Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

December 29, 2010

Hey there Fam and Friends!!!!

Hey there Fam and Friends!!! Hows life in the real world? I hear its overated haha! So thanks for the Christmas update and all that and the update on Liney´s big 14th birthday! So yesterday me and my companion sang happy birthday to liney while we were walking to class, and everyone in my district sang Sweet Caroline about 10 times! So dont worry Liney you got a lot of Birthday wishes from the CCM in Peru! I hope your day was wonderful!!! So i guess in this email i got to start back on Christmas Eve. So Christmas Eve well started out alright, i dunno it was hard not to think of home and all that but that was early in the day on Christmas Eve. We had a fireside that night which was pretty good, but the fun all started after that! After the fireside we all participated in a Christmas Tradition, Hot Chocolate and Fruit Cake? Haha well at least in the United States fruit cake is a joke, not in Peru! They love that stuff! And to tell you the truth... its not good haha but yeah, o before i get started you guys need to tell Kyle Spencer that  he Served with both of my teachers in Trujjio Mission! My guy teacher would have been Elder Martinez who worked in the office with him, and my girl teach (who is the best teacher ever) her name is Rosario Caballero, she knew Kyle to, so that was really cool! And then i had to explain to them why my first name is Spencer and not my last haha that was fun... O and dad to answer your question, i thought my Spanish was coming along pretty well... until yesterday we started SUBJUNCTIVE!!! AHHH!!! What the heck that stuff is nuts.  So i guess we will see how that goes.  But anyways sorry mom this is going to freak you out, but i leave the CCM on Tuesday Morning!!! HOORAY!!! So yeah im pretty much stoked out of my mind! But that means you shoulda sent the package to the mission home! O well its all good, hopefully it gets to me haha!  So back to Christmas Eve, so we ate that funky fruit cake and then each district was assignent to pick some Christmas Song and sing it that night, but it didnt have to be a hymn, it could be whatever song we wanted! So i figured a lot of people would do fun songs, i was kinda wrong on that one... haha so we all go out there and everyone starts singing and we are the last disctrict to go, of course cause we are all north americans.  So everyone is singing silent night, and a bunch of hymns, Im like o boy haha because i had proposed the idea and my district all loved it to sing the Grinch Song! Haha i was inspired by Seth Tippets, that is his favorite Chirstmas Song and I just remembered how awsome it was so our teacher printed off the lyrics and it was like 6 verses, we had practiced all these actions and stuff haha so classic! So we get up there and everone sang hymns or serious songs, Elder Mortons district sang Mary did you Know, they did way good but i couldnt help laugh cause that always reminds me of when our cousing Ethan Lamb sang that to his mom haha what a classic moment! So we get up there and start singing the Grinch Song and I wont lie it was pretty funny, and I was getting into it, with sound effects and all that jazz, so tell Seth i did my best to make him proud haha! After that everyone just stayed out there and we sang every Christmas song we could think of! We sang chesnuts roasting on an open fire, jingle bells, 12 days of Christmas, we sang em all! It was pretty fun! We just belted em out, then we went in and this Elder had the same poem mom sent me, a missionary christmas, i hadnt opened my package for Christmas Eve yet, so pretty much he read that and we were all balling because we all missed our Mothers haha, then i went up to my room and opened up my Christmas Eve package and read it again and i cried a little more! Dont worry, it was a good crying session though, and dad your letter was awsome! What you said about how if i was home it wouldnt have been as happy, cause i need to be out here, and that was so true! So thanks for that.  Please thank everyone that sent a christmas note, they were so awsome!!! I loved reading all of them, and the pictures were amazing!!! So great job on that! So i woke up and Christmas and of course opened up my presents!!! I was so pumped when i got the Gryffindor T-Shirt!!! So awsome!! Thanks so much for that!  First off i need mom or dad to email or call the mortons and thank them for raising such an amazing kid!!! And thank the Lord for allowing us to be together on Christmas, it was nice to one of my brothers with me on Christmas! We did a little gift exchange, me and Keat, we signed some ties and gave em to each other with some candy and chips, so pretty much I love Keat! Such a blessing to have him with me! it really did help Christmas to be a whole lot brighter having him here!  SO Christmas was pretty awsome, we had a bunch of pinatas and all that, you will see in my pictures im holding the pieces of the piƱata in the air, in my Gryffindor shrit! And then we played some kick ball and Sand volleyball, we had a giant Christmas lunch that was actually way good! I gave my ties out and we took some matching pictures so that was awsome! Then later in the night me and elder morton played some pick up soccer with some latinos before we watched a movie.  They let us watch the Other Side of Heaven! It was so awsome! It was kinda weird cause you know how its like a half love story haha... yeah so me Elder Morton and my comp were laughing about that haha Girls... totally lame and overated... at least till November 2012! Haha good times! So yeah life is great, Christmas was really fun, Ive got a lot of pictures to send you! So remember i get out of here on tuesday!!! Tuesday morning or afternoon we go to the mission home and have our interviews and then we go to our areas!!! HECK YEAH!!!! Here is how i see it, yeah the MTC was fun, but i am so ready to get out of here ahah, the mission i have been dreaming about for my whole life is actually about to start in less than a week! Sure, im nervous my spanish isnt that awsome but i know once i get out there i just want to get lost in the work, get fluent in spanish, and START SAVING SOME SOULS BABY!!! Im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Dont worry about the package, itll get to me! thanks for sending one so quick! You guys are the best and always in my prayers! And trust me, i say a lot of prayers these days haha!
 Well love ya all!!! Elder Spencer Marty McGhie

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