Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

April 11, 2011

Hay Carumba... haha!!

Well hello there fam and friends another week has come and gone, and of course as usual, what a roller coaster ride it was!  Well wow I can honestly say my patience has never been tried harder than this last week. So my companion well he is a a good guy.  But definitely the weirdest person i have ever met in my entire existence on this earth.  Holy Cow.  So my comp is a great teacher and a hard worker when he is awake! O woof, he cannot get his butt out of bed to save his life.  Apparently the Lord really wants me to learn patience during my mission cause its definitely not one of my strengths and its just getting hammered.  My comp doesnt want to go to bed ever he just keeps talking and talking and referring to Preach my Gospel every 5 seconds.  Haha so we never get to bed on time, but i still get up so im just so tired and then he just sleeps in till flippin 7:15 AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! So difficult!!  So one night we were walking back to our room and i said man im so tired lets try to actually go to bed on time tonight.  And he said, well you cant go to bed till i go to bed its a rule.  I said yes your right but we really should try to get to bed at 10:30 as it says in our schedule, so we can get some sleep.  Then he started to get all butt hurt.   He then told me since i get up 10 minutes before 6:30 i am breaking the rules? HAHAHA He tried to convince me that i cant get up till exactly 6:30, i said no thats definitely not a rule, but i was breaking a rule without getting up at the same time as my comp... because he sleeps in till 7!!! I then told him no we can definitely get up before 6:30 to do exercises and such, but we definitely CANNOT sleep in past 6:30.  He then got Royally Butt Hurt cause i was calling him out on sleeping in for the 50th time this week.  He tried to convince me that it was different and not really a rule and he told me we should look at the missionary handbook to see what it says.  I said POR FAVOR lets take a gander and see what the handbooks says, it says we have to be up at the latest 6:30 at the same time as our comp.  But he realized that he was wrong before i could whip out the handbook and stopped me and said Elder McGhie, how much time in the mission do i have? (1 year) And then responded to his own question and told me, Now Elder McGhie i think i know the handbook and the rules by now.  I laughed out loud and said, Wow that is great comp you have been a missionary for a whole year and you STILL CANT GET UP ON TIME!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha to say the least VICTORY was mine, and oh it was SO SWEET!  But yeah he still doesnt get up on time... ugh, but he definitely is almost the spitting image of Steve Erkle and laughs just like him.  And in the middle of our planning session he just screams at the top of his lungs for like a good 5 seconds and proceeds to laugh hysterically (just like Steve Erkle) for like 5 minutes.   I just try with all i have to smile and try and laugh.  Sweet Death, i mean honestly will everyone receiving this letter please pray that i can have the patience not to kill my comp.  I seriously thought, i have now learned why he has never had a companion for more than 1 transfer - for his whole mission.  Haha but yeah thats the mission right, lots and lots of experiences! ;)  Moy Bien sorry i really just had to get that off my chest, if it made any sense I’ll be happy!!

So, this week we did have 2 more baptisms! YEAH!!! We had the baptism of Hermana Carmen and her son who is 12.  Her husband is a member and was inactive for about 7 years but he is definitely re-activating and the baptism of his son and wife was a huge step! I have pictures to send.  I honestly cant explain the feeling of baptizing someone.  I got in the Baptismal Font and it was freezing cold, but honestly i never feel the cold of the water.  The spirit is so strong and its honestly like my chest is on fire it just has this warm burning great feeling right in my chest and i know for a fact without a doubt it is the Holy Ghost.  And its in that moment when all the frustration, all the home sickness, all the doors not opened, all the people that just laugh in my face when i try to contact them and they just yell GRINGO! And run away, its really in that moment when all the frustration of companions and everything hard just melts away.  Im so blessed to have this gospel in my life its unbelievable.  And really the baptisms are amazing but that’s not all, maybe the very best part of the day is before i go to bed i can get on my knees and just talk with my Heavenly Father and knowing that i did everything physically possible to talk to people to teach with the spirit to love my comp and all others, its when i can kneel down and express my gratitude to my Father in Heaven knowing he is listening.  That is an experience i can have every day, i just got to go and work and try my very best.  And it'll all work out. Cause there won’t always be baptisms, but my Father in Heaven and his son the Lord and Savior is ALWAYS going to be there.  Sometimes we just got to get on our knees and ask.  I would like to issue a challenge to everyone reading this, probably you are already doing this but if not, please just try it, it will change your prayers.  First of all Kneel down, not on your bed but on the floor, secondly pray out loud, find a private spot and really just have a conversation, and 3rd at least once a week in one of your prayers, dont ask for anything just give thanks.  And if you do these things i promise you will see a change in your life and your prayers.  Love all of you, sorry if i just got crazy preachy on all yall, or if i sounded just like my dad... hahahaha but its true!!! The Gospel is True, LIVE IT!
Love ya!
Elder McGhie
O yeah remember the church songs that we always listened to when i was little, like Have you received his image in your countenance and How could they not believe? Those are the choruses of the songs and my comp has them in Spanish i all of the sudden heard those songs and i was paralyzed and like 10 thousand memories of my childhood came flying into my head! I cant lie i was a little trunky in that moment but hey just thought you would like to know and its a good memory for the fam too! And great songs! Well random i know but love you!!!

Carmen, Vidal her son and Lady her little girl and her husband Edgar and my ward! The guy with the glasses kneeling down is my Bishop John Bravo!

 Carmen and her son Vidal and her little girl named Lady and her husband Edgar.

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