Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

December 7, 2010


Well so on Saturday night i found out this week p-day was going to be on tuesday, and i was sorta mad cause i didnt get to tell you guys when it was so you wouldnt be able to email me! But dont feel bad its totally fine! Mom, i got one of your Dear Elders earlier this week but it was put in some other elders mailbox addressed to an Elder Spencer McGhiw hahahahah that made me laugh! But yeah its all good, so i have had an interesting week to say the least, ill start on saturday, o and sorry no pictures today cause we are only allowed to take pictures on p day and our email time rotates, and our email time is at 7 in the flipppin morning! So i havent taken any new photos since my last email cause that lame rule... but anyways so Saturday is what i would call a Baptism by Fire.  Haha they load us all up on buses and off we go! We leave at about 745 in the morning, to get to our area it was about a 40 minute drive and the home base is the chapel in the area.  The area i was in, is in the Lima Central Mission boundaries... needless to say im grateful im going to lima east haha so then everyone gets a different area in the city and divide into about groups of 4 and you get a teacher, then you branch off, in the morning the teacher was with me and my comp and then the afternoon he was with the others, needless to say i enjoyed the afternoon more.  So the first street im walking down just reeks o urine and poop, and there was garbage all along the side of the road, it was very interesting to say the least... haha so me and my comp go to this park and its game time.  There is this lady with her dog and she is sitting there with her her mom, this little old lady and so we go up to contact her, im nervous to say the least! I dont even speak SPANISH!!! So we go up to her and start talking, she was pretty nice but not very interested at the end of our little conversation we invited her to go to church on sunday, haha she said she could come to church on sunday because she had to walk her dog and eat breakfast... Haha nice  So we are walking around the streets of peru and its almost lunch, we decide to contact one more lady, it was this little old lady and like a 35 year old man just sitting on a bench in the park, this time the teacher was with us, so we walk up and start talking to her and it immediately goes south  her first words were, i am catholic, wich i now know when someone says that they arent just filling you in on what they believe it also means GO AWAY! haha but hey we are missionaries we arent going anywhere, so we try to talk politely with her and ask her what her name is of course she wont tell us and just starts yelling MALO MALO witch means bad, haha so im sitting there i dont speak any spanish this old lady is just screaming at us and i was like o my gosh what the heck is going on, cause she is rapidly yelling in spanish and i have no idea what she is saying!  So i just tried to bear my testimony and i would get 3 words in and she would start yelling again, frustrating to say the least. So the teacher with us sorta took over and he was like just give me one minute to share my testimony and then we will leave, so he tried, she started yelling again, tried yet again, she started yelling again, it was nuts! So we then just thanked her for her time and bailed!  Needless to say i needed that lunch break.  so after lunch i decided to be more involved and use every spanish word i possibly could think of just to be in the conversations! So the afternoon was going well, we landed a few Book of Mormons some pamphlets, some passalong cards, so it was going much better.  Then it was drawing near to the end of a long weird confusing day, i was standing in the streets with my companion talking to a man, it wasnt really going anywhere to say the least, I was standing there holding a book of mormon in my hands and this little old lady came running down the street, pointing in my direction and hollering hey! HEY! I was like what the heck, but i figured she was yellin at someone else so i just kinda looked back down and tried to re focus on the conversation at hand, but she she just kept coming down the street yellin at me! So i look up as she was getting closer, i looked behind me and there wasnt anyone behind me, and i kinda mouthed me? She was like si si si! She was just this tiny old lady and remember this is all in spanish... she said hey i want that book of mormon, i was like really? haha but i asked her why and she said she loved reading and was really interested in the church and wanted to read that book, so i got really excited i was tellin her all about it in my best broken spanish, and i started showing her where to read i but a pamphlet in 3 Nephi Chapter 11 and Moroni 10 and asked her to read it! And she said she would! I asked her to attend sacrament meeting tomorrow and she said she would as well! I gave her a passalong card with the church info on it and it was awesome! It was totally crazy, she probably only understood half of what i said, my spanish struggles haha but in the end Saturday was a very exhausting and satisfying day! It was nice to actually be doing some work for once! Love ya!!! Sorry no pics but ill take a bunch and have them to send to you next week on wednesday!!!

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