Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

February 18, 2012

“And February? Where did it go?”

¡Querida Familia Mia y Amigos! 
WHATS UP!  I am first of all really sorry that you thought I was going to have p-day day on Tuesday (he got on the internet and had no emails from us but luckily Ainsley read his message on her phone so she woke us all up (it was Saturday morning early) and told us that Spencer was on the internet and to hurry and get writing to him……it was crazy and I have no idea what I wrote to him since I was half asleep but at least he got emails from us?? =), but what happened is my Companion went to Tarma and I stayed in the office because there was a whole bunch of things to do in the office this week and he doesnt know how to do much of the office work, so I stayed.  But dont worry, I will be headed to the wonderful land of CERRO DE PASCO on Monday and I will be there for a week!  Well Cerro de Pasco is only the Highest Stake in the WHOLE WORLD!  And I’m going from Lima (sea level) to Pasco, where it is snowing and freezing and here in Lima it’s SO HOT!  So it will be a dramatic change for a week.  The reason why I’m going is because Tarma and Cerro de Pasco are some of the harder zones we have and President Ardila called us into his office, my comp and I and said, well Elders, You have 1 week to go to Tarma and Cerro de Pasco and Baptize someone.  I don’t know how, because they don’t have people with baptismal dates, but go and baptize!  AHHHHHHHHH!!! How about that for faith!?Haha!!  My comp and I looked at each other like... AY CARAMBA, haha!!  But the good news is my comp has found people and there are baptisms in TARMA!  So now it’s my turn! PLEASE PRAY FOR ME! (I am worried that he wont be able to breath way up there in Cerro de Pasco, I have heard that when missionaries first get there they have to use oxygen since the air is so thin?? I sure hope they find someone to baptize??  I am excited because I know that some of Spencers missionary friends are in Cerro de Pasco, so he better take lots of pictures !! I sure hope he will be able to breath???)

And in my area we have been searching SO hard for investigators and the Lord ALWAYS blesses us when we do our part.  We have found great investigators this week.  We have Ronald, Patty, then Martin and Nardi.  Ronald was going to get Baptized the 25th of February, he lives with his sister who is member but his dad gets to Lima on the 6th of March and he wants him to be there, so we changed his Baptismal date to the 10th of  March.  Then we have Patty, she is from Chiclayo and working here in Lima for some members, we went and had lunch at their house a few weeks ago and we contacted her, last week we had family night with the family and Patty joined us, we invited her to baptism right then and there and she accepted, but she can’t get baptized this month cause she is going on vacation for 2 weeks... CHISPAS!  But she agreed to the 17th of March.  Then we found the family of Martin and Nardi, they just got here from Huanuco and have been to church before.  But they aren´t married... So we have been teaching them the Plan of Salvation and it was so amazing because Martin has so many questions, but during the plan of salvation lesson, he was dead quiet and after the lesson he said he loved it and the message has changed his whole perspective on life.  With the knowledge he now has that this life is a time for preparation and that there is life after death and that his family can be together forever, he so much more happy!  It was amazing to see the change in his whole appearance in just a few lessons! 
What joy it is to have the plan of salvation in our lives!  I don´t know what I would do without it!  I mean think of how sad it would be to believe that once we die, it all ends there or we forget everything!  But it’s not like that at ALL!!! FAMILIES ARE FOREVER!  How amazing is that!  We must shout that to all the world!  At the top of our lungs and tell the world!  I love you all so much and like Elder Nelson said, We live to die, and die to live... AGAIN!  I love the Gospel and my mission, its going by way too fast (only 8 and a half months left and counting =)! 
Elder Spencer Martin McGhie

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