Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

June 20, 2011



Maybe a day late and a dollar short, but hey ya get what ya get man… HAHA!  Hope it was a pretty awesome day for ya Pops, I’m sure it was hard to enjoy it without this guy there… (IM NOT PRIDEFUL… JUST SURE) haha,  just messin but don’t fret pops I was thinking about ya yesterday and I hope it was GRAND!!!  I hope ya got my father’s day letter I sent it like 2 weeks ago!  Oh and before I start letting ya know what’s going down here I gotta say, the package you sent me was AWESOME!!! But….. What happened to LINEY!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!  I cracked out the pictures and started looking at them and I just about fell off my chair and onto my face!!! SWEET DEATH MY LITTLE SISTER IS LIKE A WOMEN OR SOMETHING!!!AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HAHA! I mean honestly,  holy crap!  I Whipped out my photo album with all my pics that I left home with and I was comparing the difference, the only words I could manage to mutter were; Holy Crap, Sweet Death, and ¡¡¡AY CARAMBA!!!  Haha but seriously everyone is changing and its freaking me out!

So, sorry I had to get that off my chest and now I can start giving ya the Down Low on what happened this week…. Well alright, let’s see, this very well could be the last email I send home from Huanuco, Paucarbama.  I don’t know we will see soon!!!  It’s a pretty exciting time here, we have transfers coming on Wednesday and we will be getting a new Mission President on July 1st.  I love President Leyva and it’ll be sad to see him go.  But that’s the mission for ya!  One day your in the mission, lost in the work and then boom, it kicks ya right back out, into the cruel reality of “real life”!!! Haha!!  So, I think it was Thursday when we stopped by to see how Luis and Ines, 2 of my converts were doing. Do you remember them? They are the young couple that got married and baptized way back when I was with Elder Rojo(his trainer).  Luis who had all the problems and he left for Lima and it was a question if she was going to leave him or not. Well you should be happy to know that they are some of the most faithful members we have in our ward!!! Hermano Luis has the Melchizedek Priesthood and they both have callings and the change in the lives is a full 180 degrees (or 360 if you’re Karl Malone!)  They are amazing!!! So we went by to see how they were doing, they said they were doing really well, but they were hungry… I was like Huh?  They said they were fasting for their first time… and do you wanna know why they were fasting? They were fasting so that I will be able to stay here for 6 more weeks and not get transferred !!! HAHAHAHA!!! I couldn´t help but laugh, it surprised me, but it also is a very nice gesture on their part!!! Haha!!

The Zone leaders ate lunch with my buddy the Stake President here in Huanuco, Puacarbamba and they were talking about the possible  upcoming transfers and they told him that it is very likely that I will get transferred since I have the most time here of any missionary in our Zone.  The Stake President said that it just couldn’t happen and that he was going to call the Mission President, Pres. Leyva and tell him that I need to stay here in Puacarbamba and keep working here for at least one more transfer! Is that nuts or what!?  I do feel loved to say the least… haha I don’t know what will happen but it will be the will of the Lord.  If I had a choice I’m pretty sure I would like a change of scenery.  I mean, I love it here but I have almost completed one third of my mission and I’m still in the same area… Haha I mean I gotta get to know more of Peru and see more things and meet more people!  But my companion is an absolute champion, we have a lot of investigators progressing so if I stay… yeah it’s alright but whatever happens is for the best!!!

Yesterday, I almost lost it on myself.  I was dead tired from working this week(We kicked BUTT) we had like 25 lessons. 13 new investigators, 5 investigators come to church and 17 baptismal challenges, I was sososo dead tired Sunday night. We were eating dinner and we had this onion potato soup with a random hunk of meat.
I tried to cut my meat and it spilled ALL OVER ME!!! I was so flippin mad at cursing myself out as I went to the bathroom to try and wash the stains out (KEY WORD TRY) and then I just looked in the mirror and I just realized, Im just a flipping KID! Hah I’m only 19 years old!  I need to have more patience with myself, sometimes I am just so hard on myself and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing but if I keep it up at this rate, I don’t know if I’ll return home with any hair on my head!  So it was just an interesting lesson that I should apply.  I dunno if someone could help me here with that????

So, I have a few questions for the “Old Man” meaning you dad!!!!  What’s your opinion on the 2nd coming and how close do you think it is? Also I need some info on the Spirit World.  Are they allowed to see what’s going on here? Just some questions that I have gotten during some of our lessons with investigators and I just thought I should find out more about it????

Well I love you all!!! Thanks for all the support, the prayers on my behalf and the letters and emails are all so great!!!  It all helps me so much!!!!
Talk to ya next Monday!!!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie!

PS I hiked to the big cross again with an Elder Fogleman from California, he is my zone leader, his mom is in the Peru missionary moms group that mom is in and he is awesome! LOVE YA! BYE
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