Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

March 24, 2012


YEAH SON!!! PEYTON MANNING TO THE BRONCOS!!! ¡¡¡TENGA LO SUYO NFL!!! (translated: Take that NFL)  HAHAHAHA!!! That’s the best news I have heard since Froto destroyed the Ring in Mount Doom!!! 
Super Bowl 2012: Broncos vs 49ers!!!

And the best part is I won’t care who wins because they are both my favorite!  It’s like a grape and strawberry snow cone, they are both my favorite but sometimes I want strawberry more the grape, but it’s still a SNOWCONE! (BRIAN REGAN) HAHAHA! After suffering through the longs days of Jake Plummer and Kyle Orton redemption has come at last! HAHAHA!  
Ok, sorry about that explosion haha I was just a little bit excited about the big news... So how are you all doing?  I am doing very well, I am actually really really tired!  But happy as always, this week has maybe been the craziest most hectic week in my life apart from transfers.  We are having our multi-zone conferences, and they have gone really well, but it is a lot of work and on top of that President has had a lot of interviews and we have had a good amount of transfers of transfers this week, and those are just crazy cause we have to call all the elder buy their bus ticket organize it all, hay caramba!  But it’s all good! I am really enjoying the time here in the office.  It’s a great chance to learn and grow.  

So we had our baptism last week of Hermana Fiorela, she is in YSA and there are like 25 in our ward and they have done a good job of inviting her and getting to know her and her boy friend from Whales flew in to visit her and see her baptism!? Haha yeah he is from Whales!?  He doesn´t speak a lick of spanish, but he was really happy that his girlfriend got baptized, but oh well - not my beef!  But we are going to teach him this week, but like I said he doesn’t speak spanish, so we are going to have to teach him in English! HAHA Elder Dodge and Elder Udall are going to help me, but we are going to have to practice, because I have no idea how to speak about the church in English!  Or the First Vision! YIKES!  So that should be interesting!  And we have another baptism tomorrow morning.  Her name is Patty, she is from Chiclayo and working here for one of the members, she is her maid I guess, and about a month and a half ago we ate lunch in the members house and we contacted Hna Patty, at first she said ummm.... NO!  haha but then we had a family night a week later and she joined us and well the Lord did his part as always and she is getting baptized tomorrow. We have been extremely blessed here in the office.  In my area we are baptizing weekly and in total there are 4 baptisms from the office this week!  For the first time the office is baptizing!  Nobody believes us because we are here in La Molina and last year there were only 6 baptisms for the Ward!  But the Lord is really blessing us and my companion is really great!  So I am very grateful for the success we are having and we got to keep it up!  

So to inform you of this week, Tuesday we have Conference here in Lima and then I will be traveling to La Merced for a conference Thursday.  And returning Friday, but I will get to be with Elder Brown, because his zone is going to the conference in La Merced also! YAY!  So that will be awesome!  OH and I won’t be writing you till next Monday because of GENERAL CONFERENCE!  YEAH!!!

So that will be pretty great.  Well I gotta go, I love you and miss the letters from Liney! I hope she is hanging in there and my computer won’t read my camera card so I will send my pics of this week, La Merced and for the wedding next Monday! BYE!
Elder McGhie

I stole this picture from a  Return missionarys facebook page, I will try to find his name so, I DONT HAVE TO FEEL LIKE A BAD PERSON FOR STEALING IT!! BUT ISNT IT THE BEST PICTURE!

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