Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

February 7, 2012

What a week it was!

Estimada Familia y Amigos!
Well hey how are ya, it’s your Prodigal Son here writing you back (He is making fun of us because we didn’t hear from him yesterday and I wasn’t happy about it...................so, I got an F- on this one but I can do better next time, I hope =) ??)! Haha   Oh, family you make me laugh so, so hard.  I thank you for the love, and concern that you have for me.  Sorry I couldn´t write you guys yesterday!!  I was on a bus returning from La Merced (that’s in the Jungle =O) and I got to come back with Elder Brown on the same bus!  So that was Pretty Awesome!!  So, you guys gotta understand that this is part of my assignment.  I´m sorry, but these thing will happen in these next few months and you’ve  gotta have Patience and Faith (Oh……that’s no problem! Haha)!!  So, I am asking you to just wait for my emails, with a little bit of Faith!(I can do this…I can do this…I really can do this =)!!!!

So I am having a few troubles loading pics but as you can see from the one I sent that I got to go to the JUNGLE this week! YEAH!! YEAH!  It was so cool and so GREEN!  I was there for 4 days and it was so great, I would absolutely LOVE to end my Mission in La MERCED.  It was pretty cool, it was stake conference there and Elder Pino was there to speak. I got to talk to him and He told me he had talked to you guys and he was pretty happy.  SO life is good, we had the Zone Leader Conference today so I’m pretty tired.  But I got my new comp today! His name is Elder Avalos!   Yes that’s right another CHILENO! YES!  haha This is my 4th comp from Chile and now I have had more companions from Chile than any other country and I have had more comps from Chile than anyone in the Mission!  Yeah!  (SHOUT OUT TO JORDY BROWN AND ALEX IN CHILE!)  I guess Chile is pretty cool, but it doesn’t even compare to PERU! Haha!! Oh and dad, my comp actually had problems with his visa in Chile, so he served in President Laycock´s mission for about a month and he was there in the office with him.  He says he is a Champion.  And I talked to another Elder from Chile this week who also knows President Laycock and he said he is so Amazing and SUPER PODEROSO when he gives talks and conferences.  So I have heard quite a bit about President Laycock and that he is a great mission president.  My comp wants his email address to write him and tell him he that he is an assistant now and thank him, I don’t know if he will need president Laycocks permission for that but he just wanted to know. 

So mom, here are some details for you about my different trips (Okay, so I asked a few times in my last email to please tell me more details about his trips, like where he went and which missionaries he got to see and be with!  It is so fun for me to hear about him getting to see these missionaries because I know quite a few of their moms through the Peru missionary moms email group and the Peru Lima East Facebook group!!  Oh and I read the blogs of the missionaries whose moms keep blogs for them, so I sort of feel like I know the missionaries too and their moms are all so wonderful, they have helped me so much during this experience as a mom of a missionary!!  I really love knowing the moms of the missionaries in Spencer’s mission, it helps me feel like I am a part of what Spencer is doing………… it makes me happy……so… I am a bit weird, I can’t help it so “don’t judge me” (that is one of Spencer’s favorite things to say) =)!!)  Cerro de Pasco was great I was with Elder Pritchett, Elder Madsen and Elder Poindexter!  Elder Madsen, Elder Pritchett and I traveled from Cerro to Huánuco together with President Ardila, in his car.  In Huánuco I was with Elder Sheridan, Elder Krebs and Elder Norris!  But this week In La Merced I was with Elder Bean, who is somehow related to the Hansen’s (I have told him a million times that Elder Bean is Ashley’s husbands brother, he never listens to me =)!! and he is a really great Missionary!!

So I Love ya’ll!  My time is out so I got to go, sorry my pics are failing but I will send more home when I write you this Saturday! LOVE YA!

Elder Spencer Marty McGhie

These pictures are all from
La Merced, which is in the Jungle =)!!

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