Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

November 25, 2010


Reporting Live from Peru!!!

Holy smokes I'm on a different continent, what the heck! haha When we touched down in Lima we were all so excited!!!  Its so weird to think that it is Thanksgiving in Utah... cause its hot here! after we landed we had a rather adventurous drive to the Peru MTC or CCM, haha we had 2 giant buses loaded with elders and can anyone say CULTURE SHOCK! Wow, crazy stuff, i was relieved to find out that that part of Peru is in the Lima Central Mission and not mine! Its ultra sketchy for sure! Then we took a wrong turn our bus was like stuck down this small dark alley with houses on both sides haha we had to back up all the way through the alley, it was so ghetto and there was like 2 feet of space on each side of the bus as we were backing up! It would have been a priceless photo a bunch of gringos just sittin there jaws dropped thinking what have i gotten myself into! Haha we arrived to the CCM around 2:30am to a bunch of elders in crazy Peru hats and ponchos cheering, haha it was great, they buzzed my head this morning so thats pretty weird.  My companion is Elder Sanchez straight outa Nicaragua! He speaks zero English... haha its pretty rough, but Elder Madsen, moms friends son, is in my room! So thats cool!  But yeah so if any of you could see me trying to communicate with my companion you would probably die of laughter!  He looks like he is 16 haha but he is 24! I was like well alrighty then, he is really nice, and the other native elder is from Guatemala and gratefully he speaks a little English.  So this is a pretty interesting experience.......... The quote from D&C  122:7, and All these things shall give thee experience... haha yeah pretty much a very interesting experience. I had my first lunch, it was alright, some rice, potatoes that were cold some random slab of meet and egg soup haha yeah the egg soup wasnt too good, but we have to eat everything we get so i just guzzeled it down.  I cant believe I'm on a different continent, so weird to think about!  There are about 20 new Americans and a bunch of natives, and they dont speak English!!! My Spanish will be improving very quickly to say the least, because i have no other option of communicating! The Peru CCM is really nice, way more relaxed than Provo MTC.  And next Saturday they put everyone on a bus and you and your companion go out and do legit proselyting!!! We visit investigators and less actives so I hope my companion knows whats going on teaching wise cause all I know how to do is bear testimony! so yes pretty much I'm in Peru, i got all my luggage, we already had an elder hurling his guts out when we got out of the airport, he was just pukin all over the road, but thats ok cause pretty much you can do whatever you want on the street and no one cares...  there are no traffic rules, especially when your in a huge bus, our drive I dont think stopped at one traffic light and everyone just honks.  Well I hope everyone is having a wonderful thanksgiving my p day is next Wednesday I'm going to try and send some pictures home but today is the only day we have a short time for emails so i dont know if i can get em off, if not ill send a buch next week!  Love ya! Its was great to talk to you yesterday!!! I miss ya and dont worry all is well in Peru, even if I cant talk to my companion!
Elder mAAgie... my new name for 2 years haha

Elder Sanchez straight outa Nicaragua

Spencer somewhere in Lima

Spencer and Elder Sanchez at the Peru CCM

Elder Sanchez on a real soccer field in Peru in
his real soccer Jersey, He is loving it!!

Spencer and all of the guys in the
 district that he is in, at the Peru CCM
Spencer and his district.  The non-Latinos
are: Elder Ty Barnett, Elder Jordan Campbell,
 Elder Dane Madsen and Elder Weiss 

Spencer pointing at his favorite
 soccer player who isnt Peruvian but
from Guatumala

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