Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

May 30, 2011

The week of 7 months! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!!!


What is up!!! So reporting from here in Huanuco Peru, is of course your prodigal son (friend, grandson, uncle, nephew and well everyone) SPENCER!!!  That is so weird to use my first name, I wont lie!!! Alright first of all shout out to the Letters I got last week!!! And to others from weeks past!!! Cause next Sunday, Peru is having elections, so we have to stay in the apartment for the WHOLE day… So I will be writing about 15 letters that day! I owe Seth, Collin, Shawnie, Ashley Anderson, Emily Clark, Cole Herrmann, THE ONE AND ONLY BUBBA! And a lot more people so, mom please tell these people and whoever wrote me, they will be getting a letter in about 3 weeks cause im going to write em all this coming Sunday and ill send em next Monday! But for real Letters  are the worlds greatest invention!!! And of course mom, thank you so much for the dear elders, they are always amazing, and crazy and just pure awesome!!! I wouldn’t have you dear elders or emails any other way!!!

Well alright enough of that business I have to say this week was just NUTS!!! And it is official, We met our goal of 5 baptisms this month!!! HOOOOORRRAYYY!!! But its not really us, we made our goal because of the Lord and his hand in our lives as Missionaries. I can honestly say I have never seen more miracles or the miracles of the Lord in my life like this!!! It’s CRAZY AWESOME!!!  (Hi, me again Carrie, I am having a hard time translating Spencer’s “English” that he is speaking like Spanish and then translating it into English that we can understand???It is very confusing for me, so I hope you can figure out what he is trying to say =)!! So we had 2 baptism’s this week, Hermano Nilton and Hermana Cindy, but Im just going to tell you about Saturday cause it was nuts!!! First of all it was the big soccer final or championship with Barcelona (who I love) and Manchester United (who is garbage) =) Haha and I am always talking smack with the sons of my pensionistas,  their names are Junior 18, and also Richard 23 (who is a great guy and he told me he wanted to marry Ainsley, cause we had a family home evening and I brought my pictures Haha !…only one problem, he doesn’t speak a word of English… Haha, Also, Ainsley there are like 15 missionaries that are ready and willing to marry ya here haha, but most of them are only a little over 5 ft tall !!!haha!!!) But anyways so I’m always talking smack with them about soccer cause they are real Madrid fans, (Losers, haha !) And of course I’m for Barcelona and a MESSI Fan, the best soccer player in the world! So we always are going at it and Saturday we were eating lunch and in the room next to us they were all watching the game and I could hear every word!!! It was awful!!! We finally got out of there and we walked to the house of our appointment after lunch and of COURSE, he was watching the game!!! AHHH!!! He invited us to watch with him till half time, but I RESISTED!!!  We had him turn off the tv… it was rough! And I know my main man Bubba was watching the game at the exact same time, so weird to think of that!

So Saturday was full of temptation to watch the game and everyone was talking about it, but I managed to block it out! Then it was time to go to baptisms.  So we went to find Hermana Cindy… of course she was NO where to be found! AAAAHHHHHHH!!! It was awful.  We ran around our whole area searching and calling and all that and we couldn’t find here anywhere.  By this time we were a half hour late for the baptisms!!! All we could do was pray, and as always, the Lord Blesses those who obey and He helps his missionary’s.  Cause finally we just had to go to the church to have the baptism and 2 of the new converts, Kevin and Jesus went on a search to find Hermana Cindy, they returned like 20 mintues later and said she was no were!!! I honestly was so discouraged and about to cry, but then they all burst out laughing and yelled hey Cindy come in!!! And she walked through the doors!!! SIGH OF RELIEF!!! It was just nuts, but we got the baptisms done, Thankfully!! After the Baptisms, we had to help the other elders here with their wedding and Baptismal service. (This is Carrie again, I guess in Peru no one gets married, must be a Peruvian cultural thing so the couple has to get married before they can get baptized…….so they get married and then after that service they get baptized??? ) They asked me if I would give a talk in the baptismal service, which isn’t too big a deal, other than the fact thatthere were like 40 people there and only like 7 of them were members!!! AAAHHHH!!! And most of them have never seen a Gringo in their lives! haha  It was pretty funny, they were all taking pictures and trying to do it secretly but it was pretty obvious when like 7 people are half standing up taking pictures and whispering, it was just nuts!!!Haha!  

But to say the least the mission is the BOMB!!! It’s very hard at times, but then I just have moments of peace, like the time during the Sacrament every Sunday, just like 10 minutes of pure peace and reflection.  And I can sit there in peace knowing that my family is clear in the United States but at the same time, taking the Sacrament.  It’s powerful to say the least.  The Church is true, read the Book of Mormon, it’s the key to happiness and EVERYTHING!!! Thanks for all the letters and prayers, I can feel of everyone’s support and it really helps me a lot!!!
Until next Monday,
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie!

Marty, Spencers dad when he was in the MTC
going to Argentina on his mission!! 

My favorite picture of Spencer so far :)
How could you not love that face :)!!

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