Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

July 11, 2011

Oh, and once more another great adventure lies ahead!!!

¡¡¡Estimada FAMILIA y AMIGOS!!!
What’s going on GUYS?!!! First of all I have to say I’m here typing you this email in Huancayo, and the owner of this little internet hub, is cranking out the song Dragon Force from Guitar Hero!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Almost to many memories with this song!!! Family, you might not appreciate that, but Collin, Will, Keaton, Ryan, Brandon,  and Jake Corry will definetly appreciate it and will bring back a flooooood of memories Jammin out in Lola pretending to play the guitar with Tennis Rackets hahahahahaha, sorry i had to get that off my chest!!! And well on to the good stuff!!
     So I have to start off by saying that i am here companionless!!! NOOOOO!!!Yep!!!  My comp Elder Pozo had to go to Lima and he will be there for an entire MONTH!!! NO!!!! He hurt his knee and now he has to be in the Office for a month resting his knee!!! So to say the least this week was a giant crazy mess!!!  We were in the doctor’s office for about a total of 6 hours this week... WOOOOOFFFFFF!  I hate the doctor’s office! So to say the least we missed about a combined total of 13 to 15 lessons this week... ¡¡¡It was HORRIBLE!!!  I always thought back in my earlier days in the field, that it would be somewhat great to have a companion that was sick so that one day I could take a nap or something... WRONGO! It was the Pitts!!! The whole day Thursday we had to stay in the apartment cause my comp couldn´t walk... I was losing my mind just sitting in the apartment!!! It was just really a strange experience, like the first time in 8 months where I just kinda sat there and had time to think, I was just thinking how crazy it is that I have been on my mission for 8 months and I already have changed so much.  I just kinda sat there, read my patriarchal blessing and just thought about life I guess... we all know I’m not the deepest guy, but it just kinda hit me, the whole mission thing that actually one day its going to end, and it will come faster than I can possibly imagine, and then it’s just back to normal life after that!!! AHHHHH!!! How scary is that!   But anyways, Friday my comp went to Lima and I now have a 19 yr old young man, from the ward here, staying with me as my ¨"Companion". I never realized the difference in a missionary with a nametag and the calling and just a normal teen or something.  I’m not saying that he’s not a good kid or anything, he is going on his mission in like 3 months, but there is just something distinctly different, there is definitely Power in the NAMETAG!!! I was my “substitute companion” and another young man from the ward yesterday, out contacting people in the streets, and it was so weird, they were talking about stuff that I haven´t even thought of for like 8 months haha!!! Like the latest cell phones, tv shows, movies, and the weirdest of all... GIRLS!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! If you thought i was afraid of Girls before the mission, just wait till i get home from the mission!  I dont even think I can look a girl in the eye, let alone hug a girl!!!     AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! That’s the weirdest thought I have had in a long time, one day it will actually be legal for me to hug a girl... WOOF! To say the least it will be pretty interesting when I get back and they all start tellin me to get married... NOT GUNNA HAPPEN!!!  So if everyone could give a prayer for my comp, Elder Pozo, he’s only been on his mission for 1 month and to have that happen to you after being out only 1 month! TOUGH STUFF!!!  And now I pretty much have to do 100 percent of the lessons, contacts and everything!!! It’s going to be an interesting, and rather difficult month.  But I know the Lord has a bunch of lessons that I’m supposed to learn from this experience, so we shall just wait and see!!!

Well, I had 2 pretty solid Gringo experiences this week...  First of all we were walking in the street one day in the afternoon, contacting people and we passed this little old lady who was picking flowers, we said Buenos Tardes, and she looked up and screamed ¡¡¡O QUE MARAVILLA (Hey, Carrie here, Google translator says that means ,”you are wonderful”??)!!!  I was like... umm apparently she wants to talk to us, so we went over and I started to introduce myself and all that jazz and she immediately broke out into song, singing the hymn “How Great Thou Art”, so I thought she might be a member of our church but then she started to change the words, and sing louder and louder and then started to like yell and cry and then started Sobbing!  A picture of that moment would probably be worth a thousand bucks, for like 15 seconds I just kinda stared and had no idea what to do...  Then her son or grandson ran out of the house grabbed her and started dragging her into the house, She then looked back, yelled GRINGO and tossed me a flower and like skipped away... haha I mean what in the heck is that! Probably the weirdest 30 seconds of my entire life!!

The next Gringo experience is an eye roller!!! So, Huancayo is at a really high altitude and it is also very dry, so my skin is like dying, and the sun BURNS!  So I broke out the sun screen today and I had to buy some lotion, the lady in the store tried to sell me some lotion for like 25 bucks, I was like... umm no!?  so she grabbed this other lotion, I said, I think that’s only for women, she says nope, says here its unisex and only 10 soles, I’m like, yeah I’ll take it!  That night I get back to the room, bust out the lotion cause my hands were just wrecked and it is like 100 percent for women and smells just like I walked out of that Bath and Body store or something... woof!! So now every night I go to bed smelling like Caroline or Ainsley with my pink lotion... Dont judge me! So thats pretty rough, the youth that is my companion, probably thought I was sort of feminine haha, nope, just a gringo that get severely taken advantage of!!! Well I’m signing off for now! Know I love all yall!!! And keep the faith!!!
Elder McGhie!!!

Hola again, I had a few more minutes!!!
So here are some things I have thought of that I could use for my birthday...  A good workout band, dad will know what I’m talking about, like a giant rubber band thingy with handles... Some candy!!! Mike-n-Ikes, Cashews and Planters Peanuts! Some more peanut butter, another journal, Picture of the Draper Temple, a post card of BYU, the campus and cool stuff, some photos of youth activities, vacations, campouts, another journal, a picture of my baby girl LOLA (in case you don’t know, Lola is his car and Marty thinks he is selling it……WRONG. I can guarantee that Lola isn’t going anywhere, Spencer loves that car!) and whatever you feel would be fun!! I love you all sososososossososos much! And yeah my pensionista is great, our room is really really safe, there is like a giant wall with big spikes surrounding it (is he making fun of me by telling me it has a wall with big spikes??), its the same area that Elder Madsen was in when he left the Peru MTC!!! So you can talk to his mom and find out all about it!! Pretty cool eh, I told the Pentionista that Elder Madsen was doing great in Tarma and that his mom said thanks for taking such good care of him while he was in Huancayo?  Oh and Mom, some bad news... we can’t call you Mamasita anymore... haha, I found out that it means like your girlfriend, sorry!  Haha!! So how about we call you Mamita!!! Thats the right word... haha love ya!!! Keep it real in Utah,  all is well here in Peru, tell dad the pack of plain white shirts was brilliant, I use them every day (I have no idea what pack of white shirts he is talking about???)!!! Les extraño un MONTON!!! Que tengan un BUUUEEN Dia (Goggle again, since Marty is asleep, translates it as, I miss you all, have a wonderful Day)!!!
Con mucho amor,
Spence the missionary guy, McGhie

We found Hamburgers and Sprite on the 4th of JULY!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!

Huancayo, Peru

Luis and Ines (from Huanuco, he is a real fireman) gave me this red sweater,
 it’s a legit fire fighter material Sweater!!!

I guess Spencer is saluting in his Legit Fireman Sweater, not sure why he
is saluting but maybe firemen salute in Peru???


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