just a McGhie trait, it kills me sometimes when i hear other gringos just butcher words! Haha what can i say, like father like son i guess? So thanks family and friends! Love all ya!
Till next week! TTFN Ta ta for now!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie
p.s. I got most my pics back so i will send my memory card to the office tomorrow for Charlotte to pick up  and i sent home a letter for all of the fam today so look for it in a couple weeks! LOVE YOU GUYS THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU DO!
Love you again and agian and agian!

p.s.  Mom, tell Seth I will write him back next week, and tell big daddy k, Kyle congrats for me on his detroit spanish speaking and to ball it up! So awesome, we will all be speaking spanish when we return! When does he report to the mtc, thanks mom send him my love please -  and Seth and Bubba and Collin and Brandon and Will and Jake and all my boys cause I have run out of time so I cant write all their names but I love em all too!!! Love ya!




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