Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

December 1, 2010

Hola My Amazing Family and Friends!!

Hola my amazing family!!!!  Wow first i have learned for myself why it is the Best 2 years (so far) first off its the hardest 2 years, but the most rewarding, amazing, experience of my life!  I really have grown up a lot, but im still the spencer all yall know and love! so how do i describe perú? haha lets see well i have soup and rice with a random slab of meat for luncha nd dinner every day haha but hey i love it!  Ill start off with the begining, it was an interesting first days, culture shock, my body trying (still trying) to adjust to the food and juices haha.  So there is a quote on my journal from d and c 122 7 And that all these things will give thee experienc... Ill say experience alright! so my companion speaks zero english so its been a giant game of charades! and he hasnt been throught the temple so coolest experience ever i got to take him through the temple this morning!!! Amazing experience! So waiting to get on the bus to go to the temple we were in the back of the line and 2 buses pulled up, chuck full! And so i thought, no way we are fitting on this thing! haha well in The United States no way, but in Peru everyone fits!!! My head touches the top of the bus so i have to squat down while there are about 25 extra people crammed in there! it was good cause i couldnt see how close the other cars actually were, ( i experienced that on the way back when i could sit down) but anyways so we finally got to leave the mtc and see the real world!!! And after the temple we got to go shopping, we went to the distribution center cause my comp needed some stuff, then we went to a store called tottus, and it was like we stepped into the USA! It was a giant walmart thing!  I was so happy to in the real world and we were having so much fun walkin around with my comp, and it hit me thats what a real mission is like!!! I said hi to every single person i saw and wanted to share the gospel with all of em!  So i need to start from Sunday, we had a testimony meeting, and there were about 25 latinos that got on to share theirs and then only 4 north americans, including me i was intimidated and i prayed with all my heart that i could do it all in epañol and i did it! then after that i go a suprise and had to teach the lesson to my distric in spanish, i prayed with all my heart and i can honestly say i had the gift of tongues!!! I was pullin phrases outa no where! it was just awsome!!! I bore my testimony at the end about an experience i had when i was about 12, i read moronis promise and prayed to know if it was true and the spirit testified to me it was!! it was amazing and when i shared it i sorta choked up and after all the latinos were crying to, it was awsome!!! The spirit speaks no languages to say the least! I had so much to say but i have to give up my computer at the moment, i will email more a little later, i have to give up my computer, now this sucks i have so much to say, ill try and log back on in about 20 min... sorry!!! ill be back, love you with all my heart, thanks for the prayers

Im back baby!!! i fixed another computer! Okay so i gotta start from the beginnig here... The Latinos are the best!!! They are the happiest people i have ever met! The best is on sunday we sang the first hymn and they could care less about how they sound, they just yell that hymn to the world!!! IT was so great!  So on monday they have this trainer come and for our gym time we work out with him, everyone was tellin me how hard it was, i was like yeah ok i doubt its bad at all. Haha lets just say he is the Chuck Norris of Perú, he had cones set up all over the soccer field and we did sprints, pushups with these bands, i am sore to say the least, but i loved it! It was awsome, we had this crazy peruvian screaming and blowing his whistle at us in rapid spanish! i had no clue what he was saying but it was great! the best was seeing the Latinos hahahahahahaha they were so funny, they all just would lay on the ground and they all wanted piggy backs! haha it was great, so gym is the best here we play on a way nice truf field, latinos vs north americans, haha we beat em! They were not very happy to say the least, it was so fun, i put in my fare share of goals haha can anyone say hat trick???  So the latinos all wanted to see my picture book, they all swarmed, so Ainsley there are 20 latinos here that want to marry you, but only 2 of em break 5'3 hahaha, one of them made  me promis after my mission they could come and marry you, i said o FOR SURE! haha so if things dont work out during the next 2 years ive got plenty of elders for ya! haha so my spanish has improved vastly, but we will see how much i actually know on saturday when we go legit trackting!!! I am jsut loving my mission, i cant wait to get out there for real though! The MTC here is pretty chill, but we can only take pictures on p day so thats weird, my companion is really funny, he is elder chaves, i think i told you the wrong name last week ahah but yeah he is from nicaruagua and they dont have a temple so i gotta take him through! An experience ill never forget!  O and dad there is an Agrentine here from Rosario and i was tellin him that my dad served there and you that your mission pres was President Abrea, i told him i knew him and that you were his assistand and he came to my farewell, his eyes lit up and gave me this huge bear hug!!! I was like well alrighty then ahah it was awsome! So the first thing i was going to say was no packages but looks like im too late for that haha o well, I pray about a million times a day and everytime i thank heavenly father for my wonderful family... and to please bless them! I can feel of your prayers thank you so much! Dad, thank you so much for serving your mission, it has been such a strength to me, i think about those journal entries i read of yours every day! I love ya so much pops! I wish i woulda realized you were my best friend before i left! I 2 years we are hanging out all the time!!! That goes for the whole family! Mom, i love you so much, thanks for always praying and hoping for me, your my hero!! Ainsley i love you so much, your an amazing example to me everyday! I used to joke i hoped you got married while i was gone, but it would be really hard to miss your wedding, so if you can hold off for 2 years, cause i want nothing more than to be there when you go through the temple, an eternal family means the world to me!!! And little liney, my other best friend, i love you so much, you are strong my friend! I got to write a letter on sunday and i wrote it to you!!! So be on the lookout, i{m so sad i will still be in the mtc so i cant send you a birthday present but the first thing i do is sending you a present, they have awsome perú things in the city! I love you guys so much, but i know that this time we are apart is neccesarry for me and you guys, i have grown so much, i love you alll to pieces!!! Thank you for the prays and love, the 2 years will fly and we will be in person again!!! now i must hook up some picture, ps its alright byu lost cause i jsut need em to win when i get back! haha!!!

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