Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

January 24, 2011

Gringo Moments, the life story of Elder McGhie!

Well hey hey hey! So i am writing this email first then reading them
and printing them later so i can make sure and get you guys a good
So im going to start of with a brief summary of what i call Gringo
Moments... Lessons learned the hard way in the first 3 weeks of the
mission! First i will start off with one of my first day... SO in
Spanish if you call someone Elderzito, it means beloved Elder.  Haha
me being a newb had no idea what that meant.  So for the whole first
couple days my pensionista was refering to me with that title and i
just thought she didnt know my name or something.  So when i tried to
explain to her that wasnt my name, she just laughed haha because she
has been a pensionita for like 12 years and has had plenty of new
gringos to deal with.  To say the least i felt like a moron.  Haha
another fun experience having to do with food here, they have this
stuff called Eccho, it is exactly like coffee but not against the word
of wisdom? haha i dont ask, the mission president approves of it it
must be alright! But so my first day i thought it was like Nesquick or
something... so here i am spooning like  5 giant scoops into my little
mug, i took one gulp and almost threw up! UGh it was the worst, my
comp laughed and traded me mugs and he thought he could handle it, he
took one gulp and almost upchucked and he is Peruano! Haha so i took
it back and i just held my breath and chugged that bad boy like it was
one of those nasty protien shakes! Haha except i didnt plug my nose i
just put a giant smile on my face and acted like it was the best thing
in the world.  After breakfast we were walking back to our room and
this guy was driving one of those litle moto taxis, he  leaned out the
window and yelled ¨Hey Gringo! HIGH HITLER¨ and did the hitler salute
thing... haha i just shook my head and said yeah buenos dias to you to
mate.  Haha another great learning experience was we had family night
with this active great family, and they had a bunch of food for
afterwords, but we didnt have time to eat cause it was 9 and time to
go back to the room, but here in peru they wont let anyone leave
hungry! So they filled up this like Vase of Rice pudding and gave us
rolls.  I of course was more than happy to eat my share back in the
room, but my comp didnt.  So the next day he asked me to empty out the
leftover so me being a newb gringo just dumped it down the sink... i
forgot 2 things, 1 it was like rice pudding, and 2nd im not in the USA
haha so i got to finger rice pudding out of a nasty drain and then
chuck it in the toilet! I amaze even myself sometimes with my Gringo
powers! So haha one of my better moments so far on the mission ahs to
have come on about my 4th day in the field.  IT was around 7 in the
evening and this old guy came running over to us shouting HALELUJA!
and hugging us, he said he had been waiting for us and wanted to be
baptized,  i was pumped right! SO im over there bearing my testimony,
giving him every pamphlet i got and my comp wasnt very enthused! I was
like whats his promblem? We have found the Golden Investigator! So
after all this we got his name address and an appointment and in my
head im like, There it is baby! BAptism number 1 haha after we walked
away i asked my comp what was up with him,and turns out the guy was
just totally wasted and we havent seen him since haha... One more
Gringo moment for yall, so its SAturday night, and i am jsut exausted,
but lucky for me as i tried to go to bed that night one house over was
honestly having a rock concert on their roof... haha i tried
everything i shoved toilet paper in my ears and nothing was working,
it was like i was litterelly in the middle of a rock concert it was so
loud haha, the people singing was some old dude and some little girl
and a bunch of people just jammin out till 3 im the morning! Haha good
times, good times! SO i hope that made up for my lame email last week!
SO family i sent a package home with a double sided casset with 2
recordings and some sovenirs for ya home today! I put like 10 stickers
of saint mary on there so that should arrive in about 2 and a half
weeks, i sent it through serpost here  the other elders said it worked
for them every time, but if it doesnt make it in 3 weeks ill record
another and sent it with that lady! Ill send all my stuff through her
now i got here info! But i think itll get there! IHOPE! SO my
investigators this week, we have Rocemberg who is married and has one
little baby boy, mateus, his wife is a member and we ahve a baptismal
date for him this week! We have Clissman, a 15 year old boy, he wants
to be baptized, but is scared to ask his dad for permission so pray
for him! Also a 14 year old named Erika, she knows its true, she just
isnt very urgent to get in the font! Also we have Ines, a 27 year old
with a baby and a guys she was living with.  We were teaching them
both and they had a wedding date, but the guy left and ran away to
LIma! So she has a baptismal date for 1 month and she wants to do it
single and not living with that guy who just left his soon to be legit
wife and baby boy of age 2 named Joshua! Sad stuff so please pray for
Here is one more rule for you to embrace mom.... you cant log on to myldsmail
account anymore! becasue the mission president has a time log and if
you log on it adds tomy time and it shows when you log on! I talked to
a zone leader to warn him so the president doesnt think i have been
randomly logging on to my account so all is well just dont log on
anymore! SOrry! I only give you permission if one monday its 3 ocklock
in utah timeand you havent gotten an email from me, that means it
didnt send through the internet! You can log on and quickly snag it!
But only if its like 3 ocklock in utah! Sorry mom its a rule! But love
ya! Hope all is well, this computer is wack and says i have to install
something on my camera to send pics so im not risking it! But next
week ill make sure i can send em! I have a lot to send! LOVE YOU GUYS
SO MUCH! Thanks for the prayers! Well until next week! TTFN... ta ta
for now!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie!!!

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