Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

May 2, 2011

The Hair Part is back baby!!! And this time it aint messin around!!!

Well here we are another Monday, and this guy almost has 6 months in his mission, what the heck!!!  So pretty much i got your package and it was the greatest thing this world has ever seen!!! I was as giddy as a little school boy! The package was just fantastic.  I loved my pillow case from Teresa, it is Awesome!  I laughed out loud when i read her letter about Maddie picking out the pink bunny fabric for me!  I do have to say that its really, really AWESOME!!! My comp looked at me like i was nuts haha, he asked me, “why do you have a pink pillow case with bunnies and such things”, I just smiled and laughed and said, “Why? Well why not!” It really is great haha, and the candies were honestly just like eating a piece of Heaven, i took my first bite of a snickers candy bar and i honestly knelt down and just thanked Heavenly Father for that package, my snickers and that I’m from the United States! Dont judge me, that is how much that snickers bar meant to me!!! Of course i gave one of the Snickers to Elder Corbridge and my other Pal Elder Porter, my Gringo Buddies.  And dont worry of course i shared my other candies with my comp and the others, but the snickers and the cookies and cream Hersey’s bars are sacred, i lie not!!! So that was so amazing and it was so nuts to look at a newspaper.  It was actually like, my house and the United States actually exist and aren’t some far off dream land!!! It was just too great!!! I cant lie!!!

And well also I didnt know that we got to do those pre-phone calls either! So when they told me in the morning i got to call home for 5 minutes and schedule the time exactly when im calling, i just about fell on the floor! I got really, really nervous for some reason and immediately went to the bathroom and parted my hair.  For some strange reason it was like an instant reflex, and since then i have to part my hair again, its the only way!!! The hair part lives and is thriving baby!!! And this time its definitely here to stay well at least till November of 2012! hahahahaha. 

But anyway before all of you judge me too much i will continue on, so dad, wow that was like the most amazing thing in the entire world to talk to you on the phone!!! You answered the phone exactly how you always do... Heeeello this is Marty... and i just burst out DAD!!! It was pretty much the coolest thing ever to just talk to ya!!! Cant lie I was kinda nervous before the phone call and to call on Mother’s day, like mom, i didn’t want to like fall back and miss the family all over again, i was a little bit worried but after just talking for 5 minutes, i cant be more excited to call you guys!!! Its going to be the best thing ever! So yes im calling from here at 3 pm which is 2 pm there, i will call so you can see the number and then call me back!!! Wow I’m so stoked!!!

So life is just great, I’m in a trio right now!? Yeah thats right, i have 2 companions, but my other companion is from the States!!! He is from Pueblo, Colorado and we will be in a trio till the next transfers on the 11th of May.  His name is Elder Gaspar, and he is a visa waiter, his Spanish, well its doing alright, it’s cool to realize that hey, i actually speak some pretty good Spanish!!! But im not content i wanna speak really, really, really awesome Spanish so i will continue on studying!  So we had a baptism, ill send pics, we have 2 more baptisms for the 7th of May,  2 teenagers, Juan and Javier, brothers of 15 and 14 years old.  They are awesome and stoked to be missionaries too in 5 years.  So pray for them if ya will!!! This letter is short cause i wanna send pictures home, Mom tell Kyle I got his dear elder and his package, he is just the MAN!!! I love that kid so much!!! I want his and Daytons MTC addresses to send them letters in the MTC, please!!! But really tell Kyle, thanks so much, it meant the world to me!!! HE IS THE MAN! And tell him fo sho we are living together after the mish at college and WORLD CUP 2014 is totally ON!!! K, I love you all and I wanna send some pics, so thanks so much and i will talk to you SUNDAY at 2 pm, your TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!
With all the love I can muster,
Elder Spencer Marty McGHIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 My baptism, the little girl in white is named Leslie, the cousin of one of my converts, Kevin, and he baptized her, it was the best! We dont really teach little kids ever, but she always attends church even by herself and her dad is member but inactive, so we taught here, but she never got her permission, then Thursday night we finally found her dad and she got permission and was baptized!!! She is so cute! She reminds me of Caroline, how she talks and she always is practicing volleyball! it was awesome!!! My new other comp is the little Latino looking elder right next to me!!!

  Kyle sent me this shirt! Cant thank him enough!!! I just read about Bubba! Thats sososoooso AWESOME! ECUADOR! Tell him congrats! And i love him and he will be the best missionary! And maybe you guys could send big Dayton a tie from our family and some cookies, just a good thought, cause he has to learn Japanese and that well, is really tough! haha, and i really wanna know how Tyson is doing in Canada!!! THANKS MOMACITA, I LOVE YOU!!! Hey and mom, if you could do some great facebook stalking and tell me who won SBO’s this year that  would be awesome!

 Me and my package from home, just as happy as i can be!!! (this is Carrie, I promise those are only the covers of the Sports Illustrated Magazines. Not the whole magazine and I padded the box with old newspapers, I guess that is what he was reading?)  Oh and i sent Ainsley the personal letter that she asked for, today so be on the look out!  Im still having those desires to sometimes drop kick Elder Arnao!!  Oh and its like 90 percent chance I leave Huánuco this transfer, NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!


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