Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

December 22, 2010


Hey there family and friends!!! First of all i will just start out by saying it is like the 50th day mark in my mission (someone informed me of that, dont worry im not counting) but is that just nuts or what!? 50 days.... And to say the least i want to go to the FIELD SO BAD! Haha dont get me wrong the CCM is pretty sweet but the Field is going to be the bomb! Under 2 weeks BABY! So life is pretty awesome! My companion is Elder Thompson! We totally graduated together from Alta just this last year, haha what are the chances right!? He is going to the Lima Peru South Mission, he is a giant cougar fan, a giant psych fan, and he loves classic rock! So pretty much we get along together awesome! His First name is Colton if Mom wants to go stalk him in my year book and stuff! Ok so i will answer moms demanding questions haha no, i cant print out emails in the ccm but its all good i read em all! And your question about elder madsen, i really do love him! He’s a champion and a great kid! So this last week has been pretty grand, my spanish has hit a little trouble without my own personal dictionary latino companion! But its all good in less than 2 weeks i will have a trainer showing me all the ropes!  So my district has no latinos! Bummer deal right!? So i am making Elder Morton (keaton) share his haha so my district is pretty tight we have elders from all over the country and 6 north americans in our room so everynight we have story time or we discuss deep doctrine, well i guess there is no ¨deep doctrine¨but its fun to talk about the millennium and Armageddon and stuff haha !!!!Ok im sorry this is the most random email ever!!! anyways so last wednesday they took us on this awesome tour!!!!  We gotta go and look at the ocean haha and then they took us to a downtown square in Lima and we got to go shopping and eat pizza and ice cream! I bought you guys way way cool lama stuff and this awesome peru gear!!! So once i get to the field i will send a package home and you guys will have your own legit peru stuff! So i ve been opening up My Christmas cards and they are so amazing!!! I love them! Its so so so cool to get to hear from all of you and I Love it!!! And all the pictures mom sent me of everyone have really taken me down memory road to such good times we had!!! So the mission is the bomb! And im only in the MTC i cant imagine how tight it will be in the field! Sorry theres not much cool stuff  to write about, i kinda sit in class all day long... So mom get Rosetta Stone if your trying to learn Spanish I hear it is awesome! And last sunday i sent a bunch of letters home and in replying to dear elders from everyone so be on the look out for those haha. Ok so Mom if you wanna send me a package to the mission home I want my line of authority from dad, some stamps, pictures of Christ, some beef jerky, sun flower seed(original, david brand) and some mike n ikes! O and i opended some of my christmas presents... haha i pretty much shouted for joy when i opened my lord of the rings shirt!!! So awesome, i am wearing it right now! Everyone loves it haha! Tell liney to listen on her birthday cause i will be singing her happy birhtday and Sweet Caroline so listen and she should be able to hear it all the way from Peru! So Life is AMAZING! You know me, if your not laughing, smiling, or crying for joy every second of everyday, then something is wrong.  And since I have such awesome family and  friends and i get to serve a mission in Peru, i have no reason in the world to not be Smiling. So Thank you everyone for all you have done for me! I loved all the extra pictures! now i will send you some pics from the tour! Love you all and I hope everyone has the best darn Christmas EVER!!!!(and Lineys Birthday too!!)
(and thanks for the Christmas messages from all of you all).           
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie

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