Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

February 13, 2012


HOW IS EVERYONE? I would first of all like to tell you that my package got here yesterday and it was THE BOMB!!!  You guys are the best!  I mean really thank you sososososo much for the valentines, snacks, my watch, the jump rope (I sent him a pink, sparkly little girls jump rope along with his black exercise jump rope so, I am sure he is thanking us for the pink one!!! ) and the pics!  Of course thanks Ains for the wedding tie I will be sure to wear it on MAY 4!  WEDDING DAY!YIKES(“Yikes” is a good way to describe the upcoming wedding, it is a bit hard for me to let  my baby go, I totally remember when she was little and she was all mine =)!!  But I am trying to get happy about it and Russ is a great guy, who makes her very happy, so I will just have to learn to deal with life (nobody ever told me that having your kids grow up was so hard on a moms heart!)?? =) !! Haha, it’s a good lookin tie for sure!  Also thanks for the updates,  about the Super Bowl or in Spanish… EL SUPER TAZON!  I couldn´t believe it was the super bowl, I really had no clue, how weird is that!?   I used to have a 2 week preparation for the super bowl with Sports Center every day and watching Super Bowl Classics on NFL Network (Oh yes, we totally remember how you watched all the Super Bowls from 1975 through 2010 !! Oh the good old days !!!   And, just in case everyone reading this hasn’t figured it out…..he really is kind of a strange person… but we love him strangeness and all =)!!!)  and now I had no clue, Haha!!  Well I guess that’s what the mission will do to ya, but don’t fret, next Super Bowl I will be in FULL force, but for now, Its 100 percent time for the Lord! 

So I have my new companion like I told ya Tuesday and he is THE MAN!  I mean he is such a Champion; he is from Concepción Chile, that’s where Elder Contreras, my trainee in Huancayo is from as well.  I had a great time with Elder Contreras in Huancayo, one of my best comps and now it looks like the same deal with Elder Avalos, he really is an excellent missionary.  So, to update you on my plans this week, tomorrow we have a training session for all the Ward Mission Leaders in Lima that our mission covers.  That’s 5 stakes of Ward Mission Leaders and All the Bishops… President Ardila is going to do the Training Session and Elder Soliz will be Presiding.  That’s tomorrow so we are all a little stressed out and trying to find a snack for the break tomorrow so that should be interesting to find someone that will cook hamburgers for about 115 people… Where is Bishop Peterson when I need him!? (…  =)! ) Haha!  But we will see what we can find! 

So you guys asked me to update you on my travel plans, and I think it will help Mom be more at peace. (Thanks Spencer, I could use some more peace in my life, that’s for sure! =)   This week I will be traveling to Tarma, and I will be there from Thursday till Monday and I will be staying with none other than the one and only ELDER BROWN! YAY!  Haha so that will be pretty sweet, he is there with another Gringo from Utah, Elder Riggs, who is also a Champion!  They are great Missionaries, in the hardest zone in the mission right now and they are really doing a great job.  We need more missionaries like them!  So life is pretty great, we are working really hard in our area.  It’s a little difficult but there are people and my comp and I have the goal to Baptize 8 people , we are bound and determined!  We are Challenging The WHOLE WORLD to Baptism! Haha!  So I really enjoyed your letters last week!!

I love yall sososososo Much and I thank you for your patience and love you really show for me! Thanks SO MUCH!

Elder McGhie! 

 The Office Elders!! =)
Elder Udall, Elder Avalos,
Elder McGhie,Elder Moralez,
Elder Daga and Elder Dodge!!
Not sure if I have them in the right order???

  Spencer and Elder Daga (I think?)

Spencer and his new companion,
 Elder Avalos!

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