Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

March 28, 2011

March 28... A lot of Chicken and a lot more Rice!

Hola Familia y mis Amigos,

Hows life treatin ya these days?  Life is pretty grand out here in Peru!  So my email is probably going to be pretty short, cause i have a bunch of  pictures i want to send home today! So I’ll start out by telling you about last P day!  So after the  internet time, we went to hike the top of this Hill, well here it is a mountain but compared to the mountains in Utah... yeah not so much a mountain haha but it was actually a pretty good hike, and i was dang tired! I think i sent pictures of us up there before, but we only made it half way! So this time i was bound and determined to make it to the top!!!  There is a giant Cross at the top of the mountain that overlooks all of Huanuco, so that was our goal and we made, and so im going to send ya the pics of that, they are pretty legit!  Its like little old me with my Book of Mormon, and the giant cross representing the Catholic Church! haha but as i was saying it was a pretty tough hike to the top, not many of the latinos made it to say the least haha, but so here we are in the middle of Peru hiking this mountain, it was so awesome.  So the question is when you are a missionary in the middle of Peru, hiking a giant mountain what do you do while hiking or climbing the mountain?  Of course me and one of the other gringos in my district sang Miley Cyrus,  ITS THE CLIMB! Haha I cant lie it was so perfect, and yes sadly i knew all the words along with the other gringos, Elder Porter from Arizona was singing with me, im sure Elder Corbridge would have sung with us but he was a little too far ahead so he didnt get the chance to sing with us haah.   It was just so funny to think, what the heck, im in the middle of Peru hiking a mountain right now!? What should i do? I should definitely sing some  Miley Cyrus right now! haha so that was pretty awesome, and we did sing it pretty well with giant leaps and dance moves to go along with the song! Haha   
 (Hi, this is Carrie, jumping in with a comment here:   Can’t you just totally see Spencer and some of the other missionaries, Giant leaping and doing dance moves and singing Miley Cyrus while climbing  up a mountain/hill, it is just so Spencerish (I made that word up, Spencerish, let’s get it in the dictionary already J !!) 
Okay, so also we had 2 more Baptisms and a Wedding this week!!! Yep thats right Luis and Ines finally got married and baptized!!! it was so great! They really are so awesome! The wedding went really well... haha Luis the husband got married in his fire fighter suit and they drove to the chapel in the fire truck hahaha, classy right? I just imagined what Grandma Spencer would say or do if i came home from my mission and decided, yeah for my wedding i think im going to be dressed up like a fire fighter and drive around in a fire truck hahahahahaha!  I think its fair enough to say Grandma Spencer would either disown me or beat me hahaha, Man I love Peru!!! So that was awesome, I baptized Hermana Ines and my comp baptized  Luis, cause Hermana Ines is a little dare i say Bigger? haha but in Peru it is just blatantly clear she is fat, its crazy how open everyone is about that stuff! Still shocks me every time haha but yeah she was afraid she was going to drown or when i baptized her i wouldnt be able to get her up out of the water and then once again, she would drown... Haha i reassured her that really it was going to be alright, and i have been doing my pushups in the mornings to prepare for this! Haha well really, i didnt say that to her, my comp did and of course they all just laughed! But yeah the wedding was great, we had a really good turnout from the members so thats always awesome! Its amazing to see the change in their lives, Hermano luis went from being a heavy drinker, fireman, who didnt believe in God, and used to mess around with like dark dark evil stuff, to being baptized and being a Father and a Husband.  How great is the work of the Lord in the lives of people! Like Joseph Smith said No Hallowed hand can stop this work!!!  Its really quite amazing! So all is well here! We find out Tuesday night about the changes and Wednesday morning everyone goes or stays.  Rumor has it my comp is leaving and its almost for sure ill end up staying here for at least one more change! I HOPE SO! Oh and mom my Pensionista sends her love! She told me at breakfast this morning to tell ya, hey and she loves you!!! So i really want to stay sososososo bad! Well family and friends I love all yall so much thanks for the letters the prayers and the suppport! God Speed! (Carrie again, what does… God Speed mean??? I am so confused??)
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie!

Us and Luis and Ines after their wedding! 
After the wedding with my wardies

La Cruz! I think it must mean, The Cross?
This is me overlooking good old Huanuco!!!

This is me after a great day of work,
Thursday night pondering about my COUGZ!
 Dont worry i m not trunky!
 But once a Coug always a Coug!

Me and My Companion Elder Rojo



heidi killpack said...

Awesome pictures! Awesome blog!

Carrie, I am Elder McGhies MOM :) said...

Awesome that you looked at it :)!!

Linda said...

What a great idea! Nice job! (I also love the hungry cute fish at the bottom!)

Kristen said...

This is great Carrie! Love the pix he sends. I can't believe how far up in the mountains he is!

Blake Ziser said...

I love Spencer!

Kristan Paolacci said...

Carrie - I have not heard of an Elder Porter from Arizona - has he spoke of him before ? As I was reading about their climb I just kept thinking that sounds like something Dylan would do and Dylan said he went hiking also and so I keep thinking they were together on this p-day.

Carrie, I am Elder McGhies MOM :) said...

I havent heard of Elder Porter from Arizona until this email. I was even wondering if his mom was on here?? Do you think he meant Elder Paolacci? That would be so fun if it turned out to be Dylan!! It sounded like there were a lot of missionaries on the hike that day so that would be so great if they were together and even funnier if they were singing and leaping on the hike together :)!! I hope they know each other. :) We will have to be sure and find out!!!