Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

March 14, 2011

The Times and Seasons Peru Style!

Hola again from Huanuco!!!
How is good old life in Utah treating all ya!? I hope all is
well and life in good old America is as good as life is here in
Huanuco Peru in Amarillis! (my district or whatever they call em here
in Peru) But yeah so life is good and now onto the business!  So the
package has arrived!!! I havent opened it yet but im very very
excited! Today i also got a bunch of Dear Elders and a letter from
McCall Peterson! Thank you sosososososososo much for the letters
And the package and the prayers!!! I really can feel the prayers
strengthening me! Its so true! SO please keep it up!  So the last time
we talked i was having some really tough times with my pronouncing my
spanish, and i can really say that from your prayers for me and my
spanish i cannot describe how much my Spanish has improved. It really
is just incredible, i cant thank you enough for the prayers in my
behalf! And to say the least my Spanish still needs work, so please
keep praying for me!!! It really is amazing how much it helps! So this
week, lets see, we had a baptism, but it wasnt really a mission
baptism, a girl in our ward who is 18, doesnt have her records,
or the church doesn’t have her records, so she was a member, but then
she wasnt technically cause they don’t have any records for her.  I dunno it
was weird so we had that baptism, my comp always preaches to me how
numbers dont matter to him, but he was more than thrilled when he
found out this girls papers had been lost, because apparently that
baptism counts for us and our numbers too... i dunno i just was like
umm ok? Not really excited, i mean sure its good to help the girl out,
but i didnt have really any joy from the baptism cause, well we did
absolutely nothing for it? I dunno how to describe it, but yeah i
dunno. I love my comp, i really do, hes a great guy, he just honestly
doenst get the real purpose of the mission.  Im trying to help him i
just get really tired and worn out sometimes, but i keep fighting! I
dunno its like all of our lessons are the same, just boring, there is
no passion, like if these people really, really knew what we were
offering, what our church has, why we are here, if they really
understood, that if the Book of Mormon is true then Joseph Smith
really saw God, the Father and Jesus Christ. If the book of Mormon is
true, then the Heavens are opened again.  The Heavens are open
pouring out Modern day Revelation, if they really understood, then
they would honestly read and search the Book of Mormon and pray
and ask God if its true or not.  And that is really our obligation, to
help these people really GET IT! But i feel we are defiantly failing
in this task.  Its like for example im teaching the 3rd principle in
lesson 1 about prophets and the 4th about Christ and how He
established his church, and i can just see these people, their eyes
glaze over and they just absent mindedly nod their heads like they even
care.  Its our duty to help them really get it. I dunno if they really
got it they would be hanging on every word trying to grasp what we are
saying.  But its not their fault it really is mine and my comps! SO
thats my quest right now, to really improve our teaching styles, when
we teach and read 10 different scriptures from the bible, that really
doesnt give them anything.  I dunno sorry im just ranting here, but it
really is therapy.  But once again the Lord provides a way for me
always! This week i got to be on splits with Elder Corbridge again! So,
remember Luis and Ines? Yeah we hadnt talked to them for like 2 weeks
they just stopped progressing and so we had like this last lesson with
them. I told Elder Corbridge the down low and if they didnt really
show improvement and have that desire to get married and baptized we
had to drop em for good.  So i was half expecting them not to be
there for the appointment but they were! So here we are, 2 Gringos, 2
really new gringos, elder corbridge has 1 more transfer than me.  And
we had like 45 minutes to just teach em. And i honestly had no idea
what to talk about.  All my comp had planned the night before was
marriage? Haha, i dont know how to talk about marriage even in English
for 10 minutes, let alone Spanish for 45! So i honestly just said a
prayer in my heart, asking Heavenly Father to guide me, i have
prepared the best i can, Father just please guide me and Elder Corbridge
for the right things to say. And you know what? It was the best gosh darn
Lesson i have ever given. The Lord just put words and scriptures in my
head, me and Elder Corbridge were just teaching boldly and powerfully,
we were just so open to the Spirit it was amazing.  In the middle of
the lesson a miracle happened, Hermano Luis stopped us and just looked
me in the eye and said, you know what, I want to get married.  When
can I get married so we can get baptized! I almost fell off my chair!
It was sososososo amazing! So we have their wedding planned for this
saturday and their baptism next week, but maybe this week it depends
if they are ready for baptism, we will see.  But honestly can you
believe that! 2 gringos just new guys and honestly my spanish was so
amazing, I was rolling my tongue and honestly speaking near fluent.  I
cant describe the joy i had after we left that lesson, Elder Corbridge
and i were like little kids, just jumping and fist pumping and
celebrating! I really in that moment realized why the mission is the
best two years.  For lessons like that! Now the trick is discovering
how to bring that power and passion to all of my lessons!  The mission
is the best thing or decision i have ever made, Its  such a giant
adventure and emotional roller coaster.  I remember Saturday night i
was just so tired and frustrated and really just down, we went through
another day of lame lessons, lame contacts, no fire or passion and i
was just down.  I remembered a scripture in Matthew 11:28-30, the
lord gives us a promise, Come unto me all ye that are burdened, tired
and heavy laden and i will give ye rest, for my yolk is easy and my
burden is light... its times like that when i remember that scripture
and sometimes i just get on my knees and i just pray, and pray and
pray... Cause the Lord will never forsake me, i might feel so alone
cause im in some other continent with another language, with some comp who
sometimes i wanna just throw out the window, but im never alone, the
Lord is with me! So, Family dont worry about me, im really probably safer
than i have ever been in my life.  Cause literally my life is in the Lords hands.
I only have like 19 and a half months left to just giveit all to the lord, and ya know what, thats what im going to do!
Thanks so much, for everything, just everything!! To think i have never
been further away from you guys in my life, but i have never felt
closer to you guys ever.  Mom, i love your emails and dear elders,
they make me laugh and i really feel so close to you guys! Mom, tell
my friends i love receiving emails but i cant reply by internet, i dont
have hardly any time on the internet, i will hand write em a letter back!
I sent a letter to Ashley, Jake, Bubba and Seth last week, I think, so tell
them to be on the lookout for those and to let you (my mom) know if they dont
get them, its Peru so you never know??! Tell everyone that I love hearing from
them and their letters are so great and their prayers too!!!But really thanks
so sososos much for all the prayers and letters and dear elders and the emails
from everyone! I love everyone so sososososo much!! Mom, tell
all my friends thanks for being so great and hang in there and stay strong!!
Love Yall!!!!!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie
Oh and tell Collin to write me dangit!!! And tell Ryan that we
will have plenty of Big Gulp time in November of 2012 babay!!!
haha love yall! PEACE!!!

Since I have no pictures of Spencer to post I thought I would post some pics of his family :)!

Isnt he just so cute :)!!



Dont have a clue what Ainsley is doing ?

Carolines lovely Black eye a week after
 she was knee'd in the eye at a church bball game!!

Amazing Natalee made Marty this book of his
 head on all the old basketball greats in a book :)

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