Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

February 27, 2012

The Hand Of The LORD!


Hey hey hey hey! How ya all doing!?  I hope you are all doing Great!  So I have some pretty good stuff to tell you about this week, the problem is I just have to remember all of it, because we are smack dab in the middle of Transfers and to say the least my Brain is FRIED!Haha!!  But I will see what I can muster up!  First of all, I should tell yall that I have a BAPTISM TODAY!!! HALLELUJAH!! It’s been way to long…. And we have 4 more people with baptismal dates! YES!  So I am pretty excited about that!  My comp and I have been working really hard and the Lord has opened up the Heavens and blessed us SO MUCH! 

Also we have a family we are working with, do you remember about Martin and Nardi?  So we went to go and visit them Saturday morning, and Martin, well he didn´t really believe in God, he said he believed because they told him he had to as a kid, but he never found out for himself.  So we taught them last Monday morning and then I went to Cerro de Pasco and we didn’t have another lesson with them until Saturday, which is not a good thing to do with investigators!  But Marin told us that he read the chapter we left for him, and when he finished, he just felt so happy, he said it was something he had never felt before, and he wanted to read more and more, so he called his mom, who is a member and asked her, What else can I read?  So, he kept on reading the Book of Mormon and he said the happiness and joy he felt, he had never experienced before and he loved it!  He told us that Friday for the first time in his life he said a prayer with real intention, and he told us that He felt SO HAPPY and he knew that God was listening to him and that He is real and that He does exist!  I mean I was so happy for him!!!  The first time I met him he was really nice but not a genuinely happy person, he had a lot of doubts and questions, we then taught him about the Book of Mormon and it is incredible to see the change in him.  We helped him recognize that the happiness he is feeling comes from the Spirit testifying of the truthfulness of this Gospel!  He is SO excited to learn and get married and baptized the 24 of March, because it’s his son´s 8th birthday! YEAH BOY!!!  So with them we will have 7 people with baptismal dates!

Yesterday my comp and I announced our upcoming baptisms that we are planning  to the Ward and they all just kinda starred at us, because all the members tell us it’s really hard to baptize here in La Molina, but we have the goal to baptize weekly and we are going to meet it!  The members are partially right, it is really hard to baptize in La Molina if you work alone, but my comp and I are really trying to do everything right, finish all the work in the office so we can get out and work!  So the Lord can help us and bless us!  Because it would be really hard to baptize here without the Lord, but we are seeing miracles and his hand has been and is in every single one of them!   I LOVE MY MISSION!

Okay, so I have to tell yall a little about Cerro de Pasco, I went from sea level here in Lima to the Highest City in the world in a 9 hour bus trip! HOW EPIC!  Haha! I didn’t know what to expect because a lot of missionaries hate Cerro and they say it’s horrible and it is way cold!  But I got there and I liked it!  Haha, it is pretty dang cold, but it’s like Utah in January, but the difference is that you can’t escape the cold!  There is no such thing as heating there!  So it’s just a constant cold! But it was pretty cool to be in the Highest Stake Center in the whole world!  I was there for 4 days and 3 nights but they called me from Lima and President said I had to go back and help with Transfers… bummer but that’s the way the cookie crumples, I guess!Haha!!  But it was sweet, I was with Elder Madsen, he is a great missionary and works really hard and the people love him!  So if I end up in Cerro finishing my mission I would be pretty happy!  SO I have to run, we gotta fill up the baptismal font (pictures from the baptism, next week, I hope)  Love ya and I will be writing again Saturday!  BYE!

Elder Spencer Marty McGhie!

Ps. in my trip back to Lima I had to stop in Tarma where Elder Brown is, and we got to eat lunch together!  LOVE THAT KID! 

Pss.. mom, we have a new rule that we have to close our facebook pages.... SORRY! I know you are going to be upset! I will explain more Saturday!(Not a single word about this in his email that we got today, March 3, 2012????  So I am not closing his facebook page until he tells me that I have to, I have put so much work into that page so it is staying until I get the official word to close it!!)

WALTER GOT UP FROM LAYING DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!  Mom I have your scripture for this week... D&C 64: 33-34!  LOVE YOU! (In case you don’t know our very healthy dog, Walter got a strange illness that our Vet and a neurologist for dogs have no idea what caused it or how he got it but it blocks the nerves from communicating (or whatever nerves do?) with the muscles in his body………so he was suddenly, completely paralyzed except he could lift his head up a little.  The dog neurologist said there wasn’t any chance that he would get better since his muscles had atrophied and since nerves don’t usually regenerate or something like that???  So, I looked at the dog neurologist and said quite loudly………………NO CHANCE AT ALL???  WHAT ABOUT FAITH???  He then looked at me like I was from the “non-planet” Pluto and said………okay, I will give him a 2 percent chance to get better!!  I told him I liked that much better than NONE!!  So that was about 2 months ago and it has been slow but Walter is healing and getting stronger!!  He can now get up by himself from a laying down position (he is still working on this but hey he does it sometimes), he can flip himself from side to side with his back legs and he can crawl with his legs to get places and that is where we are now……….working on strengthening his  legs, hips and shoulder muscles by having him pull himself around………..then when he is strong enough (it might take a little while but that’s okay!)……………….he will start sitting up and then he will stand up and someday he will walk and run again, we are totally learning to have faith and sometimes it has been hard and I start to doubt that he will get better but then I shove that thought away and repent and try to have more faith!!  Walter is only 5 yrs old and we refuse to give up on him and Heavenly Father has given us a total miracle because the doctor really said there was no chance of him getting better……………………..AND HE IS GETTING BETTER!!  Very Slowly he is getting better and that is fine with us even though it is a lot of work but we love him and are so grateful for the wonderful miracle that Walter is getting stronger and stronger every day……..We hope he will be walking before Spencer comes home........................and that is in 8 MONTHS!! =) So we have been humbled but truly blessed that our sweet Walter is getting better!!!  This is one of those tender mercies that Heavenly Father blesses us with sometimes!!! (Sorry if this was more info about our dog than you ever wanted to know!!)
HI MOM; so I have to take the wedding pics next week cause got my hair cut and the flippin lady left me bald again.. woof and I chickened out on giving the valentine to pres.... I’m such a LOSER! But next package send something and for sure i will give it to him!  I will send a voice recording Saturday for the wedding and you guys!
LOVE YOU!(Hi, this is me speaking to your from the FUTURE…………well, really I never got this sent out and we got another email from Spencer on Saturday and guess what………….No voice recording or picture for his cardboard cutout and there was not even one word about facebook and closing his page either???  I do find it interesting, but understandable that he has no recollection of all the things he told us he would tell us about in his next email ??=) …………Oh well, I know he is super busy and working hard but I hope he remembers someday to take the picture for the cut out and to make the recording for Ainsley’s wedding, he now has about 6 weeks to remember to do it and get it sent to us (NOT WORRIED AT ALL!!!)!!????  Oh, Spencer is such a funny guy!!!  It just makes me love him even more because he is not perfect but so cute and he is trying and working so hard and he still makes me laugh, well……most of the time !!!  =)  =)

Elder Madsen and Elder McGhie
I think they are freezing as there is
no heat and the are in the highest City
in (I think), the world and it is very cold!!!

Spencer thinks he is so strong!! =)
I am goingto find the pictures that
I have of the two of them at the Peru CCM
and they are in the same pose =)

Elder Madsen and Elder McGhie are both
totally commited fans of their favorite schools:
BYU and UTAH so they have a little friendly rivalry!!

They are so funny, I have almost the exact
same pictures of them  way back when
they were in the CCM (Peru MTC) together!!!!=)

WHAT CAN I SAY????? =)

Elder McGhie in Cerro De Pasco, it is summer there???

Elder Brown and Elder McGhie
They used to be companions and are the
best of friends, Spencer got to have lunch with
Elder Brown when he was traveling back to Lima!! =)

The Office Missionaries at the Temple
I dont know why but they like to make this
pose a lot, not sure what they are looking at
but Spencer does it quite often????

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