Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

April 18, 2011

Who´s got 2 thumbs and a Foot Fungus... ¡¡¡THIS GUY!!!

Well good morning my dear family and friends! Another Monday is here, Hooray!!!  So I figured that the title of my email would get your attention haha, yes its true i have something terribly wrong with my feet! Haha i have had like this big white stuff on my feet, it just looked like blisters, and we have neighbors that are elders too, they are both Latinos, i asked one of them what the heck was  on my foot and showed him, he told me it defiantly was a fungus!!! AHHHHH!!! I guess that explains why my feet smell FEASO (meaning: really, really bad in English)!! I guess i have become immune to smelling things, my sense of smell is pretty much destroyed, i mean i love Peru but its definitely a 3rd world or Ïmproving¨Country ß (Carrie here, not sure what those dots mean, maybe they are supposed to be quotes?) or whatever it’s called these days, and in the streets it definitely doesn’t smell great.  So yeah, i am now the foot fungus kid that can’t smell anything, Yeah For ME!!!! (he also is a little bit strange too!!) Haha that other elder had some foot fungus destroying cream, so i have been using it every morning and night and it seems to be helping! Now don’t go judging me, i shower every morning, and i even now floss my teeth and use Listerine! Yeah thats right, you heard it, I am a FLOSSER!  In the words of Caroline, this club definitely CANNOT handle me right now (for those of you, like me that don’t know what “this club can’t handle me now” reference is, they are lyrics to a song that Spencer and Caroline loved and would always sing it really loud while driving in Lola, Spencers green Van)!!!

So now I’ll just give you the Down Low on what happened this week in the Field! So we didn’t have any baptisms, but worse not ONE of our Investigators that are progressing came to Church this Sunday!!! Zip, Zilch, Zero, NADA! Ugh, that means that all of their baptismal dates are now in need of change cause you gotta attend church to get baptized, at least 2 times and a baptismal service... WOOF! But yeah its alright, so if your wondering about my companion, dont fret he still doesnt get up on time, but what can a man do!!! Im trying, and ill keep trying, but i cant complain too much, he is a really hard worker in the field, and we are really working, so that is great.

Well lets see, I really do not know how to describe my companion. Haha i found out he was in the Army this week? Umm that was about the last thing i would have every guessed that my comp did? He was in it for a year and a half, then bailed or something, i was shocked.  So he was in the army, but the other day he asked me if ever in my life i had seen another dude that i thought was good looking and liked???????? AHHHH!!! I looked at him and said …UMM WHAT!????! TO make sure i understood him, he then said, yeah like some other guy you saw and you thought yeah he is good looking i want to be like him or something like that? I cant lie i just about ran back to my room, packed my bags and got the heck out of there!!! I mean what kinda question is that??? Mom, im kinda of scared, I cant lie hahahaha!!! but really thats just a little bit on the weird side! And then after dinner we were walking and he told me a story of how he used to love to paint his sisters fingernails and toenails??? He told me he would spend a half hour on each finger! I’m sorry i just laughed out loud and once again asked the question, What in the Sweet Death are you talking about!? He asked me, well you have sisters right, havent you ever painted their nails or done their hair? I looked at him in horror, and said, UUUUMMMM NOOOO! JAMAS (that means never ever, ever, ever in English) Well maybe when i was 2 years old my sister painted my fingernails (don’t judge me i had no choice, i was a confused young lad!)! Of course i did not tell my comp that, i don’t want his fuzzy little foreigner mind to get the wrong idea.  So yes i might be living and preaching the gospel with the weirdest, strangest (and maybe gay) missionary that I have ever met!! And all I can do about it is just try and smile and work haha.  So please once more, i ask for some serious prayers for me this week!!!

So dad, i must thank ya right now for the talk you sent me by Elder Bednar.  It honestly hands down has CHANGED my life.  And i dont say that with the least bit of drama or sarcasm. That talk totally changed my view on everything.  Life, the mission, how i go about doing things.  Honestly, it was an answer to my prayers! I was doing exactly what Elder Bednar said, only using the Atonement to repent or when i am in need of something, and the rest of my personal obedience, when im trying to love and serve my companion, when im trying to just lose myself in the mission work.  I was just trying to do that through pure grit, and personal strength and self control... But it doesnt and shouldnt be that way!!! The enabling power of the Atonement is not just for sinners to become good people, no it’s really for all of us, trying to improve, trying to really change, and become better.  I have to tell you that I have felt the Healing and Enabling Power of the Atonement in my life this week.  Dad i know you were inspired to send me that talk.  It has completely changed my prayers and really my everything! I was having a rough week, i mean, you know I am loving the mission, but i hadnt really figured out how to just kinda let go of everything in my old life and just really lose myself in the work.  And its just my desire from the depths of my very soul to just lose myself and love the work.  I wanted to get to the point where my number 1 desire is to wake up at 6:30, to study and to really to preach the gospel.  But, I’m too weak to do it by myself.  But i have found how i can do it! I was praying all wrong, I was praying for a change in the situation, not in myself, that is what the talk by Elder Bednar that dad sent me, helped me realize, that I dont need to do it by myself.  I can become strong and blessed to have these desires be my number 1, thought hope and dream, through the power of the Atonement.  I have felt and seen this change within me this week.  Mosiah 3: 19 really is the key, a saint of CHRIST is the opposite of the natural man.  Someone who willingly submits to what the Lord has given him or the situation, the Lord sends us.  Thank you sosososo much for that talk dad!! I love you so much FAMILY!!! Ainsley is about to graduate! I cant believe it! I was so happy to receive part of that dear elder from Liney last week!!!  Liney you can use my sweatshirts whenever you darn well please!!! I love you little sis!!! Ainsley, good luck at graduation!!! I hope all goes well!!
Love yall,
Elder Spencer Marty McGHIE!!!
Ps mom, i need more of those ctr rings in Spanish, they are a hit!!! Everyone wants them,  all of my converts too! HAHA CHEVERE!!!( Meaning awesome or cool in English)!! Oh and i heard a David Archuleta song playing in the streets the other day! So i contacted the people and told them he is Mormon and my little sister knows him!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!!! David A in Peru!!! (HELLO?..Caroline really doesn’t know DAVID A.???)
Mom in my next package i want my Armies of Helamen, mommas boy shirt, and a cool copy or printed out typed up of D &C section 4, like you do on printshop, and please laminate it!!! LOVE YOU MOM!
Pss, how is Kory doing?  I need his address.  Also I need Challis’s address too!! And mom send Keaton my mailing address, tell him i love him, but he cant email me at this address, he has to email you!!! Thanks love ya!!!! Sorry no pics today... oops…. haha! Love you!!! Tell Brandon and Staples congrats for their mission calls and Bubba I’m way fippin jealous he got to see MESSI; send all my brothers my love and finally Collin wrote me! Ill respond to that next week!  Oh and tell Kyle there is a package at the mission office for me but it hasn’t been delivered to me yet!!
Love and thanks to all of you!!! Peace !

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