Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

December 15, 2010


Hola Familia and Friends!!! How are we doing today! K, ill start off with some bad news email time is getting cracked down on so i dont have as much time as i used to but its all good! So ill just send one big email and family you just edit it please!!! So my companion left... which totally sucked, and there arent enough latinos so i think im getting a North American companion!!! WOOF oh well i will just try my best to speak spanish! But i might get a latino we will see! So i had to go to immigration this morning and i get back from the long van ride and there was a huge bus outside the CCM and i was like NEW ELDERS!!! I ran over to the bus and guess who was there!!! My main man KEEEEAATTTOOON MORTOOON!!! We embraced for like 5min! I just love that kid it was so good to see him again!  I took a picture so ill send that to you! O and we have the tour later today where ill take like a million pictures but ill have to send them next week! O and other great news your package came! THANKS SO MUCH! I set up the trees and opened the chocolate calender, i gave the other one to elder madsen! But i havent dove into the other gifts cause i had to read the instructions on this email to start! I got a bunch of your dear elders to! They made me so happy and laugh! And thank Kirk Green for his dear elder that was great to read and his joseph smith comparison was perfect!!! And tell him to tell tyson i love him and hang in there! I need his email too! So now im going to give you a recap from my epic trackting experience from saturday... So we drive for like an hour and a half, im like where the heck are we going? So we finally get to the chapel and its not to bad, not very ghetto, but we go to get off and they told me and 3 other companionships to stay on the bus. We drove about another 20 minutes to the GHETTO! Wow i was like umm... haha so we get in the chapel and there are other missionaries from the mtc there as well, and they tell us we all have to take out watches off because itll get robbed so we had to put them in our backpack... I wont lie i was trippin out, cause even the natives were a little worried! They put me and my comp with a ward member kid who is prepping for his mission and we walked about 15 min to our little area, our first contact was golden! It was a 17 year old named jimmy, he was really interested and i was actually in the conversations, i shared some scriptures told him about the Holy Ghost, i was killin it in Spanish! Its amazing how much i have improved because of my native.  So we got his information and he is definitely interested for the missionaries to come back later in his area, it kinda stinks cause we go out there and do the contact work but dont get to see the fruits of our labors but 3 more weeks and ill be there!!! So 2nd contact is this sweet little old lady and we were teaching her in her house. It was the first house i had been in like sat down to teach a lesson, so here house was just this smalll square, and it was so humbling to know this is all she had, you could tell how hard she had worked on her little house, it was painted pink and there were little china characters all over the room and a bunch of pictures hanging on the wall, it was so cute. So in the lesson i taught about the restoration of the gospel and the first vision! It was awesome!!! We were doing awesome and she was so interested! I hope it works out. By then it was almost lunch time and my comp didnt really have a desire to talk to people and neither did the native they just wanted to head back, so i just let him take charge in the morning so we went back, i was bugged but it was only 5 min early, the spirit just ate at me and i was like i cant waist 1 minute of the lords time!!! So after lunch i was like no way im not wasting a moment, so we did some contacts and my comp and the native decided it was just time to walk and chit chat, so i was trying to street contact, and we passed 2 people who both seemed interested to talk but my comp just kept walking, and after we passed the 2nd person i just well kinda snapped, you know my temper, it takes a lot for me to get actually mad, but waisting the lords time is 1 of them! In my best spanish i chewed both of them out, and my comp has definitely never seen me mad I pretty much yelled, WHY ARENT WE TALKING TO EVERYONE! And they kinda looked at me and then i said THIS IS THE LORDS TIME WE ARE TALKING TO EVERYONE!!!! and then i ranted for a couple more seconds haha and to say the least it was effective! We started tearing it up!  So we are in the ghetto and we are walking to a members house to get a referral and all these bums were sitting on the curb heckling me haha its was funny i just waved and said hi, and at that moment i have never felt safer, i knew i was in the hands of the lord and he is protecting me.  It was awesome, so mom dont worry im protected! So the day was coming to an end and we were at the members house, she wanted to give us some random juice and i looked at my comp and said nononono! I was like i cant drink i will get sick, cause the cup she gave me was like dirty and she just splashed some tap water in there and filled it up with some juice i was like ah crap, she gave me the glass and i couldnt say no, you could tell they dont have much and to just share a drink with me is a big deal for them, so i just manned up and drank it! Haha it wasnt bad, i figured i would have the runs or throw up all night, but i was just fine! See the lord is lookin out! But dont worry mom i figured out how to say thank you very very much but im not allowed to, in spanish as nice as possible! Haha good times, we taught a few more lessons and it was a great experience! Im lovin my mission and i love all you to pieces!!! ElderMcGhie!  Alright fam this part is just for you guys, so life is great, it really is mom, dont worry you are always with me and its really all good! So i have a little assignment for all you! once christmas break starts, for family night i want all of you, mom, dad, ainsley, and liney to go to Temple square, see the lights and go watch the Joseph Smith movie! I demand it!!! And when i get on my email next week i expect to see pictures!!! Thanks so much for your constant prayers and love, i cant believe im getting out into the real field in under 3 weeks! Im so excited! Cause the CCM is great and all but i didnt go on a mission to sit in class for 5 hours haha, but im still learning patience, i read a talk by President Uctdorf on patience and it was amazing! I would recommend reading it together! Mom dont worry i have my other big pillow so i dont need another pillow haha and we arent going proselyting anymore cause the saturday is on christmas and the next saturday is new years day and its way to dangerous to put us out there!!! Well i love yall so sos sossos much! Ill hook up some pics!  LOVE YOU! from the best son ever Elder Spencer Marty McGhie (yeah im now Spencer Marty McGhie) ps if someone calls or called from the peru ccm lookin for my social security number give it to them, if not dont worry its all good! LOVE YOU and go to temple square! 

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