Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

May 23, 2011

Miracles and the Runs... Welcome to the Mission!!!

Warning!!!!! ....this is from me, Carrie and I am preparing you with this warning because Spencer’s first paragraph below probably has more information about his digestive system, than you would ever want to know ....so read on with caution !!

¡¡¡ Hola familia y todos mis amigos maravillosos ¡¡¡
Well this has been one of the craziest weeks of my life!!! Craziest… meaning, it was
hard and rewarding at the same time!! TO
say the least, this week is  best described
as a Roller Coaster Ride. But before I give
ya the details, I would like to start with a question....  Have you ever taken a Gallon of Milk that is full, taken off the lid, turned it upside down (over a sink, hopefully) and listened to the noise it makes?  Well If you have you can think of that and then imagine that sound and me on the TOILET, ALL WEEK!!! I have had the
worst case of the Runs known to mankind this week…  I don’t know how I didn’t have an accident, it was some type of  a miracle or something.  Thursday we left the house of Hermana Genoveva after dinner and about 5 minutes later I was half sprinting to her house to run to her bathroom!! Oh I love PERU!!!  But anyways, sorry if that got a little graphic for ya, haha! I felt it was necessary, and mom you don’t have to send that part to like my Grandmothers or aunts, but I figured the returned missionaries especially from South America would appreciate it, and of course my buddies... haha!!!

So, anyway we finished the week with 3 BAPTISMS!! The theme of the week is MIRACLES.  We had miracles on a daily basis, they almost became normal! Haha just kiddin, but seriously this week was just completely nuts!!!  Hermanos Juan, Javier (they are 14 and 15 yr old brothers, oh and in case you didn’t know this is Carrie talking in the parenthesis, also does anyone remember Spencer talking about an investigator named Jesus in his last emails??) and Jesus all were baptized this week!!! And it was just nuts finding them for lessons, interviews and all that jazz!!! So it started last Monday, we had an appointment scheduled with Juan and Javier to see how they were doing and to see if they still wanted to be baptized.  We went to their house but of course they weren’t there.  Then we went to their aunts house, who is a member and their cousin’s house who are members as well, and they weren’t there… I was so bummed because they wanted to be baptized like 2 weeks ago and now we cant even find them to talk to! But we kept the faith and endured, so like 20 minutes later we went by their house again, but there wasn’t anyone there! As we were walking down the street we turned the corner and we saw this little pack of hoodlums walking down the street about 100 yards away, I said that they looked like Juan and Javier, so we started walking faster and it started looking more and more like them. So we walked a little faster and faster and faster and as we got closer to them, I knew it was them, but they saw us and started to run away (they ran away when the saw the missionaries?  Maybe they don’t like you, Spencer)! Haha, I wasnt having any of that, so we started to chase them down! Haha!!  I was like HEY, HEY!!! and then, HEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYY!!, Calling their names and then we caught up with them and we "GUIDED" them to their house to talk to us!!Hahahahaha!!! It ended up being just a fantastic lesson, FULL of the Spirit and they both said they wanted to be baptized and that they had already told their mom that they were going to get baptized no matter what she said, cause they now knew it was true!!! How great is that! Then we had some other crazy ups downs with Hermano Jesus who also is 15 years old. But I’ll tell ya those stories in 17 months (that statement makes me as a MOM, just a little bit nervous??) haha!!  But another great opportunity was that I got to Confirm Hermano Juan a member of the church. The Bishop gave me permission, and we had to do it later in another ward cause he couldn’t come in the morning to our ward, he had a mandatory meeting at his school. But he almost didn’t come to get confirmed, we were on a wild goose chase to find him again, cause if you don’t get confirmed your baptism isn’t complete and you aren’t an official member of the Church. AHHH!! It was so nuts,we couldn’t find him and so I told my comp, we gotta pray!!! So right there in the street we just walked over to the corner and just prayed we could find him and confirm him.. and of course the Lord Provided us the way, we found him, went to the church, and I got to confirm him a member! Apparently he forgot he had to be confirmed!! Jeez!!!(Just me again, this email was sort of confusing to me?? I am not sure why it was the hardest week ever and I don’t understand why he wouldn’t tell us what happened with the Jesus guy (just a bit concerned about that one??)  Also why were those boys running from him if they wanted to get baptized???, I am feeling a bit confused but I just had a happy thought, I think I will send Spencer some DESITIN in his next package !!!  …….just kidding, well maybe its a good idea, for real???)

Well guys, I gotta go, I was trying to send the pics of the 2 guys, but this computer wont read my camera!!!  Well, love you and this really was such a tuff week, but I could really feel Christ guiding me every step of the way.  And also satan working sosososososo hard to discourage me!!! OOHH the mission, crazy,crazy stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Son, or Brother, or Pal,
Elder McGHIE!!  LOVE YOU!!!!! 

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