Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

April 4, 2011

Choose your love and love your choice... yeah maybe in November of 2013 (or way later than that! this is his mom :)!!!! haha

Buenos Dias!!! Que Tal? (Marty says it means how are you)
Well first off i will start by saying conference was just AMAZING!!! For the first time in my life i listened to every talk and took like a billion notes... haha how great is the mission or what! So first off im going to tell you dont worry im still in my same area! HORRAY! And i have a new companion! Haha o boy =) he is one of a kind, but really pretty awesome! So im going to describe him the best i can and i just have to clarify first i cant complain cause really all he wants to do is work and be obedient! But i gotta tell you about him, He is one of a kind to say the least haha.  So his name is Elder Arnoa (Are-now) he is Peruano from the city of Tacna, which is very close to Chile or so he tells me.  He is almost black but has a mole right in the center of his forehead so he looks like he is from India haha... Anyway so first off,  he is 24, has a girlfriend that is serving a mission in Mexico. So he really, really, really likes to talk and talk and talk.  He reminds me a lot of Steve Erkle, kinda laughs like him and he is the District Leader and he is freaking out and terribly nervous, its seems more like he is district leader but im the senior comp, haha he is really nice, really goofy, and well pretty funny.  He is just one rare bird.  I thought we were going to have problems the first day cause everyone groaned and told me sorry when they heard the announcement that he is my comp, but really i love the kid he is great, a little over the top but hey thats fine by me!!! For example the first morning i got up at 6:20, (yes that’s right its a miracle i know, 10 minutes early, im almost a morning person now!!!)  But he slept till like 7am and  i was like woof  i have to do this all over again.  But that night he asked me if there was anything he needed to improve and i just told him straight up, get your  butt outa bed (But with Amor) haha and I’ll be darned now he gets up! He really is quiet the character, a talking machine! But he teaches awesome and i can learn a lot from him! Its sorta a test of my patience, he is kinda “captain obvious” and when i ask him a question instead of  just answering the question he talks about the question and everything else possible like im 10 and then answers, i just grin and say thanks haha... Our first morning he tried to teach me how to tie my tie haha i was just laughing  and said yeah dont worry, i know how to tie my tie, my friend.  He is the king of cologne and deodorant; he uses about 4 different ones in the mornings and irons his clothes everyday!  I  couldnt help but laugh, he really is great, dont take the comments wrong they are with love, i just had to give you guys the down low! But yes that is my new comp! Ill send ya some pics too!  Alright now wasnt conference the BOMB!  First off all i only cried a little bit, when the Mo Tab was singing “The Spirit of God”! And one other time, during Elder Nelsons talk when he had that picture of  his grandson, then he paused and just looked me right in the soul and said,” in a little while that little boy will go through the temple, then he will go and serve a mission.”  I dunno it just hit me like a ton of bricks that the little kid was and is me!
I dunno,  alright dont judge me for being a softy! He also said then that little kid will go and get married... ummm yeah that definitely isnt me quite yet!!! Haha, what was up with that?  Like every talk was about getting married! Haha it made about half the missionaries in my district trunky especially the one with 20 months already! When President Monson in Priesthood started talking about that we just kinda laughed, i just shook my head and thought, well this talk definitely is NOT for me for 20 more months.  It was pretty funny! So we got to listen to almost all of conference in English! Funny story, so the first session of conference we got there and there wasnt the feed for English. So i was just thinking o yeah its alright i can watch it in Spanish and enjoy... WOOF!!! Conference in English is 10000000 times better!.. in Spanish its just not the same at all! Its not their voices, and there is no emotion! So that first session of Saturday was just not the same!  But the stake president hooked us Gringos up with English and we got to watch the rest in English!!! It was AMAZING! Just us four gringos with our own television and room and English! Yeah i know im spoiled and a baby but hey i have no problem admitting  it! So yeah conference was awesome and apparently with all those talks on marriage, ill get home in November of 2012 and be married before conference of April 2013... Or NOT! Haha!!  But it was such a great conference! I loved the talk by Elder Anderson in Priesthood about Missionaries for sure! I also really enjoyed the talk by Elder Scott about his wife, that was so LEGIT!  It was great to see good old Utah again! And mark my words family, April of  2013 we are going to the Sunday Morning session or a session together in the conference center!!!  All the talks were fantastic, the quote that i have in my mind is the one from Elder Anderson, “Its not what you can get from your mission, Its what you can GIVE!!!” Oh and of course the other one from Elder Scott, Serve an Early mission, then get back and get married! Umm... can anyone say that is terrifying to think about! haha but yeah i have a long time until i have to worry about that! As of now im just here in Huanuco Amarilis in my area Paucarbamba just preaching the Word!!! Love ya fam and friends, thanks for the letters and all the support!!  I’m always here, just waiting for packages!!! HINT HINT!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie!!!

The pic is taking forever to load so im just going to write you a little message while im waiting! So mom i really did feel really close to the fam while watching conference, i felt united! We were hearing the same words from the Prophet and the other Gen Authorities! I really kinda teared up thinking about you guys sitting in the house watching but its okay! we will watch together again really soon! !!! Oh and what day do Dayton, Kyle and Jake enter the MTC exactly? And if ya dont mind, instead of sending me just one big package, every now and then, how about sending  a lot of smaller ones??? haha sorry im a baby i just need some packages filled with lots of love with just weird things and crazy stuff and notes on napkins (like in my sack lunches from Altara) haha!!! Oh and please send me next week,  the quote that is framed in my room from Patriarch Stenneck!!! Love ya !!!

Spencer and his new companion, ElderArnoa, he is from, Tacna, Peru

Spencers own words: Title of the Picture: Personal
 Study, Lehi´s Dream... haha im so funny!

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