Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

January 31, 2011

And now its time for some more Gringo Moments with you favorite elder!

Well its that glorious time again family! How we doing!!! So mom i am
going to just start with my main email and then at the end answer your
questions from last email and all that Jazz!
we go! So i will start by saying this week i had some
problems with my companion but dont worry all is well or better now! I
will start with last Saturday Night a week and 2 days ago.  My
companion forgot to pay the phone bill thing so our little phone ran
out of minutes, it isnt a cell phone some crazy phone thing haha but
yeah so he muttered he would just have to pay for it tomorrow, i sort
of laughed becasue i thought he was joking! WRONG! After breakfast
sunday morning while walking back he like stopped by a store, i
thought o my gosh no way is he about to go in that store and shatter
the sababth day! So i asked him what he was doing he just looked away
and a grabbed him and was like wowow no! What are you doing! But he
went in and bought the next phone bill on sudnday! O man i about blew
a gasket! He came out and i started giving it to him, but something
stopped me, i looked at him and i could honestly tell he felt really
bad.  He has only been a member for 4 years and i think it was a he
fears man more than god moment becasue its his first time being
district leader and he had to call in numbers but yeah it was unreal!
SO i calmly told him we can never do that again we are missonaries and
how are we supposed to teach the sabbath day to investigators when we
arent keeping it! So after awhile i just kinda tried to move on! But
after sacrament meeting we had an investigator who works in the market
at church but she left after sacrament meeting so he wanted to go talk
to her... or thats what he said so she works in a little sewing shop
and the zipper on his book of mormon cover was broken and we really
went there so she could fix the zipper! So as we are standing there in
the middle of the market while we are supposed to be in church, he is
having an investigator break the sabath day and fix his zipper.  wow I
just about blew up.  I told the lady and the workers in the shop to
exuse us for a second, i went out of the shop and i had to just unload
on him.  It was ridiculous.  I told him i dont think he understands
the mission or the sabbath day.  He told me since i was new I had a
lot to learn about the mission and i didnt know what i was talking
about!!! O wow talk about pushin my buttons! i then told him sure i
was new and had things to learn fo rthe mission, but one thing i do
understand 100 percent are the commandments of The Church and we are
missionaries!!! We have to be the example to everyone! It was
ridiculous.  So after that i had to stop and apologize becasue you
have to have the spirit or you cant teach.  SO that was extremely
difficult for my to do, apologize for yelling at my comp when he
deserved all of it and more.  But i ate the humble pie! So besides
that my comp was having trouble getting up in the morning, being
obedient and all that! AHH i was just trying my best to be the
example.  But the lord blessed me, the zone leaders came on divisoins
with us for a half day.  And i got to be with Elder Hill a North
American in my area.  He could sort of tell something was up.  So i
just told him everything the  whole 9 yards.  He just smiled, turns
out his first companion was the ¨distric leader¨to and turns out that
doesnt mean crap! His comp was similar to mine, a good missionary who
has just gotten lazyand in a rotine.  He said every trainer is a
trainer for a reason.  Either the trainer is great and is there to
kick the new guy in the but or the other way, the trainer needs the
but kicking! So he gave me some tips on what to do. Haha so the next
day for comp study i told him i wanted to do a little reading in Prech
my Gospel.  So together we read the sections in PMG on accoutability
and obedience!!! O HECK YEAH! Pretty much he got the picture and since
then things have beeen a lot better! He actually gets up on time and
we work! Its great! So i thought dad would enjoy that story and im
sure he can relate perfectly! Alright time for my Gringo moment of the
weeek.  SO we didnt have any of our investigators ready or willing for
baptism this week.  But the sister missionaries in our district did,
so they asked me to do that baptism! IT was sweet! Would have been a
lot cooler if it had been our investigator but hey ill take it, and no
im not counting it as a baptism! But so it was a 13 year old boy and
of course his name was GIANT! His name is Andrey Piero Usuriaga
Miraval... woof! So here i am in the font ready and i start saying the
prayer.  My comp stops me becasue he said i was saying his first name
Andrey wrong.  He said no no its not Andrey its AndrEy or something so
i tried again... and again... 3 times he stopped me! By this time i
wanted to jump out of that font and give him a good old Four Arm
Shiver to the FACE! haha so the other witness was a gringo to, he
leaned in and was like what the heck is going on?  MY comp said, he is
saying Andrey not AndrEY haha i have no idea i honestly couldnt tell
the difference! Neither could the other Gringo elder, so finally my
companion got off the crack cocain and i did the baptism! Haha AHH! MY
life! Im such a gringo its unreal! BUt i am loving the mission! O and
i had a Spanish break through!  A memebr asked us to help the Stake
mission prep class and of course we forgot to plan something, so i was
supposed to get up there and talk about the importance of have the
holy ghost alwasys(how appropriate haha) of course in all spanish. So
i found the Preach my Gospel cover verse in d and c 50 and i honstly
was just speaking spanish! HAHA for like 10 minutes! When i finished i
just sat down and i was like... what the heck just happened!!! I was
speaking spanish!! HAHA YEAH! So after words i asked my comp how it
was and he said that my spanish was money! I was so happy! THat is one
of the great things about me companion is he is awsome at teaching me
spanish! And he is pretty funny so dont worry mom all is well!
Love all yall! HOpe you enjoyed!
Elder McGhie

Alrighty mom, it gets dark around 7 but every street is lit well so
dont worry, i got a bunch of dear elders! So thanks so much i loved
em! I got em from you  and granma spencer and bubba! I got some more
last week from dad and liney the week before and Ainsley I got 2
letters from Ashley Anderson and one from Shawnie so tell em i
will write emback next week and a card from the fugates2 weeks ago so
thank them! THe latinos loved trevors argentine spanish ahah.  SO in
my package i need some pens, the blue one that are Bic with the little
blue swirly hanle on it, they are cheap and in a 12 pack i took some
fromthe begingin but im running low so sent those a black sharpie,
some mechanincal pencils and of course tjhere is a new rule any ipod
with movie capabilities had to be sent to the office, so send me and
old nano without movie capapbilities or a shuffle, and with only
Mormom TAb! Pretty please!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH ! I
pray for you every night and every morning, i gotta go! pray for those
same investigators especially INes, her boyfriend is back... woof! ANd
add Javier, a 13 year oldboy, he is very excited to be baptised!

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