Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

June 6, 2011

Love it while you have it

Well Hello there Family and Friends,

How we doing today!?  So first ill start out with some replies from the last emails i received... First of all a huge congrats to my boy Big Will Pavia!!! That mission sounds absolutely Awesome!!! Congrats my brother!!! Also a big congrats to Ainsley for her huge new calling in the ward, NURSERY!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Ainsley, you stole dad´s dream calling!  So I’m interested to hear how Ainsley´s babysitting adventures turn out in the Nursery.  Also mom, thanks so much for your email last week, it was honestly AMAZING!  You were wrecking house in that email!!! My respects for sure!!! Oh, so last P Day we watched Mobsters and Mormons, and it was hilarious, and so weird to see Utah again!!! You guys should watch it for family night this week!!!

Well onto the big news, that tool, Ollanta won the election for President of Peru... oh crap! Im flippin out, I won’t lie, the rumor is that if he won then the church would automatically pull out all the Gringos as they did in Bolivia about 3 or 4 years ago! I wont lie I couldn’t sleep last night! I was just up and just thinking the whole night! I cant leave my Beloved Peru! I love these people too much! This is my mission; no other mission is my mission.  
 I dunno I was just thinking a lot and it hit me, the key to life is, ya gotta love all ya got, while ya still got it.   It is really the key to life.  Live, Love, and Laugh every single day. Enjoy every second of everything we have, because we just dont know what tomorrow will bring.  I don´t know how much time I have left in Peru.  But I will love every second of it.  Who knows maybe I will get to stay here, but it is doubtful... I have learned a valuable lesson; we must live every day, every moment and every second like it’s the last.  We must love it all, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly! When it seems like every person you talk to and contact in the street is an Evangelist that hates Mormons and just want to take you down, when the only people that want to talk to you are Drunk Guys, and Teenage Girls, and when not one of the investigators will even try to read the Book of Mormon and meditate about what it says and then pray to know if it’s true, what can or what should we do? Get on our knees and thank the Lord God above for one more day of life, another moment or opportunity to do something great.  We must enjoy every second of every day.  Life is too short, it is always changing, Time waits for No Man.  As I returned back to my room one day after having only a few lessons and the lessons didn’t go well, when I honestly can say almost every person we contacted was someone that attacked at least one aspect of the Church, I just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry.  It is just so hard and so tuff sometimes, but it is so necessary and worth it.  And what we need to do is kneel in prayer and thank our Heavenly Father that we have this Gospel in our Lives, thank Him that we have this great opportunity to be here on the earth today.  And that there is hope in this world, we just have to BELIEVE! Just live with hope and trust in the Lord.

As I was studying I found a great scripture in D &C section 68 verse 7 (i think)  But it says ¨Be of good cheer, for I am the Lord they God and I WILL STAND BY YOU and you will preach of me, that I came, that I am, and that I will come again.”  Now I absolutely butchered that scripture but you get the picture.  It will be Terrible if I have to leave Peru and go to another country, but it’s not my will that matters, it’s the will of the Lord.  I don’t know what is going to happen, but what happens; let it happen, because I’m a Disciple of Jesus Christ.  I am his servant, Called By a Living Prophet of God, and in the end it doesn’t matter where you serve, be it Peru, Chile, The States, Canada, Bolivia, Argentina, Ecuador, or Honduras it doesn’t matter where you serve, what is important is HOW you serve.  As the Hymn says, I´ll go where you want me to go dear Lord, over mountains, or plains or seas...  Now it’s my turn to show the Lord my loyalty to him.  And go and do, with a big old smile on my face!!! Cause we don’t know how long we got people!!! We dont know what will happen tomorrow, what circumstances will change, so we MUST enjoy all we have TODAY! Right NOW! I dont know how much time I have left here in my Beloved Peru, but I will enjoy, live, and love every moment I’ve got here in this wonderful country with these people i love.  Life is too short and too fast to be thinking of tomorrow or next week or in 2 years, let us live today with all we got, and wherever thou art, do well thy part!!! I know this is the Church of Jesus Christ.  My challenge to all today and forever, is Live today like its your last, love all around you, (even the drunk guys that just want free stuff and to bug ¨The Gringo¨)  If you could do anything for me today, just live it up today!!! Dont be afraid, cause we just never know what tomorrow will bring!!! Thanks Fam and all my great friends out there,
And dont worry mom, all will work out for the best!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie...

Hey……….I have a few more minutes, Oh what the bum, no email from dad!!! LAME SAUCE!!! Hey I’m sending home some letters today to Bubba, Ashley Anderson and Dad for father’s day. Tell Jordy I’m sending him a letter to his mission! So they should keep a look out for my letters, even if they are kindof short!!!! Haha   Love ya,  mom and dont worry everything will work out for the best, I’m worried but I’m not freaking out much anymore, it’s the will of the Lord, its in His hands!!! Sorry my email was a little bit crazy! Oh, when does Jake Corry leave?

I havc no idea, but he makes me laugh :)!!

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