Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

March 7, 2011

The names McGhie, Elder McGhie...

The names McGhie, Elder McGhie...
Hola Familia! Que Passa! How we doing all the way over there in the good old United States! I hope all is well and life is just grand! So I have one photo to send cause all my others are on my camera card waiting in the office to be picked up! With videos and my ipod! Dad, when is Charlotte going to come? Like what day exactly will she go to the office? i kinda need to know to tell the secretary! But hey onto the business! This week has been pretty awesome! We had 2 more baptisms this week and it was pretty awesome! Well we had the Baptism of an 11 year old boy named Diego, haha he is so funny and he is so FAT! Haha he is hilarious, and one thing that just shocks me everytime is how open everyone is that people are fat, skinny, or ugly haha.  So
this kid Diego is 11 looks like he could be 15 and he is a tank! He cant button the top button of his white shirt haha and my little peruano comp baptized him and when he was trying to pull him up out of the water he like fell and he was barely able to get him out of the water haha it was dang funny! But so we were spreading the news about the baptism inviting members and everyone, we would say hey there is a baptism tomorrow at 5, in the church, they would ask of who, we would tell them a youth named Diego.  They were like who? Then my comp would say yeah the really fat kid that lives on the street Ataylualpa and has been attending the past 3 weeks, haha they all just laugh and say o yeah i know him the really fat kid! Haha And when Diego told my
comp he was going to baptize him, my comp told him, no cause he was going to get a hernia when trying to lift him out of the water! And then everyone just laughed, Diego to! I was a little Horrified, haha but welcome to South America Elder McGhie! Haha so we were supposed to have 2 more baptisms and a wedding.  Of two older folks, named Moises who is like 65 and his wife, Catalina who is like 36? Yeah a little weird... and they have a 2 year kid together??? Haha i have no idea
how that was possible or how that worked out? HAHA sorry i had to ask, it is a real mystery but anyways... haha so we had their wedding and then they were having their interviews for baptism.  Turns out Moises was in jail like 2 years ago and is on probation for 1 more
year! So he couldnt get baptized! It was dang sad. So we had the wedding and the baptism of Catalina.  Moises was pretty sad, so i ask for ya to pray for him to stick close to the gospel! And not lose hope! Because he really is great, they are really really poor and need the gospel in their lives! But hey maybe the lord has the test for
moises to see his patience i dunno.  But yeah.  So for this next week we have 2 people preparing for baptism.  Hermano Junior, yes the same junior for the last month and hermana Erica, a 14 year old girl, yes the same erica haha! We kinda dropped Erika cause she wasnt
progressing at all and then all the sudden on her own she came back to church and started progressing again! The problem now is that Erika needs the permission of her parents, her mom is in but she needs it from her dad, who is a bum! So pray for her and her father’s heart to
be softened! We lost contact with Junior for a while but now he is back, assisting and progressing! He is 28 and owns an internet shop, he really gets it to! We are going to use our other convert Hermano Rocemberge to help get hermano Junior more excited and just to have
someone to support him! So for me personally this week has been really good.  I think before this last two weeks i was serving really hard, and really trying to help the Lord, but i was only serving with my Might, and Strength, i was withholding my heart and mind from the lord.  I did some real soul searching this week and decided to stop fighting in my mind and my heart, the lord, to stop fighting and just to give it all to him! It’s been a process but im starting to get it! Cause really all we give the Lord is already his, our time (2 years) well
its already his, he created us, our tithing cause he created all we have, and everything else is really the Lords, except our will. We have been given the great gift of Agency through the Atonement of Christ, and really the only thing the lord doesnt already have of ours
is our will, our hearts and our minds.  And if i serve without giving it all to the lord, just with my might and strength i will return home knowing i failed. And have to live with that regret and question  if forever! But if i give it my all, everything i humanly possibly can, he will bless me 100 times more than what im giving.  If i give
him my all, he will give me himself, he will make me into a man, like a real Priesthood Holder, not some lazy punk who is going to serve the lord halfhearted for the rest of his life, no a real man, who will serve him for the rest of my life.  These next 20 months of my life are 100 percent for the lord.  The question is how can we really do
this? Well the answer is simple, really its to ask in every situation, every decision we can make, What would Jesus do in this situation. The classic question what would Jesus do, is the answer to happiness in this life and life to come.  I dont know how i kinda missed that before the mission, but i just didnt really get the big picture, i
know i dont get it totally now, but at least im starting! Well enough preaching i guess, haha im starting to sound like Dad more and more every day! HAHA! SO family and my friends, i love you sosososososo much, i can never thank you enough for your love and support and your prayers! LOVE ALL OF YOU!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie
The picture is of a little lady in our branch, notice her hat haha!!

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