Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

January 17, 2011

Hey… its this guy again

Once again reporting live from some ghetto internet hub in peru! Pretty much the computer i am using has to be from the Dinosaur age! So i have to print all the emails out today because i have been spending all my time trying to actually get on the internet! WOOF! So i got a bunch of Dear Elders today, from a couple weeks ago! So Liney i finally got your Dear Elders today! I havent read em all, but im proud of you and your facebook update after the cougz defeat! THats my
little sister! Way to be! O and i finally listened to the tape you
guys sent me from Christmas! IT was awesome to hear from everyone! So i was inspired and recorded one of my own! I will send it today or i will have to send it next week, i dont know cause its a Zone Pday today so i might not have time I will try my best! So apparently we have some new additions to the family coming through the Shelly line? Tell Melissa and Kyle congrats and Nick and Heather as well!

So now i will start the story telling…This week has been fairly nuts… as any former missionary who was learning a new language can tell you! So right now my Spanish has picked up alot! I can understand most things Gospel related, but other
than that it is very difficult haha! I think last thrusday was the
first time i actually taught in a lesson. It was AWSOME! I cant teach very much but each time it gets better! Haha sometimes i teach a whole principle and the investigator just gives me this blank stare, and then my comp has to re explain everything again! But hey thats the mission. So i have had a couple
moments where i have wanted to chuck my companion out the window haha. So he is a champion, we get along great, its just probably impossible to know how frustrating it is to
be in a brand new country trying to learn the language and preach the gospel at the same time, unless you have actually done it! But hey its all good! I am always a little uptight about getting to appointments on time and all that and he is the opposite! But then i have to remember i am in Peru and no one really cares if we are 10, 15, 25, minutes late. But still it bothers me, cause there have been a couple times where the people have left because we werent there on time! Haha so we found a new room!!! Thank goodness! A member of the ward hooked us up,
i think we will change rooms on wednesday! It is such a relief,
because the house we live in now its this older couple and their son there. THey are nice, the problem is she has like 6 of those little rat dogs! O MY GOOODNESS! All they do all night long is sit there and bark, and bark, and bark! I want to chuck them out the window! But im a missionary, so that probably wouldnt be good! So my time is already up! CRAP! Sorry i will try and do better next week! I have some pictures, our investigaters are Hermano Nilo, Hermano Rocenberg and erika with baptismal dates for 2 weeks! Pray for them! Sorry i will do better next week! No time to send pictues or anything! SO Sorry! Crap i have to go! Danget! LOVE ALL OF YOU SORRY it was such a
lame email! Adios! Elder McGhie, ALL IS WELL!

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