Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

November 18, 2010


Hola Familia and Friends!!!
Well here we are again, email number 2!  Hows everything going? Thanks so much to everyone for the dear elders, letters, and packages!!!  Its the best when i get any of the 3 so keep sending em please! I wrote all yall back that sent me dear elders and letters this week so be checkin your mailboxes!  Before i get started i would just like to give myself some credit, i predicted BYU would run teh table the rest of the season and UTah would get whooped by TCU and lose at Notre Dame... so far so good! HAHA iTs probably good ill be on a different continent when the game goes down in 2 weeks or I would probably lose my mind! But i'm not really supposed to be thinkin of that stuff but come on i need at least some sanity! I already saw Elder Tyson Green and his crazy name tag that is in Mandrian! I was like holy crap, good luck! He was way excited and happy so that was awesome! BUt i didn't have my camera to take a picture! But we will get one before i leave! As i was layin in my bed last night it hit me that in under a week i will be in Peru!!! And the best part is it is summer! That is the weirdest thing to think about, than in less than a week i will be sweatin my guts out in Peru, but so exciting! I'm glad to hear they have Dear Elder in the Peru MTC that'll be nice.  Well i walked out of class last night around 9:30 and I could see all this traffic outside, and i thought well thats weird i wonder whats going on? And then it hit me... BYU vs Utah St! I was like well thats a bummer. hahah I gotta get outa PROVO! I love it to much and i forget i'm in Provo and get lost in my studies and then that blasted bell tower goes off every hour and i remember i'm in Provo and That Ainsley is probably hearing that same bell go off and a bunch of my friends, now that is weird to think about! All signs are ago fro me to leave for Peru on Wednesday, but it isn't 100 percent sure till Monday, so pray for my Visa! So this week has been pretty interesting, my companion got sick so we walked down to the Provo health clinic, it was way scary to be in the actual real world! And then I saw some girl running towards us, and she was blonde so i thought it might be Ainsley, turns out it wasn't and then i got way scared because she was a real girl and not a sister missionary, and I was like O CRAP ITS A GIRL!!! And then me and my companion got really scared and started walking very quickly away! So to say the least my fear of girls has increased 10 fold! Haha but I do enjoy reciving letters and dear elders from them... so keep sending them haha.  On Tuesday we had a member of the 1st Quorum of the 70 come and Speak to us, Elder KEvin W. Pearson i didn't think to much because we had Elder Bednar last week. Boy was i wrong!!! It was easily top 3 best talks i have ever hear! He even quoted Yoda haha and said Do or do not, there is no try! But its so true! He discussed how a lot of missionaries are afraid to become clones and don't want to lose our personalities.  Funny story because i just had that talk with my district right before the fireside, how we didn't want to become clones.  So he was saying we don't become clones when we serve missions with all our heart might mind and strength, we actually find out who we really are! And our eternal potential! He talked to us about if we could only know how much of an impact our mission is having on us, our families, and even my own personal family in the future (now thats a scary thought) but it was so true! Pretty much the talk was just awesome!!! Haha i can see i am starting to get lost in the work, because on monday, we had some spare time before dinner so for entertainment we looked at all pictures of the Quorum of the 12 and first presidency and discussed who had the best tie, and who had the best knot for their ties, we discussed the double windsor knot for like 10 minutes haha! To say the least i'm going to be a little weird when i come home in 2 years but i'm  pumped to that weird person!  My goal is when i walk off that plane I see you guys and i can honestly say I did EVERYTHING i could possibly do in my power for the people of Peru.  I realized that 2 years really isn't that long and i have to go all out so I can come home and say there was nothing more I could have done, and I know by doing that I will be greatly blessed as well as you guys back at 925 Diana Hills Way! I know this church is true with every fiber of my being! Thanks so much for the support!

With much Love, Elder McGhie

Elder Spencer McGhie and his companion Elder Ben Smith

Elder McGhie and Elder Smith


Elder McGhie and Elder Smith and their district at the Provo MTC

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