Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

January 10, 2011


What is up my beloved family and friends! 
Im sitting in this internet cafe in the town square of the beautiful city of Huanuco! (wanuco)  Haha yeah so this has maybe been the craziest week of my entire life! Before i begin the epic story telling i must explain my email rule.  We get 50 minutes on the computer so that is definitely nice! But i can only send and receive emails to one email address.  We had to pick one and get it approved by the Mission President.... the lucky winner is MOM! HAHA YEAH! I figure that could keep her busy for a while! So mom here is the deal. I need you to tell the mortons to have keaton send the emails to your address i already told ryan and elder smith, so i figure that will keep you busy or at least a little! So dad Ainsley and Liney can all send me emails, they just need to come from moms email! I know, kinda weird right? My mission President is awsome, but is very strict, which is good! So my companion is elder Rojo from Lima, he is a CHAMPION! I thank the lord every day for blessing me with him! He is our district leader, it is his first time being the district leader so he is a little stressed and he has me... haha! So i thought i knew spanish pretty well when i left the CCM, yeah couldnt have been more wrong! AHHH SO frustrating! But i know it will come, my motto is poco mas poco mejor, cada dia, ( a little more, a little better everyday! ) Please pray for my spanish! Yesterday i kinda had a mini meltdown during my prayer... i prayed for about 20 min, about 7 minutes was me balling my eyes out! But hey, every good missionary needs a solid cry here and there! I was just frustrated, because you guys know me, my favorite thing to do is talk with everyone, be friends with everyone, i have so many ideas during the lessons we teach but i cant say em because i dont know how to communicate them correctly! AHHH! So yeah, but it will just get better every day! Oh,  so my area is call Paucarbamba, its the name of the ward. O and i have a suprise for all ya! You are now hearing from the ward piano player!!! haha yep thats right, i havent touched a piano for 3 months and sunday i tried to crank out some hymns. The first one was We thank thee o God for a Prophet, i dont know what it is called in spanish, it went pretty well, then i tried to play Called to Serve for the special hymn number... i gave up after the 2nd verse haha yeah it was rough, then the last hymn was secret prayer and i cranked it out like a soldier! But yeah i figured you would get a kick outa that! So yeah i left the ccm on tuesday and that night at 10 oclock i boarded a bus with 2 other elders and 2 hermanas and we drove all through the night! It was a really nice bus, but not much leg room! SO i arrived here at like 9 in the morning.  We arent supposed to travel in the night, but right now in Huanuco there is this constant festival so they couldnt get other bus tickets.  It is the Festivel of the "Los Negritos" pretty much a bunch of drunk peruanos dress up in these crazy outfits with black masks on and they walk up and down the street with a band and dance ALL DAY LONG! Haha there are like three of them that dress up like Gringos and every time they see me they run up and are all shaking my hand and in my face saying YOU ES MY HERMANO or sometimes they manage Brother to come out haha i just laugh and say Gringo or something and then they go on their merry way dancing and all that.  I have seen a lot of weird things you would never see in the US haha the culture shock wore off in about half a day of arriving here. Now i just shake my head, chuckle and think to myself T.I.P. meaning, This is Peru haha Dan taught me that when we went to that Peruano Resturaunt.  So since we are opening a new area,  they had to find us a room very quickly (Emergency Room), we have this month to find another, because this one breaks about every rule about rooms... but its not bad, we have a possibility of a new room, like and apartment, we might go look at it today, we shall see! I hope so cause my goal is to be 100 percent obedient! And our room isnt, the zone leaders claim the President knows it and said its ok, which is bull crap so i keep pressin my comp to get another one! He doesnt seem in too much in a hurry, which frustrates me a little.  HE is great though! But he is a very intense planner of like lessons, but i need to plan out every little part because i have to prepare for the lessons and practice my spanish, i told him straight up we need to plan more, its going better.  So yeah, my pensionista is awesome! She makes really good food! So mom ill give you my schedule everyday so you can look at the clock and maybe know what im doing! We eat breakfast everyday at 7:30, then personal study from 8-9, then comp study from 9-10, language study form 10-11, we then have lessons or contacts till 1 then we eat for an hour then from 2-5 contacts and lessons, 5-6 is dinner and then we work till 9 or 930 if we have appointments, we are 2 hours ahead of you so just be comforted! LOVE YOU FAMILY! I took a few photos so i will send em now! Life is great! I just am learning more lessons and patience everyday! haha i just want to speak spanish!!!!!! Patience... patience... ahh!  Write me in the next email or send a dear elder and tell me what is up! I hope all is well! I have my little mike wazouski on my dresser! I kiss it good luck everyday! Thanks everyone! I love ya!  Elder Spencer Marty McGhie       
PS tell my friends to write me, they can just write me using,  dearelder.com (its free)  or just write an email and send it to my  mom and she will email it to me!!

Elder Spencer McGhie with President and Sister Levya

Their group leaving the CCM for their first areas

CCM Group meeting with the Mission President

Their group at the Mission Presidents home


Spencers first companion and his trainer, Elder Rojo


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