Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

March 21, 2011

And they call me GRINGO...

Hola! So i got a lot to write about and not much time to do it, so
enough with the chit chat, its business time...
Alright so another great week here in wonderful, wonderful Huanuco
PerĂº! So lets see, i have a pretty great Gringo Moment for yall... So
its monday evening(last week), just at the close of another P Day, and we have
interviews with President Leyva the next day, so obviously everyone is
going to get a haircut even if we dont need one haha, so my hair was
pretty short, but my comp needed one so i just figured why not, right?
Wrong!! haha so we went to find this members little barber shop, but it
was closed, so we just picked some random little barber shop.  So we
were in a pretty big hurry cause it was almost dinner time, and i was
dang hungry.  So i sit down and the lady asked me a question, she said some
word that i had never heard of, i just figured it meant short or
something... WRONG; turns out the word she used was Pelado... aka
BALD! So me being such a newb just nodded my head and was like yeah
sure! So she whips out the clippers and i watch as she procceeds to
just pretty much BUZZ my head bald! HAHAHA! I almost screamed, it
honestly was as short as possible without being considered bald! WOOF!
My comp was sitting behind me just laughing hysterically.  The lady
asked me if that was good i straight up said ummm NO! haha but it was
really too late, so she had to straight up buzz the whole side of my
head, and then leave some on the top, hahaha i was so bald and so
ugly! And it was just in time for our interviews with the President the next
day! And our double zone conference the next day too! To say the
least i took some pretty hard flack for my haircut haha, President
Leyva asked me what happened to my head in my interview, i told him
what happened, he just kinda laughed and shook his head.  Haha so im
going to send pics of our 2 baptisms home, they were saturday and
sunday so my hair had definitely grown back, so look at the pictures
and if you can imagine my hair shorter! haha, But yeah thats my life!
So anyways like i was saying we had 2 baptisms this week one was for
Hermano Junior.  He is about 27 years old and single, works in a little
internet cafe, his family owns.  The most rewarding thing was how we
found Hermano Junior.  It was clear back in January, when i was so brand
new it was ridiculous and could barely speak at all! My comp needed to
call one of the other missionaries or something to set up an interview
or something, i dunno, but so he was in the little telephone booth
inside the internet cafe, of Hermono junoir.  And here i was just standing
there and the Spirit prompted me to go up and talk to him.  But i was
terrified, cause he was sitting behind a big computer screen, i
couldn’t see his face and he had a buddy with him and they were
laughing, listening to music and playing some games on the computer.
I shook off the first prompting with my excuse of i can’t speak the
language.  But the Spirit prompted me again, i looked over and my comp
was on the phone, so i was on my own! I just said a prayer in my heart
that went like this... Dear Heavenly Father I’m trusting the Spirit and
I’m going to go talk to these guys, please help me to not look like a
fool and actually communicate! SO i walked up like a terrified little
3rd grader going to the principal’s office and i just opened my mouth
and just started talking! At first they just kinda looked at me like
what the heck are you doing? But they turned down the music and
listened.  I explained about the restoration and some points like
that in my broken “4th grader” spanish and then i asked them if we could
come by again and share more about our message, and they said yes! It
was definitely the first time that i had done a legit contact where i
like wrote their names and numbers and when we could teach them! The
buddy of junior stopped progressing and we havent seen much of him, but i
had the chance to Baptize Hermono Junior saturday afternoon, and oh how
sweet it was! To know that hey, i actually was working for the Lord
and He led me to Hermano junior! It really was such a neat experience! Just to
think, what would have happened had i not followed the Spirit! But i
did! So lesson learned for the 50th time, ALWAYS FOLLOW THE HOLY
GHOST! No matter how crazy it seems! We had another baptism of an 80
year old guy named Dimetrio, the father in law of the bishop, i got to
baptize him yesterday, he is 80 years old and has a bad back, but we
got him submerged and all was well!!! So for this up and coming week,
we have the Wedding of Luis & Ines, remember them? Well luis has
changed incredibly a total 180, or in the words of Karl Malone a
total 360 haha!! but yeah and then we have Hermano Jon, and Manuel, they
are just little kids that came to us and want to be baptized so we are
working with them! Oh and one more guy named Paul, but it’s like pAoool
haha! He has been coming to church for over a year and i think we
can get him baptized this week! So please pray for them, and of course
me! Cause i need all the help i can get! Thanks to all of you for your love and support!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie!

Oh, I got a bunch of dear elders from people today and a letter from
Missy!!! Thanks so much! Tell everyone that i love em and thanks for all the
Love and support and for their prayers! Oh and I demand to hear from
Liney and Collin though!!! I haven’t read my dear elders yet, so im
going to do that now! SEE YA!
Elder McGhie
Ps Im serious about my next package like 5 or 6 just crazy awesome
ties! Haha! Cause i have kids in my ward getting ready to leave on
their missions and i want to give them some ties to! LOVE YA!!!

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